A Fire On Babylon...! by bankmann

A Fire On Babylon...!

A kid swears, one day, he'll be on top; he'll show the old man; he'll be the wrathful son.
Now, the boy has become a man; has begun to grow old, and his beard has turned grey.
And the old ,am? He's been sleeping under grass, for a long time now.
So much for that, then. The old man got away in the end.
[Note: Me and my Dad got on well for a long time before he died. There's just a lot I didn't get to show him. The story above did have an ok ending in our case.]
August 29th, 2020  
Glad about the happy ending
August 30th, 2020  
Nice to hear you got on well with your dad. It’s hard that you didn’t got to show him all you wanted.....I miss mine
August 30th, 2020  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond @jacqbb
We were both knuckleheads of a similar kind; both very stubborn. But we shared a few interests; languages, odd trivia, music and photography. He was a technical engineer, and I worked a long time as an IT technician. We were both amateur teachers of a sort. And when I finally brought home Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' as a teenager, he commented that I finally had found something worth reading. :-) Yup, I miss the old fart.
August 30th, 2020  
LOL it sounds like you had a really good relationship - this all made me smile - engineers are a different type of personality and I worked with many for so long - I pictured one young dad and his little and the stories he'd share - I suspect his little will be sharing one day, similar to you.
September 2nd, 2020  
I know I'm the crazy uncle with the neon green hair at one point... ;-p
September 2nd, 2020  
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