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Despite all the usual forces that tend to ground us down and shape us, I like to be slightly rebellious and a little generous. I engage with my own eccentricity, have a wicked streak of humour, a dash of spontaneity, adventure and determinism. I love life and learning and ‘I want to do it all’.

I started the project in 2012 and have loved the learning that this community has provided. Without the support and humour that everyone brings to the table, this community wouldn't be what it is.

I have never made the TT, maybe that could be my 2014 challenge. Appearances on the PP have been considerably less in 2013 than in 2012, possibly due to a lack of photomojo, who knows???
They can be seen here:

I puckered up enough courage to start a facebook page which I primarily use to put up images of my local area. You are more than welcome to view it.

May 2016be all that you want it to be. Stay safe and keep those shutters clicking :)