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We're already a week into 2018, which means many of us are trying to stick to those New Years resolutions and working hard to create new habits! Which has inspired this week's out & about theme! Taking a photograph every day can occasionally feel challenging, but for many 365ers it gets easier over time. Our community is full of helpful... Read more
1) South Pole Weather by *lynn 2) Red Squirrel by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Holiday Bokeh by KWind 4) A Cold Day in Chicago by TaffyR 5) snowshoe tour by Jerome 6) I'm So Good Looking by Babs 7) January Sunrise by Jennifer 8) Oh My Am I Glad I Got Up Early by Jane Pittenger 9) Happy New Year! by Dianne 10) Chrysanthemum by tony gig 11) Jewels... Read more
Thumbnail image credit goes to @gaylewood It's our favourite time of year again - a whole new calendar of 365 days, or 365 opportunities, lies ahead of us. As always, it's important to say a huge 'Congratulations' to our members who completed their first (or maybe second, third or umteenth) 365 project in what was the 10th year of 365project! We're... Read more
Happy New Year 365ers! We'd like to congratulate everyone who completed a 2017 project, and are very excited to welcome lots of new faces to the community! Most of you will know, this is the weekly theme - where we try our best to set a new challenge every Sunday and pick five finalists for the previous theme, ready for... Read more
1) A Bean in the City -- Andie Walk #4 by TaffyR 2) Winter in Montana by Karly 3) Tulips from my Mom by KWind 4) Hi there by kali 5) Sunset by Margaret Brown 6) Christmas Eve Sunset by *lynn 7) i could be wrong...but i think this is a trick by Graeme Stevens 8) Misty Sunrise by Shepherdman's Wife 9) 2017-12-23 Merry Christmas by Mona 10) Sunset... Read more
So here it is, the last week of 2017! We hope you are all enjoying the holidays, wherever in the world you are! For many of us, it's a time for reflection and reminiscing, looking back on 2017 and making big plans for 2018. Inspired by this special time for appreciating the highlights of the year, this week's theme is favourite!... Read more
Where have the last 50 weeks gone? We're already in our penultimate week of 2017 themes! As we count down to 2018, for many of us, things are starting to feel festive - the perfect inspiration for this week's theme! From tinsel topped trees to bokeh baubles, the extra sparkle that comes with this time of year makes for some great photography.... Read more
1) Morning Fog by *lynn 2) silent waters by Jerome 3) Polar Peekaboo by Jennifer 4) Night at the Bean before the Snow Hit by TaffyR 5) Pacific Coast of Costa Rica by Peter Dulis 6) Tawny Frogmouth by Babs 7) Handsome by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Foggy winter morning by Islandgirl 9) 2017-12-12 the odd couple by Mona 10) Butterfly House by Rosie Kerr 11) Three Musketeers ... Read more
We've really enjoyed focusing on some of photography's most essential skills and techniques - especially as some of you will have learnt so much over the past year! Sticking to the same inspiration, this week's theme is depth - as in, "depth of field". We love this example of Depth of Field by Island Girl, who made it into this week's... Read more
1) Greetings from Florida! by TaffyR 2) Holiday tree by JdM 3) Green Woodpecker by Shepherdman's Wife 4) s'all in a days work innit by Graeme Stevens 5) on my way home by Jerome 6) I Bought Myself Flowers by KWind 7) Running Toward The Light by gloria jones 8) Home time by Dianne 9) High Surf At Dawn by Jane Pittenger 10) December1_2017_Sunrise_on_Rainier_365 by Trinda Love 11) murkwood... Read more
Another goal for many budding, and experienced photographers, is to be able to capture some action, which is the inspiration behind this week'd theme: motion! Wherever you are, theres a good chance you won't have to look far to spot something moving, whether it's a car zooming past, a bird flying overhead or a morning jogger striding past. Maybe you'll create your... Read more
1) Cold Feet by Jennifer 2) Lion King by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Corn Crib by *lynn 4) Island in the Snow by Islandgirl 5) Thanksgiving Hike by Jane Pittenger 6) Who's there by Claude Trew 7) Another Wet Morning by Milanie 8) Sad little swallows by Denise Wood 9) Who spotted who? by Lee 10) Day dreaming..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 11) climb to the summit by... Read more