New Toy by auricula42

New Toy

I spent a tenner and bought a vintage slr camera. No idea about its age though, I guess it's from the 1980s. It is loaded and ready to shoot! So I am hoping for nice weather and - sigh- some spare time to go out and take photos.
Nice one! Happy new (old) camera!
November 19th, 2016  
@carolineb7 thank you! I'm looking forward to try shooting on film!
November 19th, 2016  
I got a Zenith EM for my 21st birthday in 1979, and it looked similar, with the lightmeter above the same 58mm Helios lens. I think a common problem with old ones is that the lightmeter no longer works. Enjoy.
November 19th, 2016  
@laroque thanks for the info! So my guess it's from around 1980 was -well- roughly correct. I found a manual to download and spent the short spare time this weekend to figure out how the cam works. Lightmeter seems to be okay- let's see how the photos will turn out!
November 21st, 2016  
I have one quite similar to this. No idea of its history or anything!
January 19th, 2017  
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