BNK18241b3 by bankmann


Impressions Of Riga I

I've been abroad for a few days; work-related. Managed to get some photo-walking time in, though. This is a fisheyed shot up between buildings in a backyard in the old city.
fabulous pov! makes for a very intriguing shot
October 15th, 2013  
Thanks! ;-) A fisheye lens really comes into its own in shots like this, I feel. I'm so pleased I decided to get one. It's been worth every 'penny'.
October 15th, 2013  
@bankmann A fisheye is one of those things I put up and put down every few months. It just seems like such a "special occasion" lens - I wouldn't use it as a walk around and would need to switch it out for whatever else I was shooting with.

However, this shot is really cool...there have been at least a dozen occasions in the past month where I could have shot something like this with a you've got me thinking.

I love how the light bleeds down the walls into the shot. It's excellent.
October 15th, 2013  
Thank you! ;-) The first while I used my 8mm Samyang, I was in two minds about the money I'd spent, I admit. But I've since come to love the thing. I lets you go places you never thought of before; it shows you weird; it shows you the depths you never realized were there; it shows you a world so much wider than you knew. ;-p My advice; go crazy with it; it'll surprise you. Most often, these days, I bring both the 8mm and the 18-200mm. ;-p
October 25th, 2013  
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