Our 4th entry in our 365ers series comes from Froi Rivera, a photographer I have personally been following since he started, his work is truly amazing. I hope you enjoy this interview.

The Interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I am from the Manila, Philippines, a country most known for the boxing champ Manny ''Pacman'' Paquiao. Living in a beautiful archipelago, we can go for a spot for a sunrise shoot in the early morning and drive to the other side of the country for a sunset spot in just a day! Architectural designer as my day job, I presently do commercial photography, shooting events and weddings. It was 2007 when i got interested in photography, i am an art lover all my life. I love to draw and do some paintings on my younger days. Capturing beautiful photograps has been a stress reliever for me eversince I started photography. I also love doing advocacy works through photography, Black Pencil Project http://www.blackpencilproject.org is one of them. Even though i shoot events, I humbly don't consider myself as a profesional, I will always be an enthusiasts of photography, a hobbyist, a lover of the craft.

Do you have any formal photography training?
I really don't have any formal training in photography. It was March 2007 when my sister gave me my first digital camera, a canon powershot A520. The first sunrise rise i photographed got me into photography. 6 months later after experimenting the uses of my digicam, i bought a bargained DSLR. From then on i was more serious on the craft.

I googled the web for photography tips, Youtube was so very helpful to me. Reading websites that is helpful in the know hows of photography and joining in photography forums over the internet, http://www.pinoyphotography.org is my favorite forum. I have learned also from my photography friends, we share different tips and techniques, sharing basic knowledge we know as our skills progresses. My biggest mentor Atty. Raymond Fortun, http://raymond42n.multiply.com/, a very successfull lawyer here in our country and now also a famous wedding photographer, gave me the opportunity to shoot with his photography team as a backup shooter on his wedding gigs, which truly helped me a lot developing my creativity and training my eyes to see more than an ordinary eyes could see.
What made you want to do the 365 Project?

Before joining 365 Project, I started ''Randomness'' mid October of 2009, a day by day desktop wall paper photos that I send through email to my special one (daily uploaded on my Facebook account). She really is the reason behind this project, she inspires and pushes me to create beautiful photographs. You'll notice most of my photographs are in landscape orientation that is to fit on a desktop screen. I joined 365 Project January this year, a friend, Paolo Sy introduced me this site, and from then on I am continued to create more beautiful photographs day by day, with those overwhelming comments I am recieving everyday and 365'ers that follows my project.

''Randomness'' is more of a personal attachment to me. This is where I express my passion for photography and share it to someone I love. A project that I will continue to share in this wonderfull community, a project that I will be doin' untill i may not have enough strenght to push the shutter on my camera.

What type of camera do you shoot with? Would you recommend it?
I still have my Canon Powershot A520 with me, my old and trusty Canon EOS 350D and a Canon 40D. I would recomend any camera, a point and shoot, a prosumer cam, a DSLR or even a camera phone with a decent image quality, brand names doesn't really matters. A camera is only a tool, what makes it different from each other is the ease of use. A camera only records images, it is the man behind the viewfinder who sees and composes great moments to capture.

If you had to choose one lens and one other camera accessory what would they be and why?
My favorite lens was a tamron 17-50mm f2.8 which got broken during a wedding gig. Its focal length makes it a very good walk around lens, it is wide enough for landscapes, can focus close to any subject for a close up photos and with its wide apperture it is also good for portraiture and low light situations. And I love shooting landscapes esp doing long exposures, so a tripod is a must for me.

A lot of your work is quite minimalist and contemporary, is that your favoured form of photography?
My first love for photography is shooting landscapes, its keeps me more relaxed. Shooting with no pressure at all, waiting for the right sunlight to come, waiting for the rich colors of the skies to come out. All you have to do is ''be there'' minutes before the right light comes through.

I am a fan of minimalism, as an architectural designer i love working on a minimalist projects. Most of my still life photos are shot with a plain black background. I walk around the house with a camera on my neck and an illustration board on my hand, my backdrop, finding subjects for still life photographs. Photography is all about light, a simple subject with a very good light source creates a lot of impact.

How much post-processing do you do on your images?
I limit most of my photographs through global adjustments for enhancements. I also do HDR post processing, but only when I'm shooting on a unevenly light landscapes, very bright sky making the subject backlighted.

I also admire many photographers who really goes beyond post processing, making a photograph sureal. We are living in the digital age of photography, there's nothing wrong in processing/editing your photos, you are free to do anything as long as it expresses yourself and your feelings to this art.

Is there anybody or anything you would love to photograph?
When i first bought DSLR it was really to capture my daughter and nieces. As they grow older, I want every moment of their childhood to be captured for them to have something to take out of the box and reminisce about.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?
Uploading my 1,825th photo!
I guess I will still be hunting for subjects, taking good photographs for my personal satisfaction. I would love to create my own distinctive style on my photographs, a trademark on my photos.

What tip would you give to any aspiring 365 photographers?
Love the craft, don't make photography just be a fad in you. I see a lot of 365 photographers here uses only a point and shoot cam and they produce photos that are a lot better than mine. 365 Project is not an easy task to do, but it really will develop your photography skills. Take the challenge, and get ready to create photographs that you can display on a gallery day by day.

