Another great post from Noupe today, I've never done much Architecture photography but these examples are just wow.

See all the shots over on Noupe... 50 Beautiful Examples of Architecture Photography

posted June 8th, 2010
All of them filled me with photo envy! I wish I had taken them.
posted June 9th, 2010

Is just gorgeous! I love it.

They are all amazing shots.
posted June 9th, 2010
Freaking awesome
posted June 9th, 2010
Amazing examples!! The next thing on my list is Gaudi's creations in Barcelona! Plenty of architectural photo opportunities!
posted June 11th, 2010
im falling behind on my pictures D; but up loading alot, like 9. i have taken one each day. will you tell me what you think of them?
posted June 14th, 2010
Those are... incredible. Especially the ones looking up from below. So beautifully dizzying. :D Makes me want to visit all these places!
posted November 21st, 2011
These are amazing. I shoot many architectural photos, but these are truly inspiring!!
posted February 18th, 2013
Unbelievable stuff. But true.
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