3D Printed

I sorted out some technical issues and got the last parts of my spider tank printed.

The surface finish and level of detail is no where what you'd get from and injection molded, mass produced model kit, but a couple days ago this was a spool of filament and a digital model I downloaded off the internet, and now it's a real thing.

Since I had my desktop high-key photography setup from yesterday's photo, I figured I ought to get a photo of my 3d print project while I'm at it.
Congratulations - you've done a great job on this and I know from experience just how hard 3D printing is to do well.
posted March 2nd, 2018  
Amazing stuff.
posted March 3rd, 2018  
You did a fantastic job. I still find the whole concept of 3D printing completely alien. But then I haven't yet worked out how you send your handwriting down a phone line and get your handwriting out the other end on a fax machine. My hubby said "I can explain that to you in one word, darling. Magic." Cheeky wotsit......but before I even understand them, fax machines are defunct......
posted March 3rd, 2018  
posted March 3rd, 2018  
I have no clue about what you have written but the image is great, nice and clear.
posted March 8th, 2018  
Most impressive!
posted March 10th, 2018  
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