1) In-coming! by Andy Mason

2) Perseverance by Alexis Birkill

3) Pathway of Tombstones to Empire State Bldg by Michael Elliott

4) Golden drops by Abhijit

5) 26.01.2013 by Siw Aina Stromoy

6) Time To Head Home by Leslie

7) Morning Star by Simon Halstead

8) Mistle Thrush by Freya Coursey

9) Dare to Dream by ☠northy

10) Graffiti City by Michael Elliott

11) Foxy Lady by Laurie Higgins


13) Swiss Locomotive by Aaron

14) half of me by Michelle Blackford

15) Yay I was able to go out today :) by Christina

16) Eastern Bluebird by Caz

17) Red by Carolyn White

18) This morning the sun rose... by ☠northy

19) Making tracks by Alison Tomlin

20) 66/365 Foggy Morning by guaranteed

  1. In-coming! by cockoftherock

  2. Perseverance by abirkill

  3. Pathway of Tombstones to Empire State Bldg by michaelelliott

  4. Golden drops by abhijit

  5. 26.01.2013 by siwainastromoy

  6. Time To Head Home by lesip

  7. Morning Star by farscapephotography

  8. Mistle Thrush by freyaphotos

  9. Dare to Dream by northy

  10. Graffiti City by michaelelliott

  11. Foxy Lady by lauriehiggins

  12. LIFES SIMPLE PLEASURES by shirljess

  13. Swiss Locomotive by grizzlysghost

  14. half of me by tryeveryday

  15. Yay I was able to go out today :) by orca5150

  16. Eastern Bluebird by cazann

  17. Red by cjwhite

  18. This morning the sun rose... by northy

  19. Making tracks by fueast

  20. 66/365 Foggy Morning by guaranteed

posted February 1st, 2013
Beautiful shots one and all. Congratulations!
posted February 1st, 2013
Congrats to all you top 20 winnners! As always I am amazed at all the beauty our world holds, it's creator and all of you who are so talented. Spectacular captures! Here's to a week filled with more amazing photo ops!
posted February 1st, 2013
Wow--don't think there is anything else I can say. AMAZING. Congratulations.
posted February 1st, 2013
Congratulations - these shots are all amazing
posted February 1st, 2013
Awesome and inspiring !!
posted February 1st, 2013
Wow, they are all so great. I'm grateful we don't have to vote for just one!
posted February 1st, 2013
Superb everyone of them, congrats all!
posted February 2nd, 2013
What a stunning collection. Congratulations to all and also a big thanks for being such inspirational, creative and awe inspiring photographers.
posted February 2nd, 2013
Congrats ----!!!
posted February 2nd, 2013
Wonderful photos! Well done to all of you!
posted February 2nd, 2013
Congratulaitons to you all ... beautiful pictures!
posted February 3rd, 2013
wow! really awesome photos! congratulations!
posted February 3rd, 2013
Congratulations to all.... What a stunning collection of shots. Most inspiring
posted February 3rd, 2013
Breathtaking all.
posted February 4th, 2013
Absolutely Beautiful captures! You all are my Fav's ! :) congratulations!
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