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As we approach the shortest day of the year (up here in the northern hemisphere anyway - sorry southern hemisphere folks) - I'm pleased it will soon be starting to remain lighter for longer in the evenings. So, inspired by the looming winter solstice, this weeks theme is 'twilight' - as it's something we're noticing around 3pm lately! This is a... Read more
1) 2018-12-02 rainy sunday by Mona 2) A Trio of Curious Giraffes by TaffyR 3) The Dog Walker by FBailey 4) Feeling Small by Karly 5) Summer is Here by Babs 6) prairie sentinel by April 7) Hunting Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Rays by Jane Pittenger 9) brightly... by haskar 10) Sunrise by *lynn 11) beach of Muscat by Jerome 12) Cheetah Was Not Running by Junko Y 13) I'm Looking... Read more
As we begin to wind down yet another year, we want to revisit some of the most popular photography projects! This week is perhaps the most simple of subjects, yet can make for a high impact shot when you get it right, with the theme 'splash'. A great project for indoors, you simply need a bowl of water, but can... Read more
1) Serenity by Babs 2) Weathered by KWind 3) Wahiba Sands by Jerome 4) Happy Thanksgiving by Joan Robillard 5) 2018-11-22 a little foggy,... by Mona 6) Light Trails to the South by TaffyR 7) Cormorant's POV by gloria jones 8) Clouds, Cliffs and Curves by FBailey 9) Frosted Daisy (best viewed on black) by carol white 10) Macaw by mittens (Marilyn) 11) Shipwrecked by Paul 12) owl by Shepherdman's... Read more
In relation to last week's theme, we want to celebrate all the amazing things we (or any species) can do physically, with the theme 'body-parts'. From delicate toes and fingers of newborns, to a lifetime of stories and wisdom in laughter lines and crows feet, there is something special and emotive about photographing different body parts, no matter how old... Read more
1) Extra Early by *lynn 2) 2018-11-19 la danseuse by Mona 3) Above and below....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Seattle Sunset by gloria jones 5) Split Rail Fence by Walks @ 7 6) Blue Tit by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Tea for two ... NO ... seeds for two! by Faye Turner 8) Fall or Winter? by Karly 9) A frosty morning by haskar 10)... Read more
This week we want to celebrate all organisms - big and small, new and old - with the theme 'living'. We hope this will be a fun word, with lots of opportunity to work with your favourite photography subjects and styles. From tiny ants, to enormous elephants, we want you to take photos of things that are alive! It's a... Read more
1) Dusk by gloria jones 2) Tower of London Torches by Casablanca 3) Soaring by KWind 4) 2018-11-11 mist is building up by Mona 5) My space, my space......... by Denise Wood 6) I Took a Chance . . . by Paul 7) Watching us walk by by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Shadows on the Hills by FBailey 9) Lily amidst autumn colours....... by ~*~ Jo ... Read more
While we know it's not like our 365 community to do things by halves, there's some skill to getting the perfect balance in our photography - inspiring this week's theme '5050'. We hope this theme will give you lots of room to experiment and play with different ideas! Some shots that come to our minds, include trying to get perfect... Read more
1) Under the Honeycomb by TaffyR 2) Same Leaf as Yesterday by KWind 3) Ladybirds.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Eagle's Snack by gloria jones 5) The photo I went out to get by Joan Robillard 6) Autumnal Crow by Shepherdman's Wife 7) An autumn by haskar 8) 2018-11-05 navegadores e descobridores by Mona 9) Partridge (Grouse) by Islandgirl 10) A Little Night Music by Casablanca 11)... Read more
This week we want you to turn your attention to the past, with the theme 'historical'. Understandably, some of the most photographed places, monuments, buildings and landmarks have their past to thank. Some of the world's most cherished and admired places are deeply rooted with our world's history. From ancient ruins scattered around the globe, to the modern day sites... Read more
1) Agitated by *lynn 2) Samphire Sunrise by FBailey 3) Fall's Splendor at Green Lake 2018 by gloria jones 4) Robin of Arne by Casablanca 5) Sunrise on the Little House by Karly 6) Fly me to the moon by Denise Wood 7) What Ya Looking At by tony gig 8) Sunny rainy morning by haskar 9) Stacked Glass by KWind 10) Singing away by Shepherdman's Wife 11) silhouettes #2... Read more