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Good composition comes from trying to tell a story with an image, leading the viewers eye, and making sure that the subject of your photo is evident. These are all things you will instinctively learn as practice moves your photography closer to perfection with every shot, but there are also some handy guidelines on composition that will help you get... Read more
Hello themesters, it's a little later than usual but here are the fantastic finalists from the Determination theme. If you would like to check out the other entrants they can all be found here. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format)... Read more
A huge congratulations to Lisa for winning the Light and Shade theme. Lisa was new to the site in January so winning a theme already is a massive achievement. Lisa and I spoke about this weeks theme and she came up with the following... It is the icing on the cake to what has been an incredibly enjoyable first month on 365.... Read more
1) In-coming! by Andy Mason 2) Perseverance by Alexis Birkill 3) Pathway of Tombstones to Empire State Bldg by Michael Elliott 4) Golden drops by Abhijit 5) 26.01.2013 by Siw Aina Stromoy 6) Time To Head Home by Leslie 7) Morning Star by Simon Halstead 8) Mistle Thrush by Freya Coursey 9) Dare to Dream by ☠northy 10) Graffiti City by Michael Elliott 11) Foxy Lady by Laurie Higgins 12)... Read more
Imagine the scene: You pop to the store to pick up some milk and because you’ve taken your daily shot, which you like well enough, you don’t take your camera. Then there it is, the most perfect scene ever, and all you have is your smartphone! Fear not, we have tracked down some awesome camera apps that will turn your smart... Read more
So last weeks theme was Light and Shade, this is probably the longest I've ever spent picking 5 photos, they were all sooooo good. You've excelled yourselves guys, well done! You should definitely check out the full selection of entries (over 500) here. But alas, we can only have 5 finalists and I have selected them below for you to... Read more
Hi guys. Another week, another theme to get your teeth in to. Congratulations to Evan for winning our "Play" theme with his shot... Evan has chosen us an interesting theme this week, I think it will require some thought, but it's always good to have a challenge. It's an absolute honor to be this weeks theme winner! From the short period of... Read more
1) Rorschach Test by Jake Sorensen 2) Fire and Ice by Jake Sorensen 3) Sunset In Glacier Country by Aaron 4) Frost and fog by Alison Tomlin 5) Empire State Building by Michael Elliott 6) Perseverance by Alexis Birkill 7) Spikey mark II by Alison Tomlin 8) My favorite spot by Daniele Zanni 9) Closing Bell by Aaron 10) Laugh! by Ruth Moucharafieh 11) Ready for take off by... Read more
In some parts of the world, winter is setting in and the snow has already started to fall. As there have been quite a few requests for tips on landscape photography I thought would combine the two for a special winter landscape photography tutorial! Basics of landscape photography Although these are not hard and fast rules, they are good tips for starting... Read more
Thanks to everyone who entered our Play theme last week, it's been great to see everyone having some fun! We have a few new starters in the top 5 this week too - Good going guys, thanks for submitting to the theme! As always, you should view and support all the entrants by checking them out here. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3)... Read more
Hi Everyone, I hope you're ready for another week of taking amazing photographs because we have a brilliant theme for the week courtesy of Paul, our winner from the Leading Lines theme. I spoke to Paul over the weekend and he came up with the Light and Shade theme for this week. What a great start to Year 2. This shot was... Read more
1) PERFECTION by Shirley Jess 2) North Star Campfire by Aaron 3) Steel Cage, NYC by Michael Elliott 4) Smokey Mountains by Aaron 5) Snow in St John's Street by Judith Greenwood 6) Snow On Ice by photogirl 7) Bonkers by Judith Greenwood 8) Rain by Robyn 9) SNOWFLAKE COLLAGE by Shirley Jess 10) Goodnight heatwave by Alicia 11) Rush by Paul 12) moi by ☠northy 13) Water Colors in Central Park... Read more