Nutri Ninja by arkensiel

Nutri Ninja

“Who put that on my chair? I went outside to play in the garden and when I came back in, that thing was on my chair and she was taking photographs of it. I like to be in the journal, but look at me? Most of my tail is missing!!!!!!”

Dougal, it is not your chair and I have now moved my new Nutri Ninja into the kitchen where I have yet to try it out. I have read all the instructions and recipe booklet, as you do, so shortly I will be using it. The Ocado lorry came last night and I had ordered a variety of extra fruits in anticipation of this arriving. However, some of the recipes look disgusting and there is no way I will be trying those!

F1 Qualifying today and probably a long conversation with my daughter who arrived home in the early hours of this morning. Other than that, not a lot is happening. We had an enormous amount of rain yesterday and during the night, the small pond is now full again; it continues today and is cold and wet with some brief patches of sunshine.

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