365ers is a series of interviews with members from our fantastic community. The interviews were kindly carried out by Loni.

Rochelle Cassidy is out interviewee this week, and I know a lot have you have been looking forward to this one. Rochelle also marks the end of this series (for now) but we have something special planned for the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled.

The Interview

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 40 years old, wife, and mother of two - a son who's 15 yrs old, and a daughter soon to be 12 yrs old, and I want to be a photographer when I grow up! I was born in Western PA and raised in Newark, DE. I am now residing in Coatesville, PA. I graduated from California University of PA in '92 with a BS in Graphic Communications ~ specifically screen printing. I was the production artist for a manufacturer of pressure sensitive materials (decals) for 4 years before I left to be a stay at home mother. In 2005 I had the opportunity to second shoot weddings with two different photographers, and shadow with some portrait work before going out on my own in January 2008 to start my own photography business shooting portraits and weddings.

Why did you decide to start a 365 project?

FOR FUN !!! That...and I thought it would be a neat challenge...and remind me to shoot photography for MYSELF. Owning your own photography business, when it gets busy, picking up the camera means work...so a lot of times I have left my camera home, or just am not in the mood. This project reminds me to just do things for myself, and not everything has to be perfect... it reminds me to do with the camera what I fell in love with to begin with...document life.

Do you have any formal training in photography?

Waaaay back in 8th grade, I had black and white photography as an elective. Probably really grabbed my interest at that time. I had a Black and White 101 course and Color Photography 101 in color as part of my curriculum for my degree. Other than that, no.

What camera(s) do you shoot with?

Nikon D300 & D700

If you had to choose one lens and one other camera accessory what would they be and why?

24-70mm 2.8 and SB-800 flash. I suppose if I didn't shoot weddings, the lens choice may be different ~ but the 24-70 is very versatile in a lot of situations and of course the external flash is like a portable studio light because of the off camera capability.

What do you spend more time doing - taking the photo or post-processing?

Definitely taking the photo. I want to get it right in the camera first, and then polish up in editing to make it look professional, but I spend minimal time with that. I am not a big fan of heavy processing ~ while I admire and am drawn towards a lot of photographs that have textures and different tones ~ for me, my style is keeping it classic. I don't want my style to be to trendy. I also like to remember things for how they really are or were.

Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

I cannot say I recall that. I do remember receiving my first camera. It was Christmas ~ I was in fifth grade and it was a 110 film camera. I still have photos from that camera.

Who's your favorite pro photographer?

TOUGH ONE!! I really don't think I can give one answer. Way too much talent out there, I follow several people's work.

You're 365 project seems to be a mixture of your every day life, and some of the beautiful portrait work you do. What's your favorite subject to photograph and why?

I love to shoot people!! I love the interaction with all the different folks I meet and the challenge it is to bring out their personality in the images. I like to capture moods.

Who do you like to follow on the 365 Project?

My standout faves are (and in no particular order) -
@chimom - fun eye for lines and architecture
@steveh- his dog oscar is the best
@lauren211 - super creative, energetic young gal - she just finished up her project tho, hope she comes back! love to see where she ends up in life
@moncooga - his commentary is the best :)
@bill_d - crazy good nature/wildlife photographer
@lintbrush - watching his son grow and lots of fun images in between, has a great eye, like his style and experiments very much.
@do11face - her style is consistent, and as soon as I see the image I know it is hers
@elizabeth - good ole Irish gal :)
@danielfisher - love watching his photography evolve
@jessewallace - fun personality ~ one who likes to experiment with his photography, always has good results
@raineepaz - she is building confidence! as she should, love watching her photography evolve as well.

Is there a website you'd like to plug?

You can check out mine www.photosbyro.com and my fan page on Facebook

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Thanks Loni!

Loni was kind enough to create this series of interviews. Why not check out her project or leave a few nice words in the comments below.

posted April 21st, 2011
kewl! thanks a bunch Loni and 365 gang !
posted April 21st, 2011
Thank you Loni for the interviews! I've greatly enjoyed reading them and I am sorry to hear that the series has come to an end.
posted April 21st, 2011
Thank you for being the subject, Ro! And Judith, that's the thing about Ross and the website - you never know what's coming up next. The man is always thinking :-)
posted April 21st, 2011
ok, this was fun. My favorite picture is the one of you holding up your nose picking finger! Don't forget to wipe it on your Squeelers Jersey.

Ahhh, that felt good to just let it out!

Luv ya.
posted April 21st, 2011
@moncooga STOP IT !!!! LOL
posted April 22nd, 2011
@rophoto Can't help it. It's too much fun, all in fun, of course.
posted April 22nd, 2011
Yeah STEELERS! Great interview as always, Loni. I'm sorry to hear the series is ending, but I'm looking forward to seeing what's next!
posted April 22nd, 2011
Awesome to see my favorite 365ers intereviewed throughout this series, thanks Loni! It's been a few weeks since I've lurked here and it was great to see this page pop up and see a familiar face. Roey is one of those inspiring photographers that makes you reflect on your own work and how much you still have to master. In other words, she smacks you down and makes you realize just how much you suck. :) Seriously though, thanks for the continuous inspiration. I constantly find myself looking at your photos wondering how you get everything so perfect.
posted April 24th, 2011
one of my favorite 365'er! CONGRATS ROCHELLE! truly deserving.
posted April 27th, 2011
congratulations, Rochelle. ♥ and thank you. I really appreciate the mention.
posted April 28th, 2011
great interview , such an awesome photographers one of my faves.
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