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1) Solitude by Jake 2) Intent by Abhijit 3) Super Moon Moments by ZambianLass 4) Get out of my shot! by Jo 5) Breaking Through by Jake 6) Flow by Lisa 7) My Bro - On the Mean Streets by Michael Elliott 8) Mine, All Mine! by Daniel 9) Lunar Solstice by ZambianLass 10) Acrobatics (best viewed large) by Lucy Dolittle 11) Sunset process by AnaZad 12) Sunset Drama by... Read more
Lots of great moments were captured this week, I think of all the themes this one sums up what 365 Project is about for me, capturing the day to day moments that happen in each of our lives. It was a pleasure to look through your submissions this week and come up with the 5 finalists below. 1) Top Left 2) Top... Read more
Hey everyone, I totally forgot to post this on Monday, very sorry! So the theme will start Tuesday this week instead. Well done to Kathryn who won our Hot theme last week... Kathryn has chosen an great theme for this week that everyone will be able to get involved with i'm sure. My choice for the next theme is ‘A sight to behold’.... Read more
1) A Vision In White by carol white 2) Tap Dancing Frog by Jason Daniels 3) On The Street by Lisa 4) Caterpillus Unknownus! by Paula Watts 5) Limits by Aaron 6) It's MY Feeder by Jane Pittenger 7) Golden times by lunaksi 8) Blowin In The Wind by Lisa 9) Swim by Linda 10) Its raining love..... by amrita 11) Freestyle by Chandru Jain 12) Field of Dreams, I mean... Read more
Mouthwatering images of food instantly tap into our taste buds, but to get that result you need to make your picture itself good enough to eat! Try out these tricks, tips and techniques for great foodie photos! Set the scene As with any still life image, you need to pay attention to the ‘stuff’ surrounding the subject of your photograph. Think of... Read more
Last weeks theme was Hot, and you certainly took it on to get some great shots, thanks everyone! Here are the five finalists, I hope you like them, get your votes in today then check back Monday to find out who won! 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to... Read more
Hi guys, it's theme time again, and this weeks is courtesy of Janna, the winner from our Fathers theme with the shot below... Janna had the following to say about her win and this weeks theme... oh wow, our daughter is still so little and has already received so much love, it’s incredible. So thank you to everyone and well done... Read more
1) Little boat and summer rain by Arefin 2) Plaits and freckles by lunaksi 3) From A to Z by Patricia Fletcher 4) Decorated by Abhijit 5) Red Rain by Michael Elliott 6) Empty moorings by Peter de Graaff 7) Illawarra by Abhijit 8) Wild Flax by Lisa 9) Rain drops by Amanda Thepanda 10) Angry Bird by Lucy Dolittle 11) Forgive Me by Betsie's Pinto Pony 12) Darling harbour (best... Read more
Hey guys, so what happened? We had 32 valid entries to the Fathers theme. I'm stunned! I guess many people weren't able to see their fathers that week. But I have to say, it's not about quantity, the quality continued to shine and we have 5 brilliant Father photos, so those that did participate, pat yourself on the back! Everyone... Read more
Well done to all those that completed their 365 Projects in May!!!! A photo a day for a whole year? Are you mad! We know it can be tough at times to keep your project going, so we thought it would be jolly nice to say a big WELL DONE to everyone who completed their 365 project in May, and a... Read more
Congratulations Jani, you won our last theme of Black & White with this great photo... Jani and I spoke over the weekend and she has kindly chosen the theme of "Hot" for us this week. Thank you so much, I am very honored! We are having a great summer in my corner of the world, and there is all kinds of... Read more
1) Stairway and heaven by Jani M 2) Gray Whale Cove by Alexis Birkill 3) Just Chillin' With Mum by Lisa 4) A moonlit night by arefin 5) oh sure... he may LOOK cute and cuddly, but... by ☠northy 6) Lights of a Lighthouse by Tashie 7) Minimal Selsey by Humphrey Hippo 8) A Little Fibonacci by Kate 9) Aurora Borealis at Porteau Cove by Alexis Birkill 10)... Read more