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Berlin 18: Getting Around 1

Getting around Berlin is easy. The metro system is quite extensive, with trams, subways, trains and busses. You could take a taxi to get where you're going, or if you're a tourist, you could take almost any of the inventive guided tour transports.

You've heard about the Eastern European classic car make Trabant, also lovingly (or not) known as a 'Trabi'? There are both taxi and (wait for it...) limousine services (!!) using refurbished Trabis, and even guided tours using them! You can get guided tours in old Eastern European vans, on mopeds, mini-cars, rolling bicycle-pubs (Not making that one up, I swear!), Segways, double-decker busses, ordinary bikes, or even motorbikes. Oh, and I forgot to mention the canal ferries and other boats...

Taken with 'The Monstrosity'; a Lensbaby 3G at f/5.6, with the Lensbaby 0.6x Wide Angle Lens attachment.
Awesome pov. Great action shot
September 30th, 2014  
How funny to think of a Trabi limo! Your shots of Berlin are fascinating.
September 30th, 2014  
Great shot
September 30th, 2014  
very cool shot!
October 3rd, 2014  
@mzzhope @taffy @shepherdmanswife @annied
Thank you for the comments! :-) And for the fav! :-D
I've begun posting pictures of some of the weird vehicles we saw. There will be Trabis...! :-)
October 4th, 2014  
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