365ers is a series of interviews with members from our fantastic community. The interviews were kindly carried out by Loni.

Steve has been a long time member of the site and is well known in the discussion boards for voicing his opinion and organising the awesome 365 London meetup. Thanks for doing the interview Steve!

The Interview

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm 29, equal parts massive nerd & huge petrolhead/gearhead, and like nothing more than captioning intricately setup photographs with controversial, grammatically-obtuse plays on words. Or play on words. Plays on word? I never know how those work. Anyway: yes. I like writing up interesting captions nearly as much as taking photos, and I live for the comment-banter that often happens on my shots. Fun fact: I think the internet should be a borderless sovereign entity. I'm not even joking (for once).

Apparently you enjoyed working on your project enough to keep going after you've finished a year. What's motivating you to keep going?

Well I'm only doing it as-and-when, so it's not taking that much motivation! That said, I'm sticking around mostly for the community; 365project.org is generally a nice place to hang out. Secondly, I still love getting inspiration for a shot, and then chasing after it (which it's now nice to be able to do when I feel like it, rather than be pressured by the "365" part of the core "project").

Do you have any formal training in photography?

None at all, unless reading about the "rules" of composition on various websites counts. The idea of going on some form of course is tempting, but not anything I've given any serious thought to as yet.

What camera(s) do you shoot with?

These days I'm almost exclusively using my Canon 550D, which I upgraded to from an old 450D after I decided I was really enjoying this old photography lark. I used my phone camera several times in the early days, but try and stick to the SLR as much as I can, because I enjoy RAW-tinkering in Lightroom probably as much as setting up and taking shots themselves.

What type of photography do you enjoy most?

Coming into this back at the start of 2010 I would've answered "macro stuff", but over the course of the year I've liked most the technical challenges of things I've tried to create. So, technical tinkering to get shots, and then writing them up on my blog. Oh, and toying with perspective. I reckon if I was good at it I'd love street photography more, but I'm not, so there we go. Maybe I just need to get out more?

Is there anything crazy you've done to get the photo you wanted?

Well there was strapping my 450D to the headrest in my car with CAT-5 cable, burning my finger was a bit daft, cutting faces out of citrus fruits probably counts as crazy, clambering over my sofa with a torch and colour caps was retarded, getting into and out of this many different clothes too, waving a torch around in a dark car park, leaving my car running with me stood several yards in front of it... none of them are particularly crazy though, like hanging off the side of a cliff or anything.

Do you remember the first photo you ever took? What was it?

No idea! I can just about remember the camera before my 450D (a Canon PoS and my first digital one), but not the cheap junk film one I had before, and certainly not anything I took with them. Sorry! The first time in memory that I tried using a camera "properly" was on a European road trip three summers back (bought my 450D specifically for the trip), if that's more interesting :)

Is there a photographer out there, pro or otherwise, that has influenced your photography?

Other than people on 365 whom I'll mention in Q10, nope. Couldn't even name any real world photographers!

What's your favourite photo from your project and why?

I narrowed it down to a shortlist of seven, but I don't think anyone will want to read seven different stories so I'll go with this for a few reasons. First there's nice geometrical properties going on. Then it was a nice technical setup I came up with to create the shot. Thirdly it just looks well nice. Fourth it got a pretty good reaction (for the small number of followers I had at the time) :)

Who do you like to follow on the 365Project?

There's a lot of people I follow for a lot of reasons, a few being: @artistmichelle for how rapidly she's become awesome, @louish for his amazing setups, @sarethephotos for some of the hella creative stuff she pulls off, @katiegc24 for the fun of the photos and wordsmith captions, @icywarm in general, @vaguelyartistic for his unique project, @azza_l for the light paintings, @indiannie_jones for calling me princess, @vikdaddy for being awesome, @rebcastillo77 @misschuff @taidster @amz87 @itszaiii and the many others I greatly look forward to comment conversations from and with. There's literally lots.

Is there a website you'd like to plug?

I occasionally post stuff up on my blog at http://25tolife.net but it's not something I put much effort into.

Would you like to comment on the "Alleged Teddy Bear" thing?

Hehe, the name change, yeah. Ahem... In the wake of the January 2011 London Meet a photo surfaced in which @rebcastillo77 observed me to have the likeness of "a teddy bear". Several other people agreed, so I decided I needed to react to these terrible accusations by adding the legend "this is not a teddy bear" to my profile photo, then changing my name too, just for good measure and/or amusement. How long the name'll stick around for I don't yet know...

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Thanks Loni!

Loni was kind enough to create this series of interviews. Why not check out her project or leave a few nice words in the comments below.

posted April 8th, 2011
Awww, princesslove :3
posted April 8th, 2011
Your interview was quite entertaining, I must say :) I think the question I most enjoyed the answer too was.... #... *scrolls up and realizes there aren't #s* =/ okay the one where you described all of the crazy things you've done to get a photo :)
posted April 8th, 2011
Really been enjoying your interviews, Loni -- keep up the great work, and thanks for doing them!
posted April 8th, 2011
Ah Steve - Imortalised for 365 eternity.
posted April 8th, 2011
cool interview, thank you everyone involved in sharing this moment with us. Cheers.
posted April 9th, 2011
Aww I got a mention! hehe Thanks Steve :-)
I love that the Teddy Bear thing got asked! I think said photo should have been used though lol
posted April 9th, 2011
Ah my Teddy Bear!!! You freakin' crack me up LOL :D And I still hold fast to the fact that yes you do look like a teddy bear :D If you ever decide to go back to the user name The Steve just remember that you will forever be my teddy bear :D
posted April 9th, 2011
I heart The Steve. Teddybear or not.
posted April 9th, 2011
Great interview. Loni keep up the good work and Steve keep up the hilarious banter
posted April 9th, 2011
Thanks :-) Everyone I interviewed was interesting and entertaining, and I'm very happy they were willing to share!
posted April 9th, 2011
love that 2nd photo of yours steve! .... ♥
posted April 9th, 2011
great interview with a most interesting subject! thanks to both of you!
posted April 9th, 2011
@eyebrows thanks for the plug too dude! enjoyed the read
posted April 9th, 2011
posted April 9th, 2011
My kinda guy, Always enjoy the discussion board comments. "Moving car..." Wow, I need to work on some of these types of shots. Must figure this one out, as I have a 5 speed transmission.
posted April 10th, 2011
You da man Steve - thanks for the mention!
posted April 11th, 2011
Excellent interview. I need to start doing some of that "crazy" stuff with my photography.
posted April 11th, 2011
Wow, I've just noticed this.The Steve is famous! Thanks for the big up, awesomeness right back at ya! x
posted April 22nd, 2011
Why didn't my notification icon thingy notify me about this post? Yay for Steve for becoming a star. Extra yay for my shout out. We need more comment conversations, though. I've been slacking. :/
posted May 10th, 2011
@itszaiii Yes, we have, and I only just noticed this comment, too ._.
posted October 11th, 2012
Great interview @eyebrows , love a guy that doesn't take shit too seriously. Well, not love love, just, well... okay then. ...check please...
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