BNK18717_2b1 by bankmann


Impressions Of Riga II

The old city in Riga is a wonderful mixture of old and new. Tourists flock to the city, so there's an abundance of hotels, shops, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Very popular with the locals, too.
love the stark contrast here... wonderful night shot!
October 15th, 2013  
Thank you! ;-D I love the silhouettes the light created for me, myself. ;-)
October 15th, 2013  
This is so Good....
I love your style with these shots. Would like to learn how to get this 'feel'
October 15th, 2013  
;-D Wow! Thank you! ;-) Time and place is of course essential... ;-p Finding the angle and the moment, as well. There's a fair bit of luck to it. I have to admit I'm not putting as much thought into it as I used to. I guess it's partly become second nature. Who'd have thunk it... ;-p I do take a lot of shots that end up getting binned, though.
October 15th, 2013  
I really like the shadows cast by the figures, and the texture the cobbles provide really adds a classic feel. Really nice shot.
October 16th, 2013  
This one's a little more upbeat...
October 17th, 2013  
@tomo87 @squamloon
Thanks! ;-) Sorry about responding so late...
I've always wanted to do a shot like this, so I really jumped at the opportunity. I'm really pleased it worked out so well.
October 25th, 2013  
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