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Hello 365ers, it's time for another weekly theme! We're continuing our new schedule. As you will see below, the new theme format combines, the winner, new theme, and voting all in to one post to make it a little easier to follow. Now on to the announcements! Winner of the Friends theme Congratulations to HEW for winning the getting the most votes... Read more
1) Hey! Let me in it's raining out here..... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Ahmedabad, the old town. by Leana Niemand 3) Beach Race by Maggiemae 4) Little Egret by Graham Thresher 5) Love My Frosties by Milanie 6) Frozen by KWind 7) Oh What a Beautiful Winter Day! by Islandgirl 8) Foggy Sunrise. by sally agnew 9) Fruit by tony gig 10) A Little Robin by Paula... Read more
So we're continuing our new weekly theme schedule and this is the first time we have a vote. Thanks so much for all of your entries to the Friends theme. This weeks theme As we move into December we are at an interesting time of year for those magical little things called "Leaves". Our Northern hemisphere 365ers will be glimpsing the last... Read more
1) Sunset. by Leana Niemand 2) Reflection by PhotoCrazy 3) House of Ludwigsburg by Vera 4) November Jewels by Stephanie Swift 5) Great-tit on a branch by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Sierra Mountains Reflected on Mono Lake by Gena Pegg 7) Kansas Sunrise 11-23-15 by Kareen King 8) Blue Sky Streaked With Beautiful Sunset by *lynn 9) I had to do it........ by Joan Robillard 10)... Read more
This week is the beginning of our brand new theme structure. Check out our other post of the reasoning behind the change. We start our new structure with the theme "Friends". I'd love to see you interpretation of the word, but I'd love to see pictures of you and your "real life" friends together even more! I love to see a... Read more
As we're fast approaching the end of 2015, I'm aware that we haven't had a theme for a while. I want to revitalise how we go about our weekly themes and I'd like to run an experiment. For the rest of the year we will have a set list of themes that will each run for a week, the list below... Read more
1) Early morning at the Wetlands by PhotoCrazy 2) I LOVE India! by Leana Niemand 3) A more abstract view by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Changing Colors Are My Favorite by *lynn 5) Cape Maria by Maggiemae 6) Foggy Morning Distractions by Scott 7) Piers mirrored in the river by Elisabeth Sæter 8) Fog! by Alison Tomlin 9) In the shadows by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10)... Read more
1) Down the Lane by Paula W 2) Mandarin Duck by PhotoCrazy 3) The Golden Glow of Sunset by TaffyR 4) Smoky Mountains Day 2 "Blue Hour Sunset" by Daryl O'Hare 5) Mill Stones at High Neb by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Sleeping Teal by Graham Thresher 7) Purple Rolling Mountains by Junko Yokota 8) The road to Bagan. by Leana Niemand 9) Reflecting by Rachel 10) Balancing moon... Read more
1) Swan Flowers by Graham Thresher 2) Sculpture, Revisited by TaffyR 3) Bathing Beauty! by Paula W 4) I'll see you around. by jdM 5) Taking Off by Lindy 6) Temporary Colors by *lynn 7) Down by the Cliffs by Shepherdman's Wife 8) View from the Vista Bar. by Leana Niemand 9) Six Legged Donkey by Kate Goring 10) Sunrise Over The Lake by Leslie 11) Life Is... Read more
1) Raining in the valley. by Leana Niemand 2) Snail Kite by PhotoCrazy 3) View from the Manhattan Bridge by TaffyR 4) My new asistant by Debbie 5) The final result by bkb in the city 6) