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This week our congratulations go to Keeshi (@keeshii) who topped the polls to win the Orange theme. Well done Keeshi! Keeshi got in touch and has selected an interesting theme this week... hair! I'm looking forward to seeing lots of selfies this week! Awesome! Thanks. I’m excited that I got so many votes this week! After some thought about the next theme,... Read more
1) Back Alley by Michael Elliott 2) Early Catch... by AnaZad 3) Misty Harbor by jerry plume 4) Asleep under the Milky Way by Alexis Birkill 5) Ocean memories by Arefin 6) Halloween by Arefin 7) New Zealand's Finest by Corrie 8) Bleeding Love by Linda 9) Light on the River by Lisa 10) Where Storms Roll Past by Jodi Nichols 11) Foggy Night by Alexis Birkill 12) "I'm not... Read more
Banish the boredom of long winter nights by taking a torch and creating some art. Light painting is a wonderful ay to explore the intricacies of night time long exposures, and a really good way to have fun with other people too! What is light painting? It is exactly what it says… creating a painting with a source of light– the film... Read more
Well Orange was certainly a fun theme for the run up to Halloween, there were so many great spooky shots entered this week, and a brilliant selection of other photos too, check them all out on the Orange theme page. Cast your vote in the comments below for your favourite photo and the winner will be announced on Monday. 1) Top Left 2)... Read more
Thanks Kim for picking our theme for next week, and well done for winning our last theme, great work! Thanks... again! I'm shocked to have my image selected for a second time in just over a month. It's such an honour! I'm going to go with a wide open, subjective topic this week... Classy! Let's see what... Read more
1) Boracay by Leana Niemand 2) No Words by Adam 3) Gratitude by Lisa 4) Waterbender by Arefin 5) Faux Harvest Sunset Flyover by Amanda L. 6) Foggy Night by Alexis Birkill 7) Facebook by Paul "Snapchap" Everest 8) Perseverance 2 by Alexis Birkill 9) Blushing beauty by Arefin 10) Dande-glow by Jennifer 11) The Chicago River from Lake Shore Drive by TaffyR 12) Adira by Aaron 13) Autumn On Fire by... Read more
Fancy perfecting a new photography technique while waiting for Trick-or -Treaters to call? Well, mastering a water crown could be just what the doctor ordered to while away an hour or two – here’s how to do it! Camera Settings ISO 250 or lower to reduce ‘noise’ F-stop 11 or higher for a crisp focus Shutter speed around 600 to ‘freeze’ the action Burst mode... Read more
Woohoo, a week of selfies! I do love it when a theme gets people to actually take photos of themselves, it's great to see what you guys actually look like. Too often the photographers are hidden behind the camera! Check out the other This is me Theme photos. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for... Read more
This weeks Orange theme is brought to you courtesy of Aleksandra, your winner from the Macabre theme, with this shot below... Wow, thank you so much! I've been in the final five a handful of times before, but this is my first theme win. After being here for almost 2 years, I had recently lost motivation, but when this idea popped... Read more
1) Underwater by Arefin 2) Dancing on the Wind by Lisa 3) Color dance by Arefin 4) Seeing double.... by Jo 5) Scattered by Abhijit 6) In the Hood by Michael Elliott 7) Going Home by Lisa 8) My Blue Heron by Adam 9) Paranormal by Aleksandra 10) It's a wonderful life (best viewed on black) by Lucy Dolittle 11) Au Naturel by Amanda L. 12) Coming in for the night... Read more
Well opening up this weeks theme entries gave me quite a shock! If you feel like being scared check out the entries to the Macabre Theme. Thanks everyone who put in the effort to enter, great shots in this collection! 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the... Read more
Another week, another theme chosen by Dawn, our same winner from last week! How can it be!? Amazing work Dawn, well done! "*lol* I guess I've had a lucky streak! Thank you all for your votes! I'm sure my dad will be thrilled that his hand won the weekly theme (I'm sure my daughter would be too, if she were old... Read more