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1) PERFECTION by Shirley Jess 2) North Star Campfire by Aaron 3) Steel Cage, NYC by Michael Elliott 4) Smokey Mountains by Aaron 5) Snow in St John's Street by Judith Greenwood 6) Snow On Ice by photogirl 7) Bonkers by Judith Greenwood 8) Rain by Robyn 9) SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE by Shirley Jess 10) Goodnight heatwave by Alicia 11) Rush by Paul 12) moi by ☠northy 13) Water Colors in Central Park... Read more
Your 365 Project will become whatever you make it. Maybe you want to take a photo a day to document a year of your life, the highs with the lows, the mundane alongside the madness. Maybe you want to improve your photography skills by setting yourself challenges. Maybe you just want to share your photos with a community of fellow... Read more
Well it looks like everyone is in the swing of submitting photos to the theme, over 600 entries to last weeks Leading Lines theme, thanks guys! I looked at all the entries and there is some real quality photography going on here. I picked these 5 as I thought they best encapsulated the ideas from the theme. You can take... Read more
It's Monday again, which can only mean one thing... a new weekly theme, how exciting! Your winner from last week was Diana, well done to her for taking this great shot... Diana had the following to say about this weeks theme... I cannot express how honored I am to have had my photo in the top five, let alone win. Picking a... Read more
1) Untitled by Anna 2) Winter Wonderland by Rich Tyson 3) Free Your Mind by Aaron 4) Day's End by Aaron 5) Waterworld -- galaxy by Lyn Todd 6) Rubber Duckie by Abhijit 7) A watchful Pelican by Rob 8) Heading for the hills! by Leana Niemand 9) making a splash by Teresa (pocketmouse) 10) Time by Tamara 11) The Path We Walk... by Rachel Mackenzie 12) Shaving Point Long Exposure... Read more
Everyone wants to look their best when someone takes a picture – and with these few great tips you will become the most popular person with a camera thanks to an uncanny ability to capture flattering portraits! These tips are also great for picture-perfect selfies, or manoeuvring yourself into the right spot when a photo is taken of you! Get up... Read more
Hi everyone, I hope your week is going well! It took me ages to pick the finalalists this week, you guys really pushed the boat out and provided loads of brilliant entries this week, well done! If you want to see all the images check out the full list of entries here. These are the final photos, I'd love to see... Read more
Congratulations to Jenn, your winner of the Essential Christmas theme. Here is her photo below, thanks to everyone that voted. Jenn said the following about this weeks theme... For this weeks challenge, I'd like to see some Leading Lines. Lines that draw your eye into the photo, giving it depth and interest. How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this week,... Read more
1) early morning light by Jenn 2) Old Point Loma Lighthouse by jerry plume 3) One Last Splash by Humphrey Hippo 4) Together into the Light by Michael Elliott 5) 40/365 my blue eyed girl by guaranteed 6) Froggy by Jason Daniels 7) Be Free by Aleksandra 8) Assessing The Route by Aaron 9) Ragpicker's Dream by Beau 10) sunset in the trees by Glendq 11) First Snow in Kentucky... Read more
I can hardly believe how quick 2012 went by, it's been a big year for 365 Project. We've had tens of thousands of entries to the weekly themes over the past year and I can't thank you enough for entering your photos, there have been some truly amazing photographs submitted this year. Well done to everybody who entered, and don't... Read more
Hey guys, so it's the first theme vote of the year, our theme from 2 weeks ago was "Essential Christmas" and we had over 300 entries, so choosing the final 5 this week was really tough. You can see all the magnificent entries here. Here are the 5 selected photos for you to vote on, I hope you like them as... Read more
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and took lots of family photos for last weeks theme. This weeks will be our first of the new year, so hopefully we'll see lots of new faces joining in. We've got something a bit different this week thanks to our winner from the Flora & Fauna theme... Carolyn. Carolyn got in touch with her... Read more