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So last week I was the lucky one who got to choose a theme for a change and I chose the future as your challenge for the week. I really enjoyed seeing what people came up with and have picked my 5 favourites below. 1) Top Left 2) Mid Left 3) Bottom Left 4) Top Right 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please... Read more
Congratulations to Jeff for winning last weeks Homesteading theme with the shot below... Jeff has been kind enough to choose us a theme this week... First of all I want to thank not only those that voted for my picture, but for everyone that has been supportive of my work and has been a continual source of encouragement, especially during the time... Read more
1) Light Up the Night by Michael Elliott 2) Icarus by Jake 3) Passing under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge by AnaZad 4) Milky Way by aikiuser (jenn) 5) Where safari starts early by ZambianLass 6) Conversations by Jodi Nichols 7) City Beach by Jake 8) diamonds by ☠northy 9) Fields of gold. by Paul "Snapchap" Everest 10) Crested Tern by Jennifer C 11) walk with grandpapa by Edie 12) Fairy wing... Read more
Is there something moving in your picture? If so, you need to understand shutter speed and what it can do for you! Adjusting the speed of your shutter (and therefore the length of exposure) allows you to determine how much movement there is in your shot. You can either capture a small slice of time with a fast shutter speed to ‘freeze’... Read more
Hey, homesteading was a tough theme to come up with photos for. There were some great entries and I've just spent about 2 hours trying to narrow down the final 5 to something varied that portrays the ideas of the theme, I hope you like! 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo,... Read more
Hey guys, it was a super close vote last week for the Spoons winner, Arefin just made it through as the winner with his shot, The secret ingredient... I tried to get in touch with Arefin this weekend, but I haven't heard back from him, so I have decided on the theme for this week, we'll save Arefin's suggestion for next... Read more
1) Sonnet for a rainy day by Arefin 2) After dark by Abhijit 3) A Bit Shirley Valentine! by Paula W 4) Tethered by Abhijit 5) Kundalila Falls by ZambianLass 6) Conclusion by Jake 7) Sunset Along the River by Wendy 8) Frozen by Jake 9) Well Hello Beautiful!!!! by cheryl 10) And....... by Tremerryn 11) Garden Diamonds by Lisa 12) Mickey Mouse by Lucy Dolittle 13) Alone by jdM 14) This... Read more
With the summer break in full swing, why not combine your 365 project with keeping the little ones amused this holiday? Children’s imaginations know no bounds, and once you have shown them how to use a camera – let them show you how to find inspiration! Kitting ‘em up Right, it is unlikely you will want to let your offspring wander around... Read more
Well, I shouldn't be surprised that you guys came up with such amazing Spoon photos. You always come up with the best photos when challenged. Take a look at all the entries here... Spoon photos 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format)... Read more
Congratulations April for coming out on top in last weeks theme with this shot... April has chosen an interesting theme this week with many photo opportunities. Thank you all so much for voting for me! This is so darn cool! I'm choosing homesteading, I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Have a blessed week! Homesteading Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle... Read more
Hey guys, turns out I'm a bit late posting the final 5 this week, apologies for that! Lots of great shots this week, check all the entries here... Fairy tale photos 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish... Read more
1) The Double Flare by Michael Elliott 2) Early Morning by ZambianLass 3) Mermaid by Arefin 4) Awaiting the Storm 1 by TaffyR 5) TIME off by JdM 6) Palouse Sunset by Ross Walker 7) Moonlight walk by Lena 8) Lake Josephine by Jake 9) Gone Fishing by Scott 10) The secret ingredient by Arefin 11) Rolling In by Aaron 12) July 21: Abstract by ๏̯͡⊙ Bulldog 13) High Voltage... Read more