"new" tablecloth

My mother made this tablecloth for her parents years ago. She ended up with it and it's been sitting in a closet for quite a long time. She gave it to me this weekend as a wedding present. We've been together since college and went the courthouse marriage route so I wasn't expecting anything but I really appreciate the gift.

It has a yellow stain on it. I think it's probably tea or wine. It's suspiciously located right where someone would sit if there were 4 people at the table. One of my sisters said that there are ways to get the stain out and told me to stay away from the bleach and she'll get back to me. In the meantime I'll hide it with a placemat.

My mom made me one that is more of an off-white when I got my first apartment but this one is completely different in that it was my grandparents. HA
What a lovely gift that you can treasure for years. I recently obtained many hand made doilies, runners and tablecloths from two generations prior to me. Even though I'm a guy (and a manly one I might add), I love to look at them and use them. Just a thought, for the stain, you could consider tea dyeing it...I would research that, though.
posted August 2nd, 2015  
It's pretty! i like the lines within it.
posted August 2nd, 2015  
What a lovely gift - shop bought ones don't have love woven into every stitch.
posted August 3rd, 2015  
This is just so beautiful - you are very lucky to receive this (even with the stain!)
posted August 3rd, 2015  
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