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Time for an update I think. I finished my first year October 31, 2011. I loved every minute of it and I honestly only missed 2 days the whole year. I learned so, so much and met so many incredible people/photographers. I took a few months off, vowing to begin my second year January 1, 2012. Well, I did so-so and then life got in the way. Life has settled now and I am excited to be back and getting reacquainted with my camera and with this incredible community. I live in Michigan, part of the time in Grand Rapids and part in LeRoy on a small lake. Much of my time is spent in Colorado visiting my grandchildren who will no doubt appear here often. Thanks for stopping by. Comments and critiques are so appreciated.
Twenty five to thirty years ago I had my Canon AE-1 with me wherever I went. I loved taking close-up photos of plants and flowers and of my two children. Then somehow life got in the way, the world moved from film to digital and I ended up with the point and shoot and forgot everything I once knew about manual settings.

Surprisingly, my husband and I own an aerial photography business. Not surprising is that he does the flying and the photography and I do all the rest. Hence, he knows the technical aspects of our cameras and I do not. This project is providing me with the opportunity to learn how to use the camera and to once again look at my world each day in a more thoughtful way. I am hopeful that each month will find me a bit more knowledgeable and a bit more satisfied with my work. Thanks 365 project & all its' participants for being here!