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How Do I Do It?

I love the feel that the processing I've been using recently give my pictures. This is how I do it.

1) First of all I use a graphics program for the Mac called GraphicConverter. (It's available both on App Store and on Lemke Soft (http://www.lemkesoft.de/en/image-editing-slideshow-browser-batch-conversion-metadata-and-more-on-your-mac/).) It's not available for Windows.

2) I shoot a picture. (Actually several, but never mind...)

3) If the picture is bright enough, I keep it that way, or else I brighten it, depending on the final effect I wish to get. I save this as an independent file.

4) I use a Noir colour effect, turning it into a high contrast b&w and save this as an independent file.

5) On the new b&w, I use the Transfer colour effect filter, giving it a yellowing 'yesteryear' feel.

6) I then recombine the three version (full colour, noir, transfer) into a single image with an HDR tool and save to a new file.

Depending on the oririnal image, the effect varies a lot.
Excellent collage, thanks for the tips - will have to look into that program...
September 7th, 2014  
thank you dear sir for sharing - I have windows but the ideas I can use - I am still not godd at understanding the combining - photoshop merges but I don't think I do that right either hahaha
September 10th, 2014  
@graemestevens @annied
Thank you! :-) I like that I can share, even if the process isn't directly implementable in Photoshop...
September 10th, 2014  
@bankmann oooh I am getting a bit more lensbaby than I thought - a camera shop was closing down so had some deals too hard to pass up
September 10th, 2014  
Yay! :-D Lucky you... :-)
September 11th, 2014  
I've used Graphic Converter for years...for it's basic function: converting files (and also basic downsizing photos for the web). But I had not thought to see what else it could do. Thanks for the lesson. Maybe I will see what else it can do.
September 11th, 2014  
:-) Do share.
September 11th, 2014  
@bankmann I must admit I am looking forward to it - I am now getting the Muse - as that was already ordered before finding the shop - and the macro conversions - but I am now also getting a composer with the extra aperture rings ( not a pro but I am happy ) and also the sweet 35 optic.
be prepared I may have questions hahahaha
September 11th, 2014  
Sorry I missed tho comment...!
I can see you've got yourself a decent arsenal, then! :-p Don't sweat about not getting the Composer Pro; there's absolutely no difference in use, only to the material quality of the body. Due to a misunderstanding with a shop clerk when I ordered the Sweet 35, I've got both versions, and honestly, if you have one, there's no reason to upgrade to the other.
September 27th, 2014  
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