Spot the Cat by arkensiel

Spot the Cat

I spent the morning doing not very much although I did get up at 0545 hours to watch the Formula One qualifying from Japan; I will need to get up even earlier tomorrow for the race.

I did some light gardening, putting up two hanging basket with the help of my husband who wired them on for me. I also planted some more Pansies in the Rose border at the front of the house. During the morning my husband mowed and strimmed most of the edges around all of our borders including the pond area, which has had nothing done to it, by us, all year. Today’s picture is taken from the far side of the larger of our two ponds and shows it is now nowhere near as deep as it should be and looks very untidy. It was damaged by our first builders and then repaired by grounds men when the garden was put back to its original level. Digging it out properly will have to wait until next year. Today’s picture also shows the lower part of the orchard and the new grass, which was sown earlier in the year after leveling the ground.

During the afternoon I helped my husband to move a mobile caravan, which is used as a garden shed, not a difficult job you might think. However, it was moved into our upper garden in the early part of 2014 in order for us to get the containers in the garden and was never moved back. It took all afternoon, towing it behind the car and then because of the space available it was winched into place. I did most of the fetching and carrying while my husband did the hard work.
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