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I was on 365 Project a few years ago (2011) and never did complete it. I couldn't remember my login information sadly, so starting anew I guess. I have always had an interest and love for photography as a hobby, every since I was a kid, but mostly as digital cameras became more available and I got ahold of my first one around 2003. I am still pretty new and haven't found my "style" yet, but hopefully I can find my style soon. :)

I mostly enjoy taking photographs of animals and nature.

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashley_ks/
Instagram: Ashwey87

I use: iPhone 6S & Nikon D3400
Editing: Snapseed for iPhone / Lightroom & Photoshop

About me: 30 - single mom - lives in Mississippi
Loves: Cats - Coffee - Wildlife - Rain - Mountains - Seattle & PNW - Birds