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Today was the day I had earmarked for taking pictures locally with the Nikon D7000 and the Olympus Stylus. It was bright and sunny so I took pictures on the railway station as well as from the footpath of the village. I then planned to compare them and see the difference. Both cameras were set on ‘landscape’ to see the effects. However, my husband was mending our chain fence and I spent the next three hours, outside holding and fetching things. I notice that there is no mention of me in his journal. It was cold and quite windy as the sun that appeared earlier was not always in evidence. By the time I came in I decided that there was little time left to compare the pictures on the computer; I will do so tomorrow when I should be working.

Today’s picture is of a startled Dougal and Florence who were outside helping supervising the repair work. I am not sure what frightened Dougal, but I saw his startled look and quickly took a picture. Sorry Florence, your beautiful white feet are not in the picture.

While we were outside I noticed that three members of the gang of boys were on the railway station. I might not have noticed them, but one was on the same side of the platform as we are and when he saw me, hid his face and ran back over the steps. They played football on the other platform and when the ball went onto the track, one of them, the one I believe to be the ringleader actually went down onto the track to collect the ball. They then played football in the station car park. I believe that they were about to start hammering on the door again and the ringleader was checking that the coast was clear.

Yesterday I blipped our new game and as I suspected the instructions were non-existent, not even instructions in Chinese. However, I have found and printed off some basic instructions which we can use until the book arrives. It appears that this game is as popular as chess, with International competitions and a ‘Go’ association.
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