oh, christmas tree by bcurrie

oh, christmas tree

the story of our rather sad little tree...the boys really wanted a real tree this year (which cannot be called a 'live' tree, because it is most decidedly NOT alive anymore). they chose a lovely specimen from the lot down the street, but it was getting late by the time it was bolted into the stand and finally standing somewhat straight. my husband set out on a quest for white twinkle lights so our little tree would sparkle and shine. he brought back white lights, but apparently i was not specific enough, because they were white lights with a WHITE cord (instead of a green cord that would blend in with a green tree...). i shrugged that minor setback off, and left my eldest to string the lights. unfortunately, the tree then looked more like a trussed chicken than a lovely-lit tannenbaum. it was getting rather comical at this point, so due to the lateness of the evening, we elected to decorate the tree at a later time. one or more of us were gone for many nights thereafter, and the sad little tree remained un-decked. i finally bought a package of icicles (which i hadn't had since i was a little girl) and let my little one go to town. we never got the ornaments out (except the new ones for this year: a bicycle and a football helmet); however, we proceeded to have dripping silver strands and brittle tree pieces rain down on us for the remainder of the holiday season! i have to say, we weren't too sorry to see it go. it remains to be seen whether the boys will want a 'real' tree next christmas...
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