"there is no frigate like a book..."

"...to take us lands away,
nor any coursers like a page
of prancing poetry"--emily dickinson

here we are getting transported, both figuratively and literally!
my youngest and i are engrossed in our books, my eldest is perusing the wall street journal (WHAT?!!), and dear old dad is relegated to reading the road signs as we travel to colorado.
great collage!
posted August 3rd, 2010  
Very nice collage!
posted August 3rd, 2010  
very cool! love all the readers in your family!
posted August 3rd, 2010  
What a wonderful gift you've given your sons, the joy of reading! I envy you that you can make use of travel time in the car in that fashion! Looks like you'll be needing a new round of books soon!
posted August 3rd, 2010  
Super cute!!
posted August 3rd, 2010  
This is too cool. It looks like you guys are having or had a great get away.
posted August 3rd, 2010  
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