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Welcome to my 365 of self-portraits!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my portal. I've just started my 365Project. I want to gain lots of friends in here so feel free to comment. Let's make a photo-loving world!

I am amazed how fast or slow time can be.
But became more amazed of having the privilege to freeze and capture a moment, a visual memory.

Edit (10th Oct 2012):
Well, that's my old description. I failed to finish my first attempt in doing such a project, but now, I am trying to resume it and push myself to get that 100%. I may not finished this in a year, and upload in a daily basis, or shoot selfies the entire year, but I am surely learning from this great community and many different ways. I love 365project.org! :)

Edit ( January 2015)
Trying to reach that 100%