Imagine the scene: You pop to the store to pick up some milk and because you’ve taken your daily shot, which you like well enough, you don’t take your camera. Then there it is, the most perfect scene ever, and all you have is your smartphone!

Fear not, we have tracked down some awesome camera apps that will turn your smart phone into a super-slick digital camera, perfect for capturing all the action around you.

Capture pro-like shots

Most mobile phone cameras leave a lot to be desired when it comes to quality compared to a DSLR. Thankfully some very clever app developers have come up with solutions to make your phone camera much more powerful.

iPhone - Camera Plus Pro: The comprehensive list of features is touted as the best out of any iOS app and it includes focus lock, anti shake, smooth zoom, multiple photo, video and editing filters, timelapse, watermarks and improved fast social sharing features and a whole lot more!
£0.69/$0.99 Download from the App Store

Android - Camera Zoom fx: It has won multiple awards and has a whole host of amazing tricks up it’s sleeve including optical and digital zoom x6, fully customisable buttons, customisable grid overlays, instant effects, time lapse and voice activation. Post processing includes tilt shift, retro lomo presets, fish eye and heaps more. Plus they offer free download packs… endless fun!
£1.79/$2.99 Download from Google Play Store

Don’t miss a moment with continuous shooting

Continuous shooting means that you can take a non-stop succession of photos, look back though and pick the one that you think is the most perfect. Some would say it is a little bit of a lazy way to get a good shot, but if time is of the essence and an interesting and frenetic scene is unfolding in front of you – well, why the hell not!

iPhone - Photoburst: This app shoots at a maximum of 10 frames per second, plus you can choose the timing between shots from 100ms to 1s, and set the number of pictures you want to take from 2 to 16.
£0.69/$0.99 Download from the App Store

Android - Fast Burst: This clever app takes up to 30 photos per second (but if your smartphone is an older generation, expect the figure to be in the region of 5-10). It supports flash, focus and zoom.
£1.41/$1.78 Download from Google Play Store

Take Seamless (and slightly space age) panoramas

Sometimes it is difficult to fit our world into a single frame, so why not fit it into three, or six, or even take an entire picture of the bubble you are in with these impressive, and seamless 360 degree panoramic apps!

iPhone - Photosynth: Sophisticated stitching software creates a seamless, interactive 360 degree panorama. There is no need to take pictures in sequence, or even press the shutter, this clever app has it all sorted for you. Plus it is possible to create a full sphere panorama!
FREE Download from the App Store

Android - 360: The inclusion of a clever circle to line up rather than trying to match up with the edge of another image makes this app quick and simple to use, and gives the sought after seamless results which can also be viewed as a scrollable image!
FREE Download from Google Play Store

Do you have any camera apps you just can’t do without? Share your thoughts (and your photos!) with us in the comments below.

posted February 1st, 2013
Snapseed is a great app .. I also like Photoshop Express. both are free and have so many features right in the palm of you hand. I use the iphone but think these apps are available for Android as well!
posted February 1st, 2013
I take it you need to have either an I-Phone or Android and if you have any other mobile phone you can't get or use them.
posted February 1st, 2013
I use Camera360 a lot for the filters and editing. Color Splash is also a lot of fun for selective coloring. Both are free. I have an Andriod, so not too sure if it is available for iphone or not. I have Fast Burst and it works really well! Just bought Camera FX for the zoom because my phone doesn't have that feature. REALLY excited about that!
posted February 1st, 2013
PicFrame is fun for adding a bunch of pics to one image set in a wide array of box sizes.
posted February 2nd, 2013
iPhone and Androids, iPhone and Androids... there are other smartphones out there, you know!

If you have other phones, what apps do you like? I have a Windows Phone (gave up an iPhone for it, just for the record) and I love Thumba Photo Editor ($1.99) and Fhotoroom (free version available). Photosynth is also available for free for Windows Phones (MSFT product).
posted February 2nd, 2013
I love SmugMug's Camera Awesome app. I have an iPhone; not sure if it's available for other phones but I'd assume yes for Android. I'm going to look at Camera Plus Pro you mentioned above - thanks!

FYI, just checked the app store and the USD price is now $1.99.
posted February 2nd, 2013
VSCO CAM for iOS is pretty good as well. This processing app has a very simple user interface. It's $0.99.

I also use Pocket Light Meter, which is free.
posted February 2nd, 2013
Camera apps I use are ....

Camera +
645 Pro (best cam app available)
Slow Shutter

Edit apps......

Big lens

All for iOS but I'm sure you Android people can get them
posted February 4th, 2013
> I have a Windows Phone...
Ah, I saw they'd sold one - I was wondering who'd bought it. :)
posted February 4th, 2013
My snapseed wouldn't update for the last update and i had to delete it from my phone :-(
posted February 6th, 2013
I keep getting memory errors on my phone so I haven't tried this but I heard something about an app that would track the time of the sunrise and sunset for golden hour hunting purposes.
posted February 6th, 2013
I just found an app called "Collect" that allows you to save your daily photos on your phone in a calendar format, similar to the calendar on 365. It's a great way to keep track of your daily photo posts, You can create several calendars if you are doing several daily photo sites and you can also save multiple photos per day on one date slot. (the only downside for me is that the photos upload in square format similar to Instagram. Some photos will load with part of the image cut off. Hoping that gets remedied. It's also not available to use on a MAC. It's just for iphone and ipad, I believe)
posted February 7th, 2013
@aponi Kathryn, I use an app called Sunrise, Sunset on my iPhone (they also have a website). It gives twilight times for a huge variety of locations.
posted February 12th, 2013

> @pinelakechic
> > I have a Windows Phone...
> Ah, I saw they'd sold one - I was wondering who'd bought it. :)

posted February 14th, 2013
@pinelakechic Loving my Windowsphone! Check out "Blink" from Microsoft for the continuous shooting scenario.
posted October 24th, 2013
The Weather Channel app gives sunrise and sunset times, too. I have an Android, and I've found Moon Phase Pro to be helpfull in predicting full moons and in giving moonrise/set data. The best times for me to catch the moon are often when it sets after dawn.
posted February 15th, 2014
@slimzmom I use Collect. To add the full size photo tap the crop button at the bottom center of the add page. That allows you to toggle back and forth between the square and rectangular formats.
posted April 11th, 2016
Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix are all good for iPhone. Snapseed and VSCO
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