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I've been taking pictures for years but with 4 kids and being busy, never learned how to get off Auto mode. So now that the kids are older and I'm not chasing them around, this past 10 months or so I've been learning photography and have now "graduated" to Manual mode. I took the iPhotography Course online which was helpful, watched a zillion You Tube videos, learned a lot from kind people on photography forums, and read countless books. And I still have plenty to learn! Being on here keeps me thinking about new things to photograph and knowing I need to do it every day is inspiring. Once the weather gets better I'll be out at my usual stomping grounds...we are lucky to live near many parks. Too much ice and snow right now, and subzero temps. but the good thing about that, is I have to use my imagination for fun indoor shots. So I'll be working on that. Looking forward to a cool year here on 365!