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1) Autumn Sun Sets on Beaver Island by TaffyR 2) magic in the forest by kali 3) Orange October by *lynn 4) Wet Commute by Jennifer 5) 2017-09-28 it’s all about physics by Mona 6) Fog Rising by bkb in the city 7) Dove Stone Tor Boulder. by Lee 8) These fishermen caught the big one... by Diana Ludwigs 9) Incoming......... by Myrna O'Hara 10) Fantasia...... by ~*~ ... Read more
For many of us, this time of year can be a little bit wet! While we might not always see the bright side of a rainy day, so many of us enjoy being surrounded by or on water, which has inspired this week's theme floating! From house boats to bathtime boats and logs on rivers to leaves on puddles, wherever we... Read more
1) Early Riser by Jennifer 2) Early morning sunshine in the mist by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Sunday Morning by *lynn 4) Sunset Cruise by KWind 5) Bee by tony gig 6) Driving through Quaking Aspens by TaffyR 7) Flap your wings and fly...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) more space age subway travel by Clare Gadsby 9) No water without a windmill........ by Diana Ludwigs 10)... Read more
One of the most simple pleasures in life is to stop, and just enjoy watching the world go by. Whether you're an avid people watcher or need to force yourself to take 5 and slow down, we hope you enjoy this week's theme, street scenes! From striking sunsets and stormy weather to action-packed rush hours and tranquil twilight, the streets that... Read more
1) Eye of the Frog by *lynn 2) Cattail in the Meadow by TaffyR 3) harvest mouse by smiffy 4) Lawn daisys by Dawn 5) the colour of which you speak by ☠northy 6) Yellow daisies by Connie Little 7) Forest Light by Denise (lyndemc) 8) Gecko by Elisabeth Sæter 9) The Sands of Time by Babs 10) 2017-09-14 no more cranes by Mona 11) Car Beams Compete with... Read more
We loved the fun variety of pictures from last week's theme and think you'll enjoy seeing doubles in this week's theme, which is contrast! Whether you look out for interesting subjects/scenery with contrast, or have fun experimenting with after effects, we can't wait to see what you come up with! How to enter this week's theme When uploading your photos use the tag... Read more
1) The Dancing Flame by Peter Dulis 2) Reflected Sunshine by Jennifer 3) Storm Brewing by Babs 4) The Scream by Bill Fenske 5) Macro. by tony gig 6) The Wheels on the bus go round and round by Joan Robillard 7) Squash Blossom by TaffyR 8) Red Admiral Butterfly by carol white 9) Fishing by KWind 10) Evening breeze by Suzanne 11) Sunflower's Reverse Beauty by gloria jones 12)... Read more
After finishing a challenging series of themes around our five senses, we wanted to opt for a theme that's something you'll all be able to have fun with! This week's theme is mirrors! Wether you opt to capture mirrors in the home, in your hand, or on your car - you'll never need to look be far from these magical, glassy objects! You... Read more
1) Low Bow by KWind 2) The (almost) Daily Red Ball Appears by TaffyR 3) Raven (Best viewed on black) by carol white 4) Sunset Colors by *lynn 5) Morning Stroll by Jennifer 6) Ravenstones Trinnacle. by Lee 7) African Daisy - Osteospermum by Babs 8) Misty Morning by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Raindrops, petals and seeds..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) 2017-08-31 by Mona 11)... Read more
Last but not least in our senses sequence, is smell! Our sense of smell might not be as strong or sensitive as out furry friends but everyday we'll find pleasure - or disgust - with the weird and wonderful smells around us! Although it might not be obvious what to focus on this week, we hope to see a real... Read more
1) Thistle by KWind 2) A Galway Hooker by john morley 3) Into the sunset by FBailey 4) Dahlia by gloria jones 5) Pollen Hunter. by tony gig 6) 2017 Looking Down the Coast At the Milky Way by Jane Pittenger 7) 2017-08-24 dalia x-ray by Mona 8) 1 + 2 by haskar 9) Double Load by Jennifer 10) Teenie-Tiny Bee (hover fly) with Droplets! by Faye Turner 11)... Read more
The next sense in our five-part series is touch! It's impossible to imagine life without a sense of touch - I think it would be a constant sequence of A&E incidents, one after another! We rely on our sense of touch to keep our bodies functioning, and alive! We're programmed to stay away from extreme hots and colds, things... Read more