100/100 More Adventures by artsygang

100/100 More Adventures

Today makes the 100th day of the project with my FB group pals and it has been lots of fun. A safe place to make mistakes and learn to dabble with brush and water.

The signpost says "more" but it smudged LOL and the yacht is called "Adventures."

I shall keep playing with paints, look for tutorials to learn from and maybe one day can even get some in person lessons somewhere.

In the meantime, I am off to Physio for both me and Hubby, old crocks falling apart that we are! Thanks for cheering me on through the 100 day journey.
LOL Forgot to say it was me, but you knew that!!

Here's the tags.

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May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca what a great project and a lovely one to end on. I hope that we will see many more.
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca I've so enjoyed the ones you've shared, and watch your style evolve, your skills develop and your confidence in your art grow.

This is fabulous. It's not ended but a close to a chapter on your artistic diary
May 23rd, 2022  
Congratulations on completing this project, I’ve sure enjoyed seeing the ones you have shared.
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca You have all my admiration for your perseverance! You are amazing! Well done!

When I fail to find inspiration, I visit this channel https://www.youtube.com/c/KoosjeKoene (I used to watch her drawing parties on the Sketchbook Skool channel, and recently I found her own).
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca It has been fun traveling on this journey with you and I appreciate so much you sharing it with us. It’s been fascinating to see your projects and to see the improvements. This painting is so pretty with all the pastel colors in the water. You have some remarkable creativity.
May 23rd, 2022  
@monikozi Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca I enjoyed your paintings and hope to see many more of them!
It was a great project you undertook!
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca congratulations on reaching your 100. Such a great achievement. It's been wonderful being able to share some of the journey with you. It's onwards and upwards from here on.
May 23rd, 2022  
Congratulations. I hope that you've learned a lot. I admire your persistence and growing skills.
May 23rd, 2022  
@casablanca - big CONGRATULATIONS to you, kiddo, for getting to your 100th. and what a finale: lovely colours on the sky and the water, and the sailboat off to exit right stage to go on to bigger adventures. you should feel proud of yourself, this is an inspiring accomplishment. ♥♥♥
May 24th, 2022  
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