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Solitude was our theme for last week, I genuinely loved looking through these photographs (maybe that says something about my mood). I can't believe how beautiful some of the places you guys live are, I definitely need to come and visit :-) I know I always say that you should go and look through all the photos, but you really should!... Read more
Hey guys, it's Monday again which means I get to tell you the results from all your efforts voting last week. And the winner is..... Humphrey Hippo! I was totally thrilled to find I'd won the theme vote with my determined stormtrooper. :) Aside from photography, a common shared passion on 365 is the love of a good book. I'd like to... Read more
1) Imitation - sincerest form of flattery by Lyn 2) Strawberries & Cream by Abhijit 3) 9 Mrt, Saturday - south african bushveld by Paula 4) Blue by Jennifer Ruge 5) Flying Fish by Lisa 6) Westminster Bridge by Rich Tyson 7) Dark clouds approaching by Alison Tomlin 8) a key to the past by arefin 9) 8 Mrt, Friday - end of summer by Paula 10) Talacre Lighthouse.... Read more
Hi guys, last weeks theme was action figures - I had great fun picking out the finalists and would love it if you would share your votes with us below. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Right Middley Bit 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you... Read more
Happy Monday guys! Are you ready for a new theme to challenge yourself with this week? Tracy won last weeks Expressions theme with her photo below... What an amazing end to the week! Thank you so much everyone for voting, you guys are just fantastical. My suggestion for this weeks theme is solitude. How to enter If you wish to enter the theme this... Read more
1) TGIF by ☠northy 2) Drama queen by Alison Tomlin 3) Seeing Double by carol white 4) Power Station from M1 Motorway ~ Cloud making machines by Sean O'Neill 5) Red Rendezvous by Amanda L. 6) A spoon full of colour! by Danielle 7) Å Unique Querky Keyboard..! by Phil 8) Fibonacci by Darja 9) Hazy Fantazy by Alison Tomlin 10) Three by jerry plume 11) Starstruck by Aaron 12) flower... Read more
This week I'm really pleased to have this great interview with Peter de Graaff for you. Peter has been a wonderful inspiration to many on the site, and a regular in our themes and top 20's. It's been really interesting to learn a little more about him. Our 365ers series of interviews follows great photographers with interesting stories from the... Read more
Hi everyone, I totally forgot to change the blurb up here but nobody noticed so I'm changing it now on the quiet... ssssshhh Our last theme was Expressions, and quite frankly, you took millions of photos of kids, so the finalists are a bit of a cuteness overload. Either way I'm super grateful that so many people entered and took the... Read more
Congratulations to Natacha for winning our last theme... I have been excited all week when I saw all those people voting for me! I want to thanks everyone! For the next weekly theme, i would like to see Action figures! I am inspired by the work of Slinkachu or by Stéfan with his Stormtroopers. Get out of the drawers and boxes those playmobil,... Read more
1) Flying Millie by Julie 2) Splash! by Hilary 3) A 365 EXCLUSIVE! by Cromwell 4) The scrum! by Ruth Moucharafieh 5) Rainbow droplet by Ruth Lueth 6) Lets all sing to the death of a .........Tulip? by Paul King 7) Morning sun and the tree by Johanna 8) Dorset Star Trails by Humphrey Hippo 9) Father Frost by Moni 10) Japanese White Eye by Jane Pittenger 11) Walking... Read more
Hi everyone, last weeks theme was structures and we had some brilliant entries, you can view all of the structure photos here. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Centre 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win, the winner will be contacted by... Read more
Hello everyone, this weeks theme is a little late (again - sorry) because last weeks winner didn't get back to me :-( Well done to guaranteed anyway, for winning with this shot... I opened up this weeks theme to be chosen by the guys in our lovely Facebook group. Faces was a popular suggestion but we have had that before so I... Read more