merry puffins by artsygang

merry puffins

in my quest to master the use of watercolour (which mastery is sooooo elusive, mind), i did a puffin tutorial by harriet de winton. but then you know me, i had to change things around (that's probably why i couldn't learn what i need to learn!). the left puffin is from the tutorial while the right one is from an image i saw on google images.

what think you?

try it, you might like it. it's good for you.
I like the movement in the one on the right, the layering and textures on that one look softer and more textured as well. Did you enjoy the experience of the tutorial and painting?? @summerfield
July 1st, 2022  
The one on the right certainly has a lot to say. I shall have to take a look at the tutorial. @summerfield
July 1st, 2022  
@summerfield I think they are. I like the one on the right more because it seems to have more personality. You did a magnificent job with all the shading.
July 1st, 2022  
I love this!
July 1st, 2022  
I think this is well done. The one on the left is more precise.
July 1st, 2022  
These are really lovely Vikki
July 2nd, 2022  
Wonderfully rendered!
July 3rd, 2022  
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