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We are the story-telling beast, we humans.
We tell the world what it is. What it was.
And what are memories, but stories we tell ourselves?

I like this one.
It’s about me and my twin brother, playing in a magical forest, in the magician garden of our childhood. We were storytellers, making up the most fanciful adventures for ourselves. The one about the woodland goblins that secretly took care of our imaginary bikes that were so special, is one I still remember.

My father took the picture.
Reminds me of fairytales, wondrous capture. well done!
July 15th, 2015  
Thank you, Sharon! :-D
July 15th, 2015  
Pure joy- fav!
July 15th, 2015  
Excellent. That is all
July 15th, 2015  
Great shot
July 15th, 2015  
July 16th, 2015  
Love love the mood!! Precious moment and story.
July 17th, 2015  
Thank you! :-D
July 17th, 2015  
Wonderful magical feel. How lovely that you had such great imaginations to make up your tales and live them too. I think the era before mass tv etc allowed us to use our minds more especially if great readers.
July 18th, 2015  
straight out of a dream
July 21st, 2015  
@jennywren @blueberry1222
Thank you! :-)
The Australian aborigines say we're living in The Dream Time, don't they? I think maybe we keep a little glimpse of that now and then...
July 21st, 2015  
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