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Another week, another theme chosen by Dawn, our same winner from last week! How can it be!? Amazing work Dawn, well done! "*lol* I guess I've had a lucky streak! Thank you all for your votes! I'm sure my dad will be thrilled that his hand won the weekly theme (I'm sure my daughter would be too, if she were old... Read more
1) New York Skyline by TaffyR 2) Dreaming of Paris by Mariya 3) Golden evening by Crystal Paez 4) Just Passing Through by Lisa 5) Rainbow factory by Arefin 6) Getting There... by Scott 7) Hibiscus after the rain... by AnaZad 8) Beginnings by Scott 9) Rhapsody by Helen 10) The Beautiful Olympic Mountains.... by Gena Pegg 11) Continental Refraction by Gail Meek 12) KAPOWWW! by Jani M 13) Gilded by... Read more
Last weeks theme was Families, it has been great fun seeing everyones families this week on 365 Project, view all the entries here... Families Theme, but don't forget to give us your votes first! 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format)... Read more
Congratulations Dawn, our winner of the circles theme with her creative bridge shot. "Oh my! I'm doubly thrilled, since this is also the first time one of my photos has made it to the top 5. Thank you all for your votes! Since I absolutely love Halloween and it's just around the corner, I would like to choose macabre for the next... Read more
1) October weeds by jdMuli 2) Sky fishermen by Arefin 3) Morning Light by Scott 4) The Language of Flowers by ZambianLass 5) Dreamcatcher by Arefin 6) Choices ...!! by Vijay 7) Peace and quiet by Alison Tomlin 8) Baker Street by Juliette Packham 9) Raindrops keep fallin' on my weeds by jdMuli 10) Day 100.... London Eye... by Ian 11) Sunset in the City by TaffyR 12) Sunset... Read more
Today I thought I'd use the blog to clear up a few myths around 365project.org, and how the site works. In the last few years the site has been running I have had hundreds of emails asking about the popular page and various other aspects of the site and how they work. I thought I'd take the honest and transparent approach today... Read more
Want to photograph beautiful buildings and decaying constructions creatively and with passion? We bring you some must-know tips on architectural photography that will have you snapping your surroundings like a pro in no time! Kit Camera – of course Tripod – so you can let your shutter stay open longer Wide-angle lens – to fit more in without moving further away Graduated filter – for... Read more
So I'm sitting here drinking my circular glass of red wine, eating my (sort of) circular grapes and eating my very square cheese (hey, it's been a tough day, I deserve it) and went through all your lovely photos, well done to everyone that entered, you have to be in it to win it! Below are the final 5 that... Read more
Happy Monday everyone! KWind was the winner from the Autumn Colors theme, well done! "Wow, I'm thrilled to have won! Thank you so much!! I choose Family as the next theme. I'd love to see lots of people shots with families hanging out having fun, maybe being silly, loving each other or just being themselves either in a posed... Read more
Hey guys, this is the voting for the Autumn Colors theme, apologies it's a few days late, I just opened up the tag page and was blown away by the brightness of the colours this week, you should definitely check out all the entrants here... Autumn Colors Theme ... even if it's just for the brightly coloured spectacle. 1) Top Left 2)... Read more
1) lighthouse by seasnappi (hettie) 2) Extreme Bokeh! by Paula W 3) In another world by Arefin 4) Sunset in the City by TaffyR 5) Woman to Woman II by Michael Elliott 6) Tightrope of Life by Lucy Dolittle 7) Orange crown by Arefin 8) wowsome wind... by seasnappi (hettie) 9) Mums On Fire? by Gena Pegg 10) Heron with fish... by Jo 11) Chewy by Jennifer 12) Giving up... Read more
The Four theme had some great responses and I'm pleased to say that Celi won the theme and has chosen this weeks theme for us. "I feel very honored to have won this week's theme vote. I have to say, I REALLY loved the photo of the fingers and the four leaf clover . . . a real stunner. I've... Read more