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Hello everyone, it's Monday again which means we get a brand new theme to play with. Michael was our winner of the Support theme from a few weeks back, his winning photo is below.. In honor of Halloween at the end of the month Michael has chosen us the theme of "Scary" to play with. I have to choose these finalists... Read more
1) Deep Blue by Aaron 2) A little early morning magic by Judith Greenwood 3) Shaft by Alison Tomlin 4) Wet bottlebrush by Peter de Graaff 5) Waiting For the Wolf by Jesse Hurler 6) I've got sunshine by Aaron 7) Camels on Cable Beach, Broome Western Australia by Amaya Williams 8) Natural curves by Netkonnexion 9) Water Break by Nancy 10) Dead of Night by Richard Tyson ... Read more
Tim Tadder has just finished Water Wigs, a photoshoot where water balloons are captured exploding on the heads of balding men. This is a follow-up project to Fish Heads – which if you are yet to see it, is an engaging and inspirational underwater portrait project. This is how I first discovered the talents of Tim – the photographs not only... Read more
Well done everyone who entered the Support theme, here are my final 5. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win, the winner will be contacted by myself at the weekend (please check your emails!) and... Read more
Congratulations to Alison for winning the Remnants theme with her photo... Alison has chosen this weeks theme to be 'On the move'. I'm sure people will come up with some great experimental ideas for this theme, we look forward to seeing your entries! How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this week, please tag your photo (on the edit/organise screen)... Read more
1) Sunshine on a rainy day :-) by Corine Wernsen 2) Sandpipers POV by jerry plume 3) Baby Baby by Lianne G 4) 50 days of 50mm; 23/50; The bouy... by Brian Baptie 5) The Shot by Aaron 6) Dusk by Juliette Packham 7) Light painting by Peter de Graaff 8) Sept 28: You by ♉ Bulldog ♉ 9) Right time and Place by KWind 10) Swinging into Action... Read more
There is something magical about a daytime long exposure, transforming usually familiar surroundings into unusual dramatic landscapes using nothing more than a Neutral Density (ND) filter. ND filters cut out the amount of light coming into the lens allowing the shutter to be left open for much longer, capturing movement with an ethereal aesthetic. The strength of the filter is measured... Read more
Thanks everyone for entering the Remnants theme. I've picked five shots that I think really sum up remnants. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Mid Right 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win, the winner will be contacted by myself at the weekend... Read more
A big well done to Jen for winning the Light theme with the photo below - a great shot. Jen had the following to say about this weeks theme... I am really thrilled to win a weekly theme!! It didn't take me long to come up with a theme that I feel could work well, and I hope you agree, and that theme... Read more
1) Tuesday morning in the office. by Ruth Moucharafieh 2) Smile by Livia 3) Fisheye Star Trails by Humphrey Hippo 4) Untitled by Anna 5) Good morning Sunshine by Rob 6) D-U-M-B-O by Michael Elliott 7) friday light by Anna 8) Under My Umbrella by Aaron 9) Sunrise by Livia 10) what's so funny? by Jan Hall Tuesday morning in... Read more
Headline Image thanks to Kezzy How many times have you had a great idea for a photo but never quite got round to taking it? Maybe it takes a lot of setting up, maybe it depends on the weather, maybe you are waiting for the right piece of equipment to come in to your life that will make it possible. To make... Read more
Last weeks theme was Light, and again you guys excelled yourself. I say that every week - but seriously, very good photos everyone. Give yourself a pat on the back. Needless to say, picking just 5 shots from the 400 or so uploaded was a difficult task, at one point I had to stop and check out some cute danbo... Read more