1) Color of October by *lynn

2) Another Rainbow by KWind

3) Shining down.... by Shepherdman's Wife

4) Watering Hole by Jennifer

5) Inquisitive by Rachel

6) Moon Dancing On the Tips of the Trees by Jane Pittenger

7) 2017-10-05 new puddle by Mona

8) Moonlit Mushroom... by Richard Sayer

9) St Clair by Maggiemae

10) Dewdrops by Carolyn White

11) Sun Says a Pretty Good-Night by TaffyR

12) To Bee Or Not To Bee by tony gig

13) October6_2017_Large_white_Lenticular_on_Rainier_365 by Trinda Love

14) 199 steps by Margaret Brown

15) Kansas Sunrise 10-9-17 by Kareen King

16) Run Like The Wind by Leslie

17) This is autumn. by gloria jones

18) Twelve-spotted Surprise by Gayle

19) Suspended in Time by FBailey

20) Green way by haskar

  1. Color of October by lynnz

  2. Another Rainbow by kwind

  3. Shining down.... by shepherdmanswife

  4. Watering Hole by jesperani

  5. Inquisitive by 888rachel

  6. Moon Dancing On the Tips of the Trees by jgpittenger

  7. 2017-10-05 new puddle by mona65

  8. Moonlit Mushroom... by vignouse

  9. St Clair by maggiemae

  10. Dewdrops by cjwhite

  11. Sun Says a Pretty Good-Night by taffy

  12. To Bee Or Not To Bee by tonygig

  13. October6_2017_Large_white_Lenticular_on_Rainier_365 by trinda

  14. 199 steps by craftymeg

  15. Kansas Sunrise 10-9-17 by kareenking

  16. Run Like The Wind by lesip

  17. This is autumn. by seattlite

  18. Twelve-spotted Surprise by gaylewood

  19. Suspended in Time by fbailey

  20. Green way by haskar

posted October 13th, 2017
Spectacular, all of them!
posted October 14th, 2017
such amazing talent!
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