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Stuck for ideas for your 365 project? Find yourself looking around and wondering how you can transform your surroundings into a photo worthy of winning the weekly theme? Well maybe you should try a different way of ‘seeing’; we are here to show you how! Photography is all about light, and how we see it can dramatically change the way we... Read more
Hi guys, another busy week of theme entries, thanks to everyone for taking part. It's great to be sitting here in the cold with all these warm images to make me super jealous! As normal these are my favourite shots of the week, I'd love to get your votes in the comments below and our winner gets to pick next weeks... Read more
Congratulations to Janna for winning our LOL theme. A great photo of her daughter captured your hearts and votes. Wow, my daughter's smile just got a whole lot wider and so did mine. Thank you very much to all who voted for us, it means a lot to me and some day I will explain it to Josephine, too. We had... Read more
1) Day 354|Gravity by Bobbyj 2) Foggy head by Alison Tomlin 3) New York City by Michael Elliott 4) Balluminaria 2012 by Cathy Donohoue 5) I'm the Dog! by Roz Greening 6) Bare by Velina 7) Oil on Water by Humphrey Hippo 8) Crown Royal... by Ellen Young 9) Ancient Civilisations by Alexis Birkill 10) Fog over the Alsace Region by Jennifer Ruge ... Read more
Pet portraiture isn’t that different to people portraiture, except it is unlikely that you’ll get your goldfish to stop swimming and say ‘cheese’. There are a few tricks you can try though to get a pleasing portrait of your pet, and even some clever technology if you fancy pulling out all the stops. But first… Basic rules of Portrait PhotographyUse natural... Read more
Well done to all the entrants of the LOL theme, some great entries to choose from below. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win, the winner will be contacted by myself at the weekend (please... Read more
Congratulations to e.gad who won your votes in out last theme, "helping hands" her photo is shown below. I am so excited that my photo won the helping hands theme!! Thanks to everyone for their votes. For this week's theme, I would like to choose warmth. My family is in Mexico this week enjoying a break from the cold and grey... Read more
1) Banburgh Sundown by Juliette Packham 2) Ancient Civilisations by Alexis Birkill 3) Sunday Morning by Junan Heath 4) Splash. (2/365) by Ruth Moucharafieh 5) One with the sea (11/50mm) by Rob 6) Thirty Days in B&W-50mm-Whooo Hoooooo!!! by Ellen Young 7) Baby Owl in my garden... by AnaZad 8) Old Man Winter - Day 6/11 by Caryn 9) Short Eared Owl by Hudd 10)... Read more
Thanks everyone who entered last weeks Helping Hands theme. The entrants we had in were all of great quality, so well done to all those that entered. We have 5 great photos below and I'm sure evrery one of them would love to receive your vote. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite... Read more
The beauty of photography is that it captures a slice of time, a moment, isolated from everything else around it. We are left with an image that tells a story, but we can only guess at it’s authenticity, it’s truth and it’s inner meaning. This is the very essence of street photography – but how do you go about it? There... Read more
Well done Joey for winning last weeks theme with the photo below. A million thanks and hugs to all those who voted for my photo.-- I'm all happy and all smiles :) You're all so nice and i'm very grateful.As for the weeks theme ---- I choose, "LOL" ----you know, (laugh- out- loud). Anything that makes you laugh, smile, giggle, happy or... Read more
1) Foggy start by Alison Tomlin 2) Early morning in Richmond Park by Netkonnexion 3) Four Seconds on McDonald by Aaron 4) My Rainbow Month by KWind 5) The bike by Amy Spada 6) End by Livia 7) Bull Moose in Autumn 2613 by Jack 8) Multnomah Falls Oregon by Wendy 9) Toadstool part 3 by Simon 10) Wings by Livia ... Read more