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It's Monday, and that means a new weekly theme, last weeks winner was Johanna with the photo featured below. I spoke to Johanna, here's what she had to say... I can't believe I won the theme vote! I was already super excited about Top 5 and to win, only a month into my 365 Project, is something totally awesome! I'm glad I... Read more
1) Kitty Love! by Gary 2) Sunset on the Bay by Michael Elliott 3) Jimbaran sunset by Peter de Graaff 4) The Pony by Jo 5) Silhouette by Gary 6) Hello there! by Amy Spada 7) Escape by Julia 8) Hang on, Sloopy! by marlboromaam 9) Pylons….. by Brian Baptie 10) 42nd Street - NYC by Michael Elliott Kitty Love!... Read more
Hi guys, time to put your faith in one lucky photographer this week. The theme was flow, and there was an eclectic mix of entries, I've tried to pick some great images, let me know your thoughts on the selection in the comments below, along with your vote. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for... Read more
Hi guys, I'm totally confused about themes at the moment so I hope I've got the right one for you! This weeks theme, as chosen by Zuzana is Low Key. Zuzana did mention Portraits in her email, but I think a more general theme will be a bit easier, please do try out portraits though, they can be excellent. If you're wondering... Read more
1) Day 164|Water Drop Collision Part I by Bobbyj 2) Curious cat by Sassik 3) Greek Siesta by Jessika Gilker 4) Fox Hill, East Leake by Sean O'Neill 5) Mirror Street by John 6) Day 122 Golden Valley by Nikki 7) Divine light by Peter de Graaff 8) Flower and droplet by jerry plume 9) Patience by Donna 10) Respect by Sharon ... Read more
Hi guys, after a week off from the theme I hope you're revitalised and ready to take some great shots! The winner of our last weeks theme 'Corners' was Jolly. Congratulations Jolly! I Spoke to Jolly over the weekend and she has come up with the theme of "Flow" for us to have a go at. The obvious things that come to mind... Read more
1) all lined up waiting for mom....part 1 by Pauline Binek 2) mom's back...... part 2 by Pauline Binek 3) Sunrise at Sanur by Peter de Graaff 4) Pink Moon by Peter de Graaff 5) Columbus Circle NYC by Michael Elliott 6) Meet Kevin by Sharon 7) Watery Days by Julia 8) Yellow staircase by Jani M 9) You, a bottle, a trailor, and this... by jerry... Read more
Hello themesters, it was the Corners theme last week and your chance to vote on the winner. Some of you are probably wondering what this weeks theme is, I think we'll have to skip a week as last weeks winner, Zuzana (well done) never got back to me with her choice of theme. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom... Read more
1) Maternal Instincts by Stacy ♥ DOF 2) suspended by ladyjane 3) End of day by Peter de Graaff 4) End of the Rainbow by Richard Tyson 5) Cat in a window by Amy Spada 6) Pocketful of flowers) by Anna 7) Lady Bug Season by ShadowDancer 8) Clouds of orange sherbet by Peter de Graaff 9) Don't Rain On My Parade by Richard Tyson 10) Hello! I'm best... Read more
I hope everyone liked the music theme last week. Here's the final 5 I have selected for you guys to vote on. Would love to hear your feedback (along with your vote) on my selection in the comments. Thanks. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the... Read more
Congratulations Angela, the winner of the "Tiny Things" theme. This weeks theme will be "corners" a theme that will require some out-of-the-box thinking. How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this week, please tag your photo (on the edit/organise screen) with the tag theme-corners. Entry Guidelines Entry to this theme starts on Monday 30th April and will accept entries until Sunday night... Read more
1) Bittersweet joy by Chris Wang 2) NOSE TICKLES by Cromwell 3) Chores Are Never Done! by Livia 4) The Boat Shed by trude 5) End of the Rainbow by Richard Tyson 6) "High" Mating Behavior by Cissy B. 7) Sailing behind the dike by Corine Wernsen 8) HMS Gannet by Paul 9) Short Eared Owl by Hudd 10) Sunset at the World Financial Center - NYC by Michael... Read more