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We loved the stories behind some of your line up entries! There is something special about the ways humans, and even animals, develop such etiquette and unwritten rules. Which has inspired this week's theme - something contagious, primal and understood in every community around the world - smiles! This week we want you to have fun capturing grins and grimaces of... Read more
1) Bubbles and buttercups.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 2) A Royal (?) Swan in Windsor by TaffyR 3) Half and Half - Collage by Babs 4) Duck Out by Jennifer 5) 2017-05-25 cherry on top by Mona 6) te maunga o taranaki by Graeme Stevens 7) Serenity by Paula W 8) Little Owl. by Lee 9) puffin and sand eels by smiffy 10) MayFly... Read more
Inspired by what feels like the start of a busy summer season in Vancouver, mixed with Canada's reputation for politely queuing, we thought a line ups theme could be interesting! Waiting in line isn't usually fun, but it can make for a great photograph. Whether people are patiently waiting for the bus, sitting in traffic or queuing for a huge roller... Read more
1) We are Family by KWind 2) Surfin' on a Sunday morning🏄🏼🏄🏼🏄🏼 by JdM 3) face to face by Jerome 4) Bedraggled by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Sunrise avenue. by sally agnew 6) Green and Black by Jennifer 7) Look,Who's Come To Visit Me by carol white 8) first frost by kali 9) male osprey just about to strike by smiffy 10) mischief maker by *lynn 11) How Do... Read more
This week we want to see what literally makes things tick - with a theme of mechanisms! Whether it's zooming in on the cogs of clockwork, capturing the fun of an old-school wind up toy or just focusing on anything with moving parts. We think keeping things simple will be just as striking as something outside the box - but we'll... Read more
1) 2017-05-15 premiere night by Mona 2) poppies in the sun by *lynn 3) Dallying daisies drifting..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) Hazy evening by Richard Brown 5) Making Rainbow Rain by Jennifer 6) awakening outback by Jerome 7) Wisteria by Paula W 8) Ready to dive! by Rachel 9) Two little goslings! by Faye Turner 10) Half and Half - Oil and Water by... Read more
We all know how important lighting can be to get the perfect photograph - and where there is light, there is often a shadow! This week we want you to get creative with light and have fun with your own shadows or with the shadow of a building or object! It's proven a popular topic and style since the early... Read more
1) light lines by Jerome 2) Fine and Dande by Jennifer 3) How Close? by Shepherdman's Wife 4) 2017-05-08 shaped by Mona 5) Petals and droplets in the mist..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Lilac Clouds by Paula W 7) pink ruffles by *lynn 8) I've Got My Eye On You by Kerri Michaels 9) Orchid by tony gig 10) Half and Half - The Boardwalk... Read more
We loved looking at your landscape pictures so much that it's giving us an itch to book a vacation. On the flip side, it's also inspired us to appreciate things closer by for this week's theme homes! For most of us, our home is pretty special - a place to seek comfort, create lots of memories and feel like we... Read more
1) Contrasting Structures by TaffyR 2) Osprey Holding His Talons Together by Jane Pittenger 3) Musical Abandon by Jennifer 4) Soaking up the Sunshine by Shepherdman's Wife 5) lovers tiff by smiffy 6) pricked up ears by Jerome 7) 2017-04-29 like shelling peas by Mona 8) Round Rookery Stairwell by Junko Y 9) Dandelion Sunrise..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Marshall Fields - Macy's by... Read more
Last week we had lots of entries that were taken close up to capture the details of emotion. Here in Vancouver spring is in full swing and longer days are treating us to lots of daylight which is giving everyone the motivation to get outdoors. So this week we'd like you to focus on landscapes! Whether you are enjoying a hike... Read more
1) 2's company, 3's exhilarating :) by Denise Wood 2) 2017-04-23 Hitch-in a ride by Mona 3) The Sun Came out and so did the Blossoms by KWind 4) Abbey Arches by Jennifer 5) fruitbats by Jerome 6) On The Merry-Go-Round by Bill Fenske 7) Coming in to Land by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Talk About a Cushy Bed by Milanie 9) Sunset Swing - Carnival by M. Brutus 10)... Read more