Suggestions please. by bizziebeeme

Suggestions please.

I'm thinking of opening an etsy or folksy shop, I was chatting to hubby yesterday on skype as he is in Brussels...
I suggested
1. Loopy-Lou's gift shop
Becka then piped up why not
2. Laura's Textile Creations
My third I had in mind was
3. Bizzie-bee gift store.

What do you think? ( I know the one I love!!) Any suggestions welcomed.

I'm looking at different ways to gat my dolls clothes more noticed but didn't want to put dolls clothes in the shop title as I want to create bags, cushions anything textiles based. Etsy was suggested to me by another 365 member. So looking to start something new for 2014.
What a good idea - hadn't come across etsy but have just looked at the website and looks great! How about combining them with something like 'Loopy-Lou's Textiles' - I'm always a bit wary of the title 'gift shop'.
November 7th, 2013  
@taz_o Thank you Tazmin for your idea. I know what you mean about 'gift shop' but i'm not at all creative when trying to think of names, thats just boring old me! Hoping to see what other 365ers comment :)
November 7th, 2013  
I like Bizzie-bee gift store best....& you are a bizzie bee !! Not too keen on the gift store bit but I like the bizzie-bee part...perhaps Buzy-Bee Textiles?
November 7th, 2013  
Well loved and made by hand
November 7th, 2013  
I like @happypat suggestion of Buzy Bee Textiles, good luck with the new venture
November 7th, 2013  
very cool! I like #1 it's catchy and fun
November 7th, 2013  
All tree sounds good to me. ( but I`m a 73 years old man )
Lovely display (showing) and capture of you hobby.
Thank you for you visit and for you so nice comment.
November 7th, 2013  
Loopy - lous for me. Buzy bees sells carpets near here!
November 7th, 2013  
I like Loopy-Lou, or Loopy-Lou for You. I think Loopy-Lou is the most catchy. Not hard to remember either.
November 8th, 2013  
I like Bizzy Bee... :-) Oh! This is so exciting!
November 9th, 2013  
How about Loopy Lous Loot.
December 7th, 2013  
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