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Everything you wanted to know about choosing the right camera lens for the job in an easy to read guide. We take you from macro to zoom and bust a few bits of jargon on the way. Sensors Before we begin talking about lenses, we must mention sensors. The size of a sensor on your DSLR will determine the result you will... Read more
Everyone who entered the Energy theme has my permission to give themselves a big slap on the back. Well done guys, there has been a great selection of photos to look through this week, check them all out here... Energy photos. We must move swiftly on to our 5 finalists who all need your votes this week. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3)... Read more
Well done to April for winning the Panic theme last week. April had a few theme ideas and we eventually settled on "Drama" for this weeks theme, something I'm sure everyone will enjoy a bit of now and again. How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this week, please tag your photo (on the edit/organise screen) with the tag... Read more
1) Someone Gorgeous by Lucy Dolittle 2) To you I give the moon.... by GazBadger 3) Love...A Year in the Making! by KWind 4) Gastown Steam Clock by Alexis Birkill 5) Snowdrop by Paula W 6) Between Worlds by Aaron 7) The Jury is Out! by Carol Estes 8) Rise and Shine by Leslie 9) In the embrace of the fog by Kat 10) Foggy sunrise by... Read more
Well that was scary! You really took the panic theme seriously and their were some fantastic entries, be sure to check them out. Here are the 5 photos that fitted the theme the best for me. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format)... Read more
Congratulations go to Alison for winning the twisted theme, by quite some margin, with her photo below. I spoke to Alison on Sunday and she has chosen us a great theme for this week, that should get everyone moving! Good to know I am officially twisted.... Probably credit should really go to Normal Foster and team for the ace design of the... Read more
1) Making a teardrop by Arefin 2) Little Forest by se7en 3) Frozen by Paula W 4) Into the light ...!! by Vijay 5) The ferns on a tree branch by jdMuli 6) Alone In The Cold by Ross Walker 7) 2014 01 18 - Splash by Sarah McKeeman 8) Glacier in Winter by Jake 9) Winter Wonderland by Laura 10) Seend by se7en 11) Lovin' Late-Night Java by... Read more
Well it was tough, but I've slected 5 great photos from the hundreds entered in to the Twisted theme. Thanks everyone for your Twisted photos. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win, the winner will... Read more
A big well done to Jennifer, your winner from the "Through" theme a few weeks back. Jennifer has been a member here for (what seems like) ages, and I was surprised to see that this is the first time she has ever won a weekly theme. So kudos to Jennifer for her continued efforts entering the themes, it has paid off. Wow,... Read more
1) Sunset in Sun City, TX by Alice Burghart 2) City of the Gulls by Michael Elliott 3) Fluffy Muffin by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Sunrise Painted Forest Fire by Amanda L. 5) Bokelicious by Lena 6) Poppy Potency by Maggiemae 7) Taking the B road by Lucy Dolittle 8) Not one of mine.....unfortunately! by Shepherdman's Wife 9) The Fog by Vijay 10) Having A Drink by Jill 11) Shoot the... Read more
We blogged-a-plenty last year about ideas for photo projects, aiming to inspire anyone who felt a little lost for inspiration. The feedback we had was fantastic, so we thought we’d revisit some of our best ideas. A-Z Projects It is quite simple – on day one take a photo of something that begins with A or of an actual letter A that... Read more
Wow, what a week! I watched the theme entries roll in and was stunned at the great shots that came up this week, well done everybody! If you didn't see many of the entries be sure to check out all of them over on the tag page... Through theme photos. Below are the 5 photos that I thought really portrayed the... Read more