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1) 2016-12-18 favourites by Mona 2) Here's looking at you kid...... by Shepherdman's Wife 3) a view of the Alps mountains by Jerome 4) snow bunny by *lynn 5) Moon Over the Sea of Cortez by TaffyR 6) Nyhavn at Night by PTP: Past their Prime 7) More Chilly Weather by KWind 8) ha bloody ha by Graeme Stevens 9) Saturday sunset by Hazel 10) take a seat, Norman... Read more
1) It Snowed by KWind 2) 2fer by Graeme Stevens 3) hoar frost by Jerome 4) Gondolier In The Fog (best viewed on black) by carol white 5) Highland Cattle by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Staple City by Rosie Kerr 7) London from Tower Bridge by PTP: Past their Prime 8) Missing the Train, but Getting the Photo by TaffyR 9) Bronze wing by Jodie Smithall 10) Moon by... Read more
1) Raindrops adorn... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 2) Sometimes it worth getting up early :) by Denise Wood 3) Altstadtmarkt by PTP: Past their Prime 4) Seagull Whisperer by Jane Pittenger 5) Polar Bear by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Driftwood Reindeer by KWind 7) Will the Circle Be Unbroken? by TaffyR 8) Dande Frost by Jennifer 9) 2016-12-03 burning through the fog by Mona 10) Seashell in... Read more
1) Seal Pup by Shepherdman's Wife 2) frosty morn by *lynn 3) Hunting in Golden Hour by Jennifer 4) Updraft by Terri 5) sunrise in the mountains by Jerome 6) Autumn Colours by Paul 7) 2016-11-28 platanus by Mona 8) ....taken last SANDay afternoon by JdM 9) The Great Courtyard by PTP: Past their Prime 10) Taking off by Rosie Kind 11) done by Graeme Stevens 12) Dolores on the pot... Read more
1) It was a Rainbow kind of Day! by KWind 2) Dark Horse by Jennifer 3) Barn Owl by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Perched by Rosie Kerr 5) 2016-11-17 walk in the woods by Mona 6) And Yet One More! by Milanie 7) Mirror Box Bottles by Babs 8) Sushi for lunch 🍽 by JdM 9) foxtail by *lynn 10) Stourhead Lake by PTP: Past their Prime 11) gushing morning light... Read more
1) Cormorant Fisherman by TaffyR 2) boxed in by PTP: Past their Prime 3) double beauty by *lynn 4) The world needs more LOVE by KWind 5) 2016-11-11 snowflakes are kisses from heaven by Mona 6) Moonlight Hunt by Jennifer 7) Raindrops on petals by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) My Mum's Favourite by Paula W 9) Super moon by Jodie Smithall 10) Take a Step Back... Read more
1) Sunrise worth waking up for by KWind 2) I Bet Many of Us Can Relate! by Milanie 3) Donald by Jennifer 4) Beautiful Mabry Mill in Autumn by Paula W 5) First Blush by Dyan Stevens 6) It Calls To Me Every Night by Ann H. LeFevre 7) awakening mountains by Jerome 8) rainy start to the day... by ☠northy 9) leaves by *lynn 10) Summer Leftovers... Read more
1) A very pleasant morning.... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) sunny kiss by Jerome 3) old fence by *lynn 4) Twisty Top by KWind 5) sunset deja vu by PTP: Past their Prime 6) Taking a Leap by Jane Pittenger 7) Kaffir Lily by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Reflection? by Jennifer 9) Eruption by tiensang 10) Angela and Dave's poppy field. by sally agnew 11) Healed! by Michelle... Read more
1) Full Moon Magic by Jennifer 2) Milky Way Over the Mountains by TaffyR 3) Dachstein by Jerome 4) DSC_6699 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Transformation by Cathie 6) Hover fly head-on by Jodie Smithall 7) old master - a very still life by Graeme Stevens 8) Jellybean by Michelle Renee 9) Under the Bridge by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Colours. by Leana Niemand 11)... Read more
1) evening glow by Jerome 2) dewy fall morning by *lynn 3) Sunny Side Down by Jennifer 4) Beauty by my Pond by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Patchy Fog... by Scott 6) 2016 10 13 Undercarriage Down by Pam Knowler 7) Finding Beauty in Dangerous Seas by MichaelBlueEyes 8) Well Hi.... by julia 9) What's a Sweet Heart Like You, Doing On a Trunk... Read more
1) Across the Rooftops at the Golden Hour by TaffyR 2) Being Heard by Jennifer 3) Aim for the stars by Rachel 4) Hint of Green by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Brighton Rocks by PTP: Past their Prime 6) 2016-10-07 sneaking out the back door... by Mona 7) Blackberry picking by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) Positively Glowing by Dyan Stevens 9) 100 Happy Days - Book... Read more
1) 2016-09-29 yellow pages abstract swirl by Mona 2) Forest in Snake Pass by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Milky Way Over Kona by TaffyR 4) Milky Way At Neptune by Jane Pittenger 5) DSC_4299 by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Blue hour in Manarola by Hiro 7) Right Angles by Louis A. Sousa 8) Taking Notes by Jennifer 9) listening to silence by Jerome 10) Untitled by Lorraine... Read more