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I'm sure many of you will agree that this year is flying by - we're a third through 2018 already! This got me thinking about the phrase 'things come in threes' as well as the essential 'rule of thirds', one of photography's go-to rules for a well balanced composition. So this week's theme is 'thirds'. When you're out and about this... Read more
1) Sharing Secrets by TaffyR 2) Little Beach Sunset by Babs 3) I caught the drone by haskar 4) 2018-04-19 forgotten attic by Mona 5) Crimson Rosella watching as I walk past. by sally agnew 6) Dallying .......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 7) Last Sunrise Walk by Milanie 8) What more could one want? by Diana Ludwigs 9) Fire Dancer by Debbie 10) Sunbathing cormorant ..... Read more
This week we want to see photos that deceive our eyes, bend our brains and look too good to be true! An opportunity to have fun, or get technical, this week's theme is illusion. Although it might seem daunting at first, we hope you'll experiment and find new ways to play with your photography. Simple set ups, like some glasses of... Read more
1) Fast Forward to Summer by Jennifer 2) Spoonful of colour by FBailey 3) Anenome trio ...... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) After the Storm by Babs 5) I have to say goodbye for a while by Jerome 6) Fading To Nothing by Jane Armstrong 7) sou-wester by Graeme Stevens 8) Northern Flicker -- Male by gloria jones 9) 2018-04-14 dolce vita by Mona 10) Pretty... Read more
With our switch to posting the themes on Mondays, this week's theme is inspired by the all-popular Monday Motivation and a common-spread effort to get up, get moving and do some exercise. Whether you're heading to a yoga class after work, like I do on Mondays, or you like to get up and out for a morning walk, exercise comes in... Read more
1) Steamy Train Driver by PTP: Past their Prime 2) treacherous weather by Jerome 3) 2018-04-09 natures love signs by Mona 4) Meerket Mummy Cuddles by Jennifer 5) Foggy Days and Mondays by FBailey 6) Braving the Balcony by TaffyR 7) Adrift in a rainbow.......... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 8) A view from above by Leana Niemand 9) Spring... by gloria jones 10) again by Graeme... Read more
We're over a quarter into the year now and it's not unusual for any 365er to have had to get a little creative with their photography subjects. For the days when we didn't brave the rain, forgot our cameras or got swept up in the chaos of daily life - we might have reached for any old object and tried... Read more
1) Rainbow by *lynn 2) Egg by TaffyR 3) My Rainbow 2018 by Mona 4) Sunset before the sky turned red. by Diana Ludwigs 5) The Stars Aligned by Milanie 6) Rufous Female Getting the Nest Ready by Jane Pittenger 7) Late Shift by PTP: Past their Prime 8) tousled clouds by Jerome 9) Do I Look Good by tony gig 10) Dance Like No One is Watching... Read more
This week we want you to look out for the patterns and shapes in our day to day life, with this week's theme, repeat. From nature's little miracles, like the rings on a tree trunk or waves in the sea, to modern man-made patterns and structures, like pedestrian crossings or blinds in a window, you'll notice repetition is all around you! Although... Read more
It always amazes us that the earth is over 70% water, and depending on its different forms it can be life-saving or even life-threatening! Water, and other liquids, also make for a great photography subject, which is the inspiration behind this week's theme, fluid. It's a great chance to head outside and enjoy the ocean, lake or river scenery, or you... Read more
1) listening to the silence by Jerome 2) 2018 03 16 - Looking at Lunch by Sarah McKeeman 3) Black Sheep by Jennifer 4) 2018-03-17 Rainbow month "indigo" week N°lll by Mona 5) On the edge of golden pond..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Woman With a Parasol - Madame Stoll and Her Husband by Sheralee S 7) Lime by Suzanne 8) oh happy... Read more
We all know that fruit and vegetables are good for us, but it's easy to over look how good they can also be for our photography! Inspired by a seasonal shift in what's 'in' or 'out' of season in the produce isles, we though a 'fiveaday' theme could be a fun challenge. From lining up a rainbow of colourful fruit, to... Read more