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I always have a problem writting about myself :) But I'll try -my name is Alexandra & I love this place and am so happy I joined this community. Hope to keep up this project all the way through & even more than 365 days. :)
Right now staying at home as a full time mom to a lovely boy - Stoyan that will soon turn 2 and expecting another baby right after his birthday :)

I think this site motivated me to revive my blog that I last wrote in 3 years ago and as a member requested I'm posting a link to it in case anyone wants to check it: http://axikas.blogspot.com/
(will translate the old stuff & add bilingual publications from now on...)

I live in Sofia, Bulgaria - father was Bulgarian, mother Russian (but my roots are even more mixed up way back) - happily married to my husband ( also a mix of backgrounds there), have friends around the world and always ready to make more :)