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Hey guys, Over the last few days I've had a few discussions with members of the site who have reached their 4th year with the project (amazing) and are keen to start a 4th album. The issue being that ace membership is limited to 3 albums only. What I have done now is added a new feature to Ace membership, where each... Read more
1) Space Odyssey by Lisa 2) Sanctuary by Arefin 3) Milky Way by GazBadger 4) Honolulu's Diamond Head Crater by TaffyR 5) I'm Such a Flake by Kass 6) The...the...the...the...the...the...that's all folks! by Paul "Snapchap" Everest 7) Day 361 - Shower over the Severn by Kev 8) In the fog... by Corinne 9) Angry B-r-r-r-r-ed by Sue Hecker 10) snowblind by ☠northy 11) Photography Addiction by Ross Walker 12)... Read more
Thanks to everyone who entered the Fences theme. It was a few weeks ago now. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and have been busy adding photos to the current theme... Indulge, if you haven't entered yet there are still a few days to get your entries in, so head over and take a look. But back to today, we... Read more
1) Iceberg Snowmen by KWind 2) Chasing the Sunset by Alexis Birkill 3) Sunset Fence by Ross Walker 4) In the summer sun by Sue Wilde 5) Coming Out of the Dark by Lisa 6) Jaws by Abhijit 7) Man with the Hat by Onyx17 8) Abbott Street Snow by Alexis Birkill 9) Sunburst over Black Canyon by Lisa 10) Purity by Arefin 11) Clear Skies by GazBadger 12) Beautiful Sky... Read more
Last week saw GiGi take the crown of Theme Queen with her cute "Generation Gap" photo. As the theme winner GiGi gets to pick the theme for the forthcoming week, and this week GiGi has chosen us the theme of "Indulge" which sounds like a lot of fun! Yay...thank you very much, what an honour This is not the topic I imagined... Read more
1) Old man's beard..... by Jo 2) Time for Winter by Arefin 3) Like the First Morning by Lisa 4) inception by ☠northy 5) Frosty Leaves by Carol W 6) West Broadway and Cambie by Alexis Birkill 7) Time to reflect ...!! by Vijay 8) Watching the Sunset by Crystal Paez 9) Seal Pond at the Zoo by TaffyR 10) What Lies Beneath by Aaron 11) Catch a falling... Read more
With all the excitement of the holidays, it is easy to sacrifice a little of that ‘me’ time, but that is what your project is all about! To make sure that your project keeps going (and that you get some time with your camera) we have come up with a seasonal list of ideas to keep you capturing over Christmas... Read more
The generation gap didn't get many entries this week, I guess it was quite a difficult concept to capture in a photo, but the entries we did have were great, so thanks to those that made the effort and took part! Check out all the Generation Gap photos 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for... Read more
Congratulations Lisa, your Tradition in Lights photo won last weeks theme! I caught up with Lisa over the weekend and she has chosen us a new theme for the week ahead... What wonderful news! To be selected amongst so many amazing photos is such an honor. For this week's theme, I select a personal favorite of mine - Fences. This can be... Read more
1) The Eye by Lisa 2) Boots, Oxford Street by Paul "Snapchap" Everest 3) Dec 5,2013: Flight of the Birds-Bosque del Apache by Alice Burghart 4) Siltcoos Outlet Stars, Venus and New Moon by Jane Pittenger 5) Into the light!! by Vijay 6) Botany Bay Plantation by Macdeafdog 7) Cautious by Aaron 8) Foggy Morning by Paula W 9) Purple haze by Lena 10) Cloudy chaos by Jacqui... Read more
Everything it seems! I can definitely smell mince pies, which means it must be time to prove to Santa I have been a jolly good girl this year and present him with my Christmas wish list, full of photography treats (and not a gimmicky gift in sight!). You might still have time to pop these great gifts on yours too –... Read more
Are you ready to overdose on bokeh? I hope so because this weeks theme is full of it! Thanks to everyone who entered, there were lots of photos to choose from, i'll be honest and say it wasn't easy to pick 5 this week. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply... Read more