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Osia was the overwhelmingly popular winner from last week with her fabulous Speed photo shown below. Osia and I spoke over the weekend and she has picked us a holiday related theme for this week... I am beyond delighted for being the winner of this week's theme-speed! The fact that there are so many incredibly talented people on this site makes... Read more
1) Gull On Fire by Lisa 2) Crazy Sky by KWind 3) Frigid Sunrise by Scott 4) City Sandwich by TaffyR 5) Black Swan by Graham Thresher 6) Be Free by Rachel Mackenzie 7) The sands of Time by Arefin 8) Reflection by Lisa 9) My little Squishy by Arefin 10) Honda Bay, Palawan. by Leana Niemand 11) gills by Jan Hall 12) Nature's Boat (best viewed on black ) by... Read more
Last weeks Speed theme was great, I've picked my 5 favourites below and would love to get your votes on the winner from this week. This weeks theme is Together, there's still a few days left to enter. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in... Read more
Congratulations go to Teal Garcia for winning our Hair theme with her photo below. A great shot, and a great theme choice for next week... Wow that's awesome! There were so many great pictures! After thinking about it for a bit I would like to go with the theme "together" for next week. With the holidays approaching, families and friends will be... Read more
1) 365 II Michael Elliott by Michael Elliott 2) Wild thing...I think I LOVE you. by Jo 3) Flying Stories by Arefin 4) Eve's candle by Lena 5) Rainbow Umbrella by Arefin 6) Autumn In New York by Adam 7) Deep at sea... by AnaZad 8) Huib by Sean O'Neill 9) One Touch by Hope D Jennings 10) Gotcha!!! by Sue Wilde 11) Hope by Linda 12) Airborne.... by Jo 13) Leafless... Read more
“Hi, can I take your picture?” If you want advice on asking that million-dollar question, or you want to find out ways to ask that transcend language barriers, then you need to read our blog about getting permission to take a photo of a stranger. Customs (and laws) vary around the world on whether someone with a camera can take a... Read more
Last weeks Hair theme had plenty of great entries. I spent this evening going through all the entries, so thanks everyone for entering. If you haven't had a chance to enter this weeks Speed theme head over and take a look. It would be great to get your votes on this weeks finalists. Just reply in the comments with the number... Read more
So in the last month or so we've had 2 consecutive double winners, Congratulations Keeshii on claiming your 2nd win in a row with your fabulous Classy photo. I spoke to Keeshii over the weekend and she has come up with a great theme for this week, speed... Wow! The classy theme had such a great set of entries that I’m... Read more
1) Taal lake. by Leana Niemand 2) Ole Blue Eyes! by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Fall Addiction by Scott 4) A Year in the Life of One Tree Hill by Amanda L. 5) Asleep under the Milky Way by Alexis Birkill 6) Unfurling by Lisabell 7) Warwick Castle (IR) by Humphrey Hippo 8) Lunch for two by Arefin 9) Fall by Lisa 10) Orchid at my mom's home. by... Read more
The Classy theme brought about a nice change from last weeks overly scary Orange theme. There weren't as many entries this week as I think the subject matter was a bit tougher, but those that did enter took some brilliant shots, so i'm happy to present my final 5 choices below. Cast your vote and let me know what you think... Read more
Today I'm happy to announce a trial of a new way to browse the stunning photos on 365 Project. Introducing the Trending Photos page Have you ever wondered what the hottest photo is right now? Or maybe you've been overlooked by the Popular page and wish more people would have seen your photo? The Trending Photos page has been explicitly designed to show... Read more
This week our congratulations go to Keeshi (@keeshii) who topped the polls to win the Orange theme. Well done Keeshi! Keeshi got in touch and has selected an interesting theme this week... hair! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of selfies this week! Awesome! Thanks. I’m excited that I got so many votes this week! After some thought about the next theme,... Read more