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On New Years Eve you can pretty much guarantee that the night sky somewhere near you will be quite literally on fire. Capturing such a spectacle on camera is easy if you know how – here are some of our top tips! What you will need As you will essentially be taking night time long exposures, you will need more than a... Read more
Thanks for taking the time to vote this week guys, I'm sure everyone has been busy taking family photos this week. Our last theme Flora and Fauna had some great entries which you can view here. Well done everyone. Here is my selection of 5 great photos to vote on this week. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom... Read more
A big well done to Jason who is this weeks theme winner with his great Beatles montage shot below. Jason emailed me over the weekend and he's come up with a very festive theme for this week, Essential Christmas. what image sums up Xmas for you... family, friends, the present opening, the dinner etc etc. Just an image / collection of images... Read more
1) Not Christmas Shopping by Alison Tomlin 2) Hoar frost, Boyce Hill Golf Club. by JackieS 3) It Snowed... a little!! by KWind 4) Here comes the Sun King by Peter de Graaff 5) The Fog by Alison Tomlin 6) The One Shot by Paul Jones 7) Sunrise over New Covert by Sean O'Neill 8) equus by Lyn Todd 9) The Golden Hour by trude 10) Shadows. by... Read more
Whether you want to capture a portrait style picture of a child, or want to document the frenetic activities of a kids party, there are a few basic tips that will help you get the shot you want. Distractions in formal shots Remove the ones you don’t want and create the ones you do! Turn off the telly, put the pets in... Read more
Last weeks theme was Beatles Tunes and I'm really pleased there were so many entries (view them all here) I've selected 5 shots to vote on this week. I hope you like them. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the... Read more
I'm pleased to say that Aaron was your winner from the Food Editorial theme. A great photo... I got in touch with Aaron and spoke with him about this weeks theme. Aaron has settled on "Flora and Fauna" as our theme for this week. This time of year in Montana everything is covered in snow. Even the snow is covered... Read more
1) Swan by Netkonnexion 2) Capturing Christmas by Aaron 3) Chameleon Dinner by Megan 4) Red tops by Alison Tomlin 5) Mamiyan Christmas by Aaron 6) Day 36~ Marie Curtis Park by Kimberly Balychev 7) Windsor Great Park - this morning.... by Onyx17 8) Stop! and be Saved! by Michael Elliott 9) Copperhead by Peter de Graaff 10) Morning Train.... by Ellen Young 11) wrapped in lace by Caroline 12) dripping... Read more
Lighting a scene or a subject is relatively simple once you know the principles, but the information can be overwhelming (and contradictory) if you haven’t decided the effect you are trying to achieve yet. In this introduction to lighting we will cover a few main points that will get you started, and will focus on specific topics in more detail... Read more
I made the serious mistake of attempting to choose this weeks top 5 before I had cooked any dinner. Boy I won't be doing that again, my stomach is rumbling like never before! This all goes to show that your photos were so mouth watering, we had lots of great entries (view them here), so thanks guys! Well done! 1)... Read more
Congratulations Lyn for winning the Pink theme with her shot below. Lyn sent me a wonderful email over the weekend, it sounds like she really enjoys her project. Lyn had this to say about our next theme... What an honor coming near the end of my project to win a theme-week - and many thanks to all of you who voted and... Read more
1) Windsor Great Park - this morning.... by Onyx17 2) Day 365|The End by Bobbyj 3) On the edge! by jerry plume 4) Dawn reflections by Peter de Graaff 5) Into Winter by Alison Tomlin 6) Mountain and beach by Peter de Graaff 7) Borders Leaf by Aaron 8) New England Flakes by Alli Hart 9) Dual Carriageway Day 364 by Simon 10) Lovely Lady by Tracy 11) NYC... Read more