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From being inspired by our beautiful planet, to the stars and beyond, this week we're looking 'skyward' for the weekly theme. We want you to look upwards - as far as capturing a star-packed long exposure shot, or an awesome picture of the Milky Way. Or you can look a little closer to earth as looking skyward isn't just about what... Read more
1) Double Rainbow Over Chicago by TaffyR 2) i bring you the moon by ☠northy 3) WindFarm and Weather by *lynn 4) 2018-06-04 evening stroll... by Mona 5) Lowered Landing Gear! by Islandgirl 6) Strolling in the sunset by Denise Wood 7) A frosty morning. by sally agnew 8) Lined Up Leaves by gloria jones 9) "Oh give me a home ...... by Karly 10) Northern Norway by Elisabeth... Read more
What's the one thing that connects everyone together, all 7.6 billion of us? It is of course this incredible planet! That's right, this week's theme is inspired by our world, our 'earth'. From flora and fauna to sunshine and snow, I'm sure most of you will agree that Mother Nature herself is to thank for so many amazing photographs, and... Read more
1) gently breaking by kali 2) Candy Stripes by Babs 3) the longest wait by Graeme Stevens 4) fox by smiffy 5) Foggy Morning by Islandgirl 6) Little Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Take It by CC Folk 8) Prairie Locus Dew by Peter Dulis 9) Birds of a Feather Flock Together by *lynn 10) 2018-05-24 ...3, 2, 1,... setup gone by Mona 11) Chutzpah by Rosie Kerr 12)... Read more
Working with light is one of the most fundamental areas of photography. It can take years, maybe a lifetime, to truly master such skills and no matter how good your composition is or how steady your hands are, bad lighting can make your masterpiece a bit, 'meh!'. So, this week we want you to work with lots of light and... Read more
1) Iowa Sunrise by *lynn 2) 2018-05-21 grass seeds by Mona 3) McDonald Lake Sunrise by Karly 4) Bowsprit by haskar 5) Bamburgh Castle. by Lee 6) Into the Sun by Debbie 7) A myriad of wishes....... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) If at first!!! by Padlock 9) The Ramblers Church by Paul 10) Beautiful Norway by Elisabeth Sæter 11) Staircase Grand Shaft by FBailey 12) Bleeding Hearts... Read more
This week we're feeling inspired by British Columbia's Victoria Day long-weekend - one of Canada's busiest weekend's of the year for travelling, apparently! We too were part of the statistic and enjoyed exploring Vancouver Island's coast, near a beautiful town called Tofino. So, inspired by so much sight-seeing, this week's theme is 'vista'. Whether it's a view from home or one... Read more
1) After the Rain by TaffyR 2) Riverside by Jennifer 3) Squirrel With Swirl by *lynn 4) Floating dandy seed.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Path through the Trees by FBailey 6) Sunset Over a Field of Rapeseed While a Lonely Tree Keeps Watch by Paul 7) Poppy by gloria jones 8) Ripples in the Sand by Babs 9) Paimpont 2018: Day 107 - Downside-Up... Read more
After a week inspired by nature's delights, many of which featured ornamental bouquets of fresh flowers, this week we want you to find inspiration in man-made decorations, with the theme 'sculpture'. It seems human-kind's fascination for precious objects and trinkets goes way back down our ancestral lines - just visit any history museum and there's interesting stories and examples of man-made... Read more
1) Bald Eagle by Islandgirl 2) Serenity by Babs 3) by the light of day by Graeme Stevens 4) Good morning from Warrnambool's breakwater by Denise Wood 5) Thunderstorm Warning Tonight by TaffyR 6) Yellow drops by FBailey 7) Encrusted Mushroom by Margo 8) coastal view by kali 9) Bright Eyed by Jennifer 10) May Flowers by *lynn 11) Mama ... I'm Wet! by Faye Turner 12) Let's stick... Read more
Week after week, the 365 community shares some incredible photographs of flowers, plants, trees and all things green! Being surrounded by as many blossoms and budding trees offline, as what we see online, has inspired this week's theme, 'blooms'. Whether you're out for an evening walk, watering your garden, or admiring some freshly cut flowers on your table, pick up your... Read more
1) Huge Sky by Babs 2) at days end by Graeme Stevens 3) Magnolia Magic by *lynn 4) Convergence 1 by TaffyR 5) Snowy Owl in flight by Islandgirl 6) Have to go back by haskar 7) Iris by gloria jones 8) Crystal Ball Foolery by Ann H. LeFevre 9) Hello, I'm back! by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Early morning web. by sally agnew 11) Golden fog by Denise Wood 12)... Read more