Grey Man's World, Part 3: Lights by batfish

Grey Man's World, Part 3: Lights

Grey Man presents a selection of the lights used for his photos.

On the left is my favorite of the bunch, the Yongnuo YN300 LED light panel. I use it for almost every Grey Man photo, and lots of other stuff too. It can run off a Sony-style battery, or a 12V DC adapter. Its' on Amazon for under $40, but that doesn't include a battery or power brick, you have to get those separately.Its looks blotchy in this photo because it is cranked way down in power. It's got cool and warm white LEDs which can be adjusted separately, allowing you to fine tune your color temp. Only the cool white ones are on in this photo.

Next over from that is the cheap Home Depot poly carbonate clamp light, with a dimmable 100W equivalent LED light bulb. It's plugged into a lamp dimmer in this photo, and set to it's lowest brightness, since it would blow away all the other lights here at full power. The HDX brand clamp light goes for $12, and an LED bulb friendly lamp dimmer is around the same.

The dim blue orb is a RGB LED light bulb. It's at it's max power in this photo, which isn't much by comparison. It screws into a regular light bulb socket and comes with a remote to control the color and brightness. I think it was all of $8. The red light on the end is the exact same sort of thing, just packaged for a recessed light fixture. I converted it to run off of a 12v power brick, and mount on a tripod instead of a light stand.

The little light between the red and blue one is a tiny no-name $7 LED light panel intended for cell phones. It has it's own battery built in and can be recharged off of a USB plug. Its' back side is covered with an adhesive strip made to stick it to a phone. It also comes with a little round foot that screws into it, which will let you mount it in your camera's hot shoe. I got a hot shoe to threaded tripod adapter, then a tripod to Arca-Swiss quick release adapter so I can pop it onto any of my tripod mounts. It makes a great little light for grey man photos.

Not pictured, I've got a pair of Yongnuo camera flashes which provide way more light than I need for Grey Man photos. He's quite good at standing still for a long exposure.

Out of all this stuff, I really recommend the Yongnuo LED light panel, I use it everywhere. The Home Depot clamp light with an LED bulb makes a good all around work light if you need that sort of thing. The rest of he lights are quite nice to have, and they are all cheap enough to pick up just for the hell of it.
I'm a little worried that all this attention might go to GM's head - but I'm soaking up all the information.
December 1st, 2017  
Wonderful information. Thanks for sharing.
December 1st, 2017  
Fabulous. Interesting to hear what you use and this is a lovely shot. Reminds me of movie sets of the psychedelic 60's spy movies. Ahhhh, I knew he was a spy........I said so......
December 2nd, 2017  
amazing what lights you have and how to use them.
December 4th, 2017  
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