DSC01050a3 by bankmann


Who Was That Caped Crusader?

- You believe in superheroes?

- Nah... if yer did tha', yer might as well believe in hollow chocolate bunnies or werekittens from beyond them stairs...

- It's a bit weird... running around playing a knight in shoddy armour like that, though. Even if he were strong enough to shift it with one hand like that...

- I'da gotten yer out, soon enough. That gaol were a couple'o inches off der ground, anyways, thanks yers truly, princess... But he did well of a hack'n'slash, he did...

- Yeah, yeah, he did at that...

- Now, how say ye we lope off this here weird island...?
He is still smiling though.
September 7th, 2014  
Great composition and story!
September 8th, 2014  
Ah that Greegroo... Nice DOF!
September 9th, 2014  
hahahahaha love it - what a caped crusader
September 10th, 2014  
@bulldog @paulam @dougmouw @annied
Thank you, guys! :-) Mad Hatters don't make this very easy on me... ;-p But I have a lot of fun pondering how to respond, week after week... :-p
September 10th, 2014  
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