Where can we see more Froi?
Some of my works can be viewed on Facebook. You can add me up on my Facebook account. I posts some of my wedding shoots there. Just simply put a message “365project”. My personal gallery of works from the past to present can be viewed at my multiply site.

And lastly I really want to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful community of the 365 Project. My warmest thanks and appreciation to those 365 photographers who follows and take time to look and comment on my works. I may seldom reply on your comments but I deeply appreciate it.

And to my beautiful "Life", my Little Meera, who inspires me in everything i do, thank you so much for sharing your life with me.

Thanks Froi

What a legend. You can follow more of Froi and his amazing 365 journey here.

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posted June 23rd, 2010
Nice to meet you Froi, keep up the great work!
posted June 23rd, 2010
Great interview! Froi, you do absolutely wonderful work, and I look forward to your photographs every day. Thanks for sharing your insights with the 365 community!
posted June 23rd, 2010
Absolutely love your work.
It's just soo... picture perfect really :)
posted June 23rd, 2010
I was sincerely happy to see Froi featured this time! What an amazingly talented man you are Froi! I love seeing your perspective of the things around you. You've been somewhat of a mystery to me because you don't comment much on your photos, you mainly just title them. It's nice to read about you. Thanks for sharing!
posted June 23rd, 2010
Wonderful interview!! It was nice to learn more about you, Froi!! I really admire and love your work! Looking forward to more amazing images from you! :-)
posted June 23rd, 2010
Brilliant interview!
Love the work :-)
posted June 23rd, 2010
I've been following Froi for several months and he never ceases to absolutely amaze me. Both creatively and technically, he's an astounding photographer.
posted June 23rd, 2010
I really enjoyed reading this. I love your work, Froi. =)
posted June 23rd, 2010
Woot woot! PROUD to be PINOY! Love it! Great Job FROI. :-) Very inspiring... I hope I could be as good as you someday. :D
posted June 23rd, 2010
I am so glad you made the interview stage as the amazing but elusive Froi who never seems to respond to other peoples comments has now come alive and real. You are a very talented and artistic photographer that inspires many people so in your busy schedule if you do get time to comment every now and again even to give tips it would be great!
posted June 23rd, 2010
Great interview! Love Love Love your work, Frio! =D
posted June 23rd, 2010
Hi Froi,

Nice to meet you! Your photography is awesome! Congrats on being interviewed. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
posted June 23rd, 2010
It is rare that we hear from you re the comments back but this interview filled up some space to know a bit about you. Great stuff.

Also checked out you multiply site. Epic pics.
posted June 23rd, 2010
Nice to get to know a little more about you, Froi. Love your photography.
posted June 24th, 2010
Froi, congrats on being interviewed! I have been following you since the beginning of my project. Your photos are always stunning!
posted June 24th, 2010
Awesome interview - I very much admire your work, Froi! Looking forward to your 1825th photo, as well as all the others in between and beyond.
posted June 24th, 2010
Thanks for this interview. It is nice to find out more about the man behind the beautiful pictures. I don't follow you, but I always keep an eye out for your new pics.
posted June 24th, 2010
This was great! wish it had the "who froi would recommend" section like the others, i often follow those people! :) but great job, love your photos always!
posted June 24th, 2010
Nice to meet you & Thanks for the inspiration
posted June 24th, 2010
naks! MABUHAY ka Froi!
posted June 25th, 2010
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures with us. Your work is quite stunning. I'm very pleased to know you think that us point and shooters can sometimes produce good quality photos and I so agree with your comment that it is the person behind the camera who produces the image..it is having the 'eye' in the first place. Congratulations.
posted June 26th, 2010
mabuhay pinoy! great work and great tips from a great artist!
posted June 26th, 2010
Hey Ross another great interview !! Great work Froi and love your multiply site..
posted June 27th, 2010
Great interview, I was waiting for Froi to be featured, I love his work.
Also, and I don't mean this as an insult, Froi looks like Tiger Woods, the resemblance is striking
posted June 27th, 2010
Froi your work is awesome!! Thank you for sharing!!!
posted June 28th, 2010
thanks everyone for reading this article. its really overwhelming being part of 365project community. =) i hope everyone will be inspired by my thoughts on photography.
posted June 28th, 2010
great article. Your work is truely amazing!
posted June 30th, 2010
I am very happy to see that one of my first photography friends got featured here :) Froi is soooo underrated, yet he perseveres. Mabuhay ka Froi! :D
posted July 1st, 2010
Great read.. its good to "get to know you" a little better. I noticed that Froi humbly avoided the whole tiger woods things from Sare... Go on.. be a tiger :)
posted July 2nd, 2010
hahaha. no Weng, I do admit Mr.Woods looks like me... =)
posted July 2nd, 2010
I've showed your page to several friends and they all say something like, "thats not a real person, its just post cards" your interview was really cool and shows people that you practice your craft and love doing it, that's why your pics are soooooo good!
posted July 13th, 2010
great interview, i agree with so much of what Froi says. Everyone always asks me for camera advice but it's really just a tool as he said. It's what you do with it that matters, and the lighting of course!
posted March 17th, 2011
master Froi.. im here.. we meet atlast!! ...ur a living legend..
posted June 15th, 2012
I'm a fan now. Stunning images.
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