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1) Beach Bum by KWind 2) Two for the price of One by Shepherdman's Wife 3) 2016-01-25 one lake..., by Mona 4) The blue and green of the sea by Sheralee Stoll 5) Frosted Rose by Paula W 6) Dreamy Lavender by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) St Paul's Cathedral by Hiro 8) How to ride a winter storm! by Joan Robillard 9) Red Sky in... Read more
Hey guys, it's the start of a new week, and another chance for you to take some amazing photos for our weekly theme. Winner of the 'Urban' theme Congratulations to @ukandie1 for winning last weeks Urban theme vote. Ukandie has been a member of the site for quite a while now and it's great that long-term members still take part in the... Read more
1) YAY! Snow at last! by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Dry Camera but wet Feet by KWind 3) Snowflake in the Grasslands by TaffyR 4) The grass is always greener! by Jo 5) Peeking Through the Trees by Islandgirl 6) Milford Sound by Babs 7) My Favorite Barn by Scott 8) Pretty in Pink by Paula W 9) Snowy Avenue Of Trees by carol white 10) Meerkat Love by... Read more
Winner of the 'Portrait' theme Our first order of business this week is to announce Caryn (@cmc1200) as the winner of the Portrait theme from last week, Caryn is a new member this year so it's great to see a new face winning a theme already, that's a great achievement! Keep up the good work. This weeks theme - Patterns Be it patterns... Read more
1) Sunset Reflections by Michael Elliott 2) Chirpy Robin by Graham Thresher 3) Ice Crystals by KWind 4) Silhouettes at Sunset by Babs 5) Back streets, Pamjim. by Leana Niemand 6) Eye On You by Kate Goring 7) Wall of Reflections by Stephanie Swift 8) Give the one you love wings to fly- by jdM 9) Over the Edge by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Vibrant by ~*~ Jo ... Read more
We had an amazing response to the Portrait theme, thanks everyone for sharing your photos, it's been great to watch the entries come in and fabulous to see you all! First thing first, we're going to start as we always do... Winner of the 'Hello 2016' theme Congratulations to to Mandy, our winner of the Hello 2016 theme, Mandy posted a great... Read more
1) "Chicago, Chicago, My Kind of Town" by TaffyR 2) My precious*) by Katterina ❥ 3) Castle in the park by bkb in the city 4) South Gare by Margaret Brown 5) Snowflake Pileup by Kate Goring 6) On Fire by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Misty Morning by Paula W 8) Farewell 2015 by Denise Wood 9) Crackin' way to start 2016 by ~*~ Jo ... Read more
It's the first new theme of 2016 and we'd like to welcome all of the new members by asking everyone to upload a Portrait of themselves and sharing it for the weekly theme, we can get to know each other and enter the theme all in one go, what do you think? If you have never entered a theme before, each... Read more
1) Christmas Lion by PhotoCrazy 2) Merry FAKEmas:) by jdM 3) On The Hunt by Rosie Kerr 4) In the Sagrada Familia by TaffyR 5) Hello Goa. by Leana Niemand 6) Sunset from Castle Hohenneuffen by Vera 7) short eared owl by smiffy 8) Christmas Day Sunset by Babs 9) aeronautical by Lyn Todd 10) Mohican Hair Do..... by Shepherdman's Wife 11) Flower by tony gig 12) Happy... Read more
2015 has been a great year at 365 Project, I'd like to thank all of the members of the site for making this the best place on the internet, there are so many dedicated people that make this such a friendly and unique environment online, it's a pleasure to run the site and help do my little bit for the... Read more
I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas break and spent lots of time with friends, family & your camera! I've had an indulgent few days and now have a stinking cold and sore throat - typical! but that's enough of my groaning, lets get on with the important stuff! Winner of the Decor theme Our congratulations this week go to @amandal.... Read more
1) Colorful Cathedral by TaffyR 2) Back roads and small villages. by Leana Niemand 3) Flamingos by Paula W 4) A summer afternoon by Sheralee Stoll 5) Watch the Birdie! by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Dreaming of a White Christmas by Jane Anderson 7) Sunrise. by sally agnew 8) Oh Holy Night by Denise Wood 9) 2015-12-20 cream coloured spider gerbera by Mona 10) Elephant encounter... by Osia Strasner 11)... Read more