Feeling 10 feet tall by blightygal

Feeling 10 feet tall

Actually, it's about 14 feet. Lucy on top of a uni building behind my house which has a lovely flat roof.

Lucy and I have this system. She's a cat who like to explore high places occasionally when we go for a walk so I give her a lift with the understanding that she lets me give her a lift down after a few moments of sniffing and looking, even if means she starts the first bit off herself and gets herself to a level where I can grab her. A system that's worked well for a couple of years until tonight!

Not being able to leave her by herself in case she fell, 2 hours later where she'd had a little snooze, watched the world go by and the birds fly over her head and she wanted to come down - hoo bloody ray!

Except this time she wouldn't let me help her.. a further 40 mins on, her pacing back and fourth, shouting at me for not being 14 foot tall to go get her down, she finally mustered the courage to jump down 5ft onto the industrial bins on the other side of the building with a lot of encouragement.

Won't do that again!

Where's the emoji of the laughing face, tears rolling down! You're an amazingly patient animal mama! Do you recall that we first encountered one another, talking about squirrels?!
July 22nd, 2022  
Oh my goodness what a bloody madam! It would be so funny if it obviously wasn't really at the time...
July 22nd, 2022  
@boxplayer After 2 hours of sweet talking from me, encouraging and friendly to try and get her down, I called her a few more choice words than madam at the end, lol.
July 22nd, 2022  
@Weezilou Yes, I remember it! We had a rescue and you had a cute bold one near your backyard pool. There was a lady called Lauren too that had a friendly squirrel if you remember? Pretty young lady and very sweet.
July 22nd, 2022  
@blightygal Of course I remember Lauren! Her squirrels name was Charlie! She was in the class of one of the teachers on here...Carla, Della,???, graduated and went on to study photography in college. That's the last I heard, but no doubt she's been successful a terrific personality, good story teller and already an adept photographer!
July 22nd, 2022  
@Weezilou Blimey, you've a fab memory with Charlie! Glad she went to study photography as you say, she was already really good. Hope she's happy and living the dream!
July 23rd, 2022  
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