Hey guys, I hope you're well! Our very scary winner from last weeks theme was Jo with her photo...

Jo has chosen our theme this week and it's going to be Depth of Field

I love shallow DoF pictures and often use it myself so I'd love to see what other people can do :)

How to enter

If you wish to enter the theme this week, please tag your photo (on the edit/organise screen) with the tag theme-dof.

Entry Guidelines

Entry to this theme starts on Monday 29th October and will accept entries until Sunday night (23:59 GMT 4th October). 5 finalists will be chosen next week and we'll start voting on Wednesday. Entries must have been taken and uploaded within the time frame only! Entries outside of the date range will not be accepted in to the final 5.

posted October 29th, 2012
Congrats! Scary photo! :D

lol, depth of field! Most if not all of my photos will qualify! lol xD
posted October 29th, 2012
@pocketmouse Thanks Teresa, that's true you're a fan like me :)
posted October 29th, 2012
Hurrah - we're all scared of you now but a great theme - I was thinking this week that that would be a great choice!!
posted October 30th, 2012
Congratulations Jo. It is a wonderful scary picture.
posted October 30th, 2012
Very spooky!!!
posted October 30th, 2012
Well done and great choice of theme, I'm loving looking through the photos, they are gorgeous!
posted October 31st, 2012
congrats...you really scare me! lol...
posted October 31st, 2012
question: can i enter multiple entries for the weekly theme or just one?
posted October 31st, 2012
@jongguzman Multiple Jon, just tag them all with "theme-dof"
posted November 1st, 2012
Well done - that is a really scary photo!
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