System on a chip by batfish

System on a chip

This is my newest computer. It's a system on a chip. It's not a very powerful computer, and out of the box it's not very useful either. But it's got Wifi support, and there's a lot of accessories you can get for it. It's also pretty easy for a beginner to program for it.

If you were to crack open one of those smart outlets that let you turn stuff on and off with an app on you phone, this is the type of hardware you'd find inside it.

In this photo, it's being powered off of a USB charger. Currently, I've got it running some sample code that just makes it blink it's one led on and off once per second. Not useful, except to tell you the software you use to program it is setup and working properly.

Next to it is a tiny OLED 64 x 48 pixel display for it. It'll take some soldering, and those pin strips you see off to the side, to hook them together.

I really have no concrete plans for this hardware, it's more of a learning experience for me.'s tiny (said the actress to the bishop). Looks to me like you're taking up a career in the spy industry, so you'll have to get a sharp suit as well.
September 25th, 2020  
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