1) March Is Around The Corner by *lynn

2) Time to Climb by TaffyR

3) evening focus by Jerome

4) Cold Walk Home by Jennifer

5) Ripples of colour...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~

6) hare by smiffy

7) Sunrise Grasses by Islandgirl

8) kaka? by Shepherdman's Wife

9) Paimpont 2018: Day 63 - If we had a canal here... by Richard Sayer

10) 2018-03-04 rainbow month "lilac" by Mona

11) I can't stop posting by Joan Robillard

12) Backlighting by gloria jones

13) Water buffalo by Leana Niemand

14) Reflections by Karly

15) Minimalist Fog by Skip Tribby 📷

16) Tonight's Sunset by KWind

17) Backlit Feather by Babs

18) Short-Eared Owl at Sunset by Kareen King

19) Seascape by ChristineL

20) Deception by Sheralee S

  1. March Is Around The Corner by lynnz

  2. Time to Climb by taffy

  3. evening focus by jerome

  4. Cold Walk Home by jesperani

  5. Ripples of colour...... by ziggy77

  6. hare by sm61ffy

  7. Sunrise Grasses by radiogirl

  8. kaka? by shepherdmanswife

  9. Paimpont 2018: Day 63 - If we had a canal here... by vignouse

  10. 2018-03-04 rainbow month "lilac" by mona65

  11. I can't stop posting by joansmor

  12. Backlighting by seattlite

  13. Water buffalo by leananiemand

  14. Reflections by 365karly1

  15. Minimalist Fog by skipt07

  16. Tonight's Sunset by kwind

  17. Backlit Feather by onewing

  18. Short-Eared Owl at Sunset by kareenking

  19. Seascape by inthecloud5

  20. Deception by bella_ss

posted September 19th, 2018
I write my college essay about the photo. Once again I see how different photography can be. There are photographers who are convinced that any knowledge concerning any theories (and not only photographic ones) can only hinder the full-fledged activity. No books, no albums, and exhibitions; You only need to learn from nature and from yourself. Such coquetry, of course, is not too realizable in reality, as the information itself finds the consumer, regardless of his desire: television, billboards or just photos on the walls inspire their aesthetic prerogatives in the background.
posted September 19th, 2018
wonderful photos!
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