I Came For You... by bankmann

I Came For You...

Crawl into my ambulance
Your pulse is getting weak
Reveal yourself all to me now
While you've got the strength to speak
'Cause they're waiting for you at Bellevue
With their oxygen masks

But I could give it all to you now
If only you could ask
Don't call for your surgeon
Even he says it's late
It's not your lungs this time
But your heart holds your fate

- Manfred Mann's Earth Band, 'For You'
The style works so well here.
September 14th, 2020  
The edits/processing here is great - Manfred Mann's Earth Band... blast from the past.
September 15th, 2020  
Hey there, I suddenly realised that I've missed your creative crazyness ;) Are you okay?!
April 26th, 2021  
Hi Bankmann, I hope you’re fine!
May 7th, 2021  
How are you?
May 15th, 2021  
It's been a long time 😌
June 11th, 2021  
Earth to Bankman, do you hear me?
June 27th, 2021  
@elatedpixie @elatedpixie @stimuloog @mastermek @annied @blueberry1222

Hi guys!
Yes, I'm still alive, I'm happy to say. :-)
A short rest turned out o be a rather long one, didn't it?
I'll be getting back on 365 in a few days.
I haven't don much photographing in a long while, being cooped up at home, so I'm looking forward to getting out and about a bit. .-)
Thank you for your concern. It's really appreciated. :-)
July 3rd, 2021  
@bankmann oooh goodie - glad you'll be returning to the fold - you don't need to get out - your face is right there with you :)
July 3rd, 2021  
July 3rd, 2021  
Good to hear from you! See you around.
July 3rd, 2021  
nice to hear from you:)
July 17th, 2021  
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