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1) The Double Flare by Michael Elliott 2) Early Morning by ZambianLass 3) Mermaid by Arefin 4) Awaiting the Storm 1 by TaffyR 5) TIME off by JdM 6) Palouse Sunset by Ross Walker 7) Moonlight walk by Lena 8) Lake Josephine by Jake 9) Gone Fishing by Scott 10) The secret ingredient by Arefin 11) Rolling In by Aaron 12) July 21: Abstract by ๏̯͡⊙ Bulldog 13) High Voltage... Read more
The Country and Western theme was won by the wonderful Robyn, with a great selfy shot that captured your votes. Robyn has kindly chosen us the theme of Spoons this week, it will be an interesting challenge to see what unique creations people manage to come up with for this theme, a chance to really get creative. How to enter If you wish... Read more
1) I see you, you see me! by Jo 2) Fell from heaven by Arefin 3) Aurora Borealis by Alexis Birkill 4) Flamingo by Lisa 5) 194/365 by James Hislop 6) Hold On! by Humphrey Hippo 7) Beautiful by Gill W 8) Glowing Balloons and a Crescent Moon by Amanda L. 9) Wings of bling by Lisa Pouncy 10) The Quest Is Over by Leslie 11) Sunset In The... Read more
Manual photography - so simple in principal, yet so damn brain bending when you think about it all at once. Let’s start with A, for Aperture… Aperture The aperture is the opening in the lens that lets light through to either expose the film or the sensor. F-numbers are the unit used to indicate how much light is being let in.... Read more
Last weeks theme was Country and Western, we had a lot of entries that I have to say I wasn't expecting! I've picked my 5 top photos, check out all of the others and see which ones you enjoy. Country & Western photos 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to... Read more
A big well done to Rachel for winning the Retro theme, the voting was unanimous so well done Rachel for capturing this great shot. Rachel emailed me a few moments ago with her theme choice for this week. Thank you again for your email and I can't state enough how happy I am. To be selected amongst those amazing pictures and talent... Read more
1) Black & white Lace by Caz 2) Launch by Jake 3) Painted Sky by ZambianLass 4) A Bug's Life by ZambianLass 5) Into the blue by Arefin 6) Acadia Beach Long Exposure by Alexis Birkill 7) Star Gazing by Jake 8) Fishing by Jann 9) Crying lightning by lunaksi 10) 200 IM by KWind 11) Message from an angel by Arefin 12) Sunny Start by Kate Goring 13) Zebra by... Read more
I fear my subconscious and current state of mind played a significant role in selecting 5 photos of the fairer sex. Men eh, you can't trust us with anything. Great entries to the theme guys, well done! 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit... Read more
Congratulations Cheryl! A worthy winner from the Sight to behold theme with this shot below... I am totally blown away by the overwhelming response to Eye to Eye. 365project.org has taught me to look beyond the normal, and this shot was proof of it. i am ever grateful to everyone that has voted, commented,viewed and fav'ed the shot. For the next theme i... Read more
1) Montana Skies by Aaron 2) Passion for photography by lunaksi 3) caught in a wave by Elaine 4) Monsoon times by Arefin 5) Wish upon a star... by J.dMuli 6) Gossamer Wings by Lisa 7) Rainbow at Niagara Falls by TaffyR 8) Rush of gold by Arefin 9) Nu Zebre Style- Selfie by Rosie White-Hlouveraki 10) Eye to Eye by cheryl 11) Heron by Jo 12) Stopping to smell the... Read more
Lots of people start their 365 Project as the New Year rolls in – if you are one of them then guess what… you are half way through! It’s not easy taking a photo a day, so to help you along we thought we would share some ideas to keep the creativity flowing. As we have posted lots of inspirational... Read more
5 great finalists for what was a fun theme. Lots of great sights captured here. With such a broad subject it wasn't easy picking these 5. LEt me know what you think, and of course, cast your votes! 1) Top Left 2) Top Middle 3) Top Right 4) Bottom Left 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number... Read more