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This week's theme is again linked to last week's, in the sense that plastic is a big concern for our oceans. With over 70% of the earth's surface being water, I guess it's easy to take water for granted. So this week, we want to celebrate H2O with the theme 'aqua'! (Mainly because 'water' was used as a theme word... Read more
1) Red Squirrel by Shepherdman's Wife 2) The sun beneath my wings..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) Grain Bin Steps by *lynn 4) Mt Hood Across Trillium Lake by TaffyR 5) Looking Down the Coast At the Milky Way 2018 by Jane Pittenger 6) Watching the Waves by FBailey 7) Falcon. by Lee 8) Getting ready to roost by Denise Wood 9) Gage's... Read more
From last week's nature related theme, we're going switch straight to something man made. In particular, we're focusing on something that's been causing problems with nature and gaining a lot of attention around the world. That's right, this week's theme is 'plastic'! A wonder material from previous generations, plastic is everywhere! Let's admit, it's very useful and versatile, plus it comes... Read more
1) Flying Between the Milky Way and the Big Dipper by TaffyR 2) On his lonesome.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) The birds and the bees by Denise Wood 4) Stormy Sunset Sky by *lynn 5) Getting Down And Foody by tony gig 6) Over Pollinated II by Stef Neyhart 7) Leaf Lace by FBailey 8) 2018-09-01 gone fishing by Mona 9) Sunset over Quart... Read more
This week we've taken inspiration from you guys and have taken a look at what's a hot topic (well, subject matter) on our 'popular' feature page. Whether you're looking to the skies, in the trees, out at sea or just on the garden lawn, you guys are experts at photographing birds. So this week's theme is 'feathered'! Next time you're out... Read more
1) Lily by *lynn 2) Ladybird takeoff.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 3) 2018-08-25 just another brochure by Mona 4) Sun on Stubble by FBailey 5) Iridescence by Jennifer 6) Flighty Butterfly Stops for a Brief Rest by TaffyR 7) Stormy Sky At Bob's Creek by Jane Pittenger 8) How could I resist ...... by sally agnew 9) Bokeh and Butterflies by Milanie 10) Enjoy the... Read more
For many of us, seasons are changing and our days are getting shorter (sob!), but this also allows us to start playing with low light photography. So, this week's theme is 'night'. From twinkling city lights, to magical starry skies, some of the most enchanting photographs we've seen have been taken at nighttime. Another fun challenge for evening shoots is to... Read more
1) Last night's Sunset by KWind 2) Iowa Wildflowers by *lynn 3) Misty Morning by Jennifer 4) In golden hour by haskar 5) i've been away for too long by Graeme Stevens 6) Don’t forget your Sunscreen πŸŠπŸ»β€β™‚οΈβ˜€οΈ by jDM 7) Bottle Fly by tony gig 8) Driving into the sunset by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Kayaker Enjoying Stars and the Milky Way by Jane Pittenger 10) Bald Eagle... Read more
This week we want you to go back to basics! Not with photography, but with your ABC. That's right, this week's theme is 'alphabet'. Similar themes have proven fun in the past as it makes us think outside the box and create something magical from something so simple! Try experimenting with finding props, or willing friends/children, to spell out letters. Or, look... Read more
1) Hummingbird in Flight by TaffyR 2) Paddler by KWind 3) The Black horizon by jDM 4) 9.36 by Graeme Stevens 5) Full Arch of Milky Way and Mars Pano by Jane Pittenger 6) Smoking Grass! by Shepherdman's Wife 7) A beautiful job by haskar 8) The cloud, the sky, the bug and the frog! by Faye Turner 9) London by Hiro 10) 2018-08-14 the winding road by... Read more
Today we've been celebrating a friends wedding, right in the middle of what is 'wedding season' in the Northern Hemisphere. So it's got us thinking about all thing love related, with the theme 'matrimony'. From love hearts and lace, to cakes and cars and to rings and all sorts of other rituals - there is a lot to think about when... Read more
This week we're feeling inspired by a long weekend of hiking, cycling and exploring our favourite parks and trails near where we call home, Vancouver. So, this week's theme is 'path'. Whether you're exploring somewhere new, or taking a more familiar route, pathways can be a fascinating focal point, leading the viewer to wonder about where you're going, or where... Read more