Maximum GrimDark by batfish

Maximum GrimDark

After yesterday's bright and cheerful photo, I figured I ought to overcompensate in the dark and gritty direction, which I'm a little more familiar with.

Does the photo seem any less gritty after I tell you the pistol is plastic and the "katana" is the cheapest sword-shaped-thing I could buy for last year's Halloween costume?
All of the weaponry that appears in my shots is plastic as well, but lets not tell anyone - that way they think we're still proper "hard men" ;)
January 8th, 2018  
they would still get a person in BIG trouble if he brought them into a school, even if just left in car in parking lot!
January 9th, 2018  
Proper hard man alright.
January 9th, 2018  
Processed with just the right amount of menace...
January 10th, 2018  
hard to tell, but i am not an expert in either. nice halloween costume prop
January 13th, 2018  
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