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Im an Army Wife, Traditional Artist, and Photographer. I graduated from Brescia University early 2010 with my B.A in Fine Art, and this is my first year long project.
I enjoy drawing, fantasy portraits, photography, stained glass, painting, ceramics, scrap art, mixed media, wood burning. I will try anything artistically once and if i like it i will continue with it. I want to experience anything and everything. I also enjoy reading, video games, cosplaying, movies, music, walks, zoos, aquariums, parks and nature.
I wanted to start a 365 project to document my year apart from my deployed husband to show him what i did to pass the time. Being a creative person i thought this would be an interesting avenue.
I shoot with a Nikon D7000, Canon Rebel XSI, Nikon D3100, Canon EOS Rebel T2 35mm, Fujifilm FinePix, and multiple apps on my LG Optimus S.
Artists learn on a daily basis, we will always be students learning and perfecting our crafts until the day we cease to exist.

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