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Well done to Kathrin for winning our Board Games theme. I spoke to Kathrin and she has come up with a great theme for us this week... Autumn Colors. How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this week, please tag your photo (on the edit/organise screen) with the tag theme-autumncolors. Entry Guidelines Entry to this theme starts on Monday 23rd September... Read more
1) Up, Up and Away by ZambianLass 2) Lucid dream by Arefin 3) Midnight sonata by Arefin 4) Evening of Indian Summer by Sassik 5) Morning Light On Cape Creek Bridge by Jane Pittenger 6) B+B daughter by GiGi 7) Sun Rays at Heceta Lighthouse Park by Jane Pittenger 8) WITH LOVE! by Jo 9) Magic of the Morning by Susa 10) Moody Morning by Amanda... Read more
Hey guys, So last weeks theme was board games, I was a bit lacklustre about this theme if i'm honest, I wasn't sure what people would come up with, but you guys always knock me out when I get like this, there are some amazingly creative shots this week, well done! Check out all the entries here... Board Games 1) Top Left 2) Top... Read more
Congratulations go to Jan fow inning last weeks Dirty theme with this great shot... Jan has kindly chosen our theme for the week, and had this to say... I'm thrilled. It is the first time I have won a weekly theme, but I have been a finalist four times. Fourth time lucky I guess! So how about 'Four' as the theme? Should... Read more
1) Good friday morning 2 all by jdM 2) Let There Be Light by Aaron 3) Make Your Wish by Corrie 4) Barn on a Misty Morn by Cathy 5) Underbelly of the City by TaffyR 6) Sunday afternoon by Arefin 7) Walkway by Janette 8) Fading Sun by Lucy Dolittle 9) Into the Light by TaffyR 10) A return to the waiting spirits... by Ian 11) Urban Still Life... Read more
Hello, last week we had a bit of an unexpected extension of the Dirty theme, and it gave you a bit more time to get your shots in, you should check out all the entries here, some of them are really fun.. Dirty. As for the finalists, I've collected my 5 favourites and would love to get your votes on the... Read more
The Liquid 2 theme voting was so close we had to extend it further. When the voting is so close like that it seems a shame to pick just 1 winner, the entrants were so good! So well done to all the finalists, there were literally just a few votes in it at the end. But, there had to be a... Read more
1) Fly away by Arefin 2) Rising sun by jdM 3) Shell by jdM 4) Laying in the Gutter by Michael Elliott 5) Up, Up, and Away! by Lisa 6) Young Malachite Kingfisher by ZambianLass 7) Simple Ways by Adam 8) goodbye and thank you all by Jennifer C 9) A cup full of happiness by Arefin 10) Manic Monday by ZambianLass 11) Before the Sun by Amanda Thepanda 12)... Read more
In the UK, everyone is getting very excited about the photos that have been released of the new Royal baby, Prince George – which made us think that we should share our top tips for taking photographs of new born babies! Lighting – Ditch the flash, and find somewhere where the light is naturally diffused, this will give a much more... Read more
1) Orange shower by Arefin 2) Catch Of The Day by Adam 3) boats by ☠northy 4) The Big Tilt by Lisa 5) Smile for the camera! by Jo 6) Storm Chasing by Jake 7) King Midas' Morning by Amanda L. 8) Mans best friend by Abhijit 9) Welcome to Philadelphia... by AnaZad 10) Water Under the Bridge by Lisa 11) The Other Side by Scott 12) Jumping Off Rock... Read more
Hey, here are my top 5 Nostalgia photos from the week, bit thank you to everyone who entered! Remember to get Dirty for this weeks theme too! 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win,... Read more
[Update] This theme has now been extended an extra week, until the 8th September. A big well done to Tracey who won the Nostalgia theme with her entry below. Tracey got in touch with her theme choice for this week... In my area there was extensive flooding earlier this summer, and the volunteers came out in droves to help their neighbours with mud... Read more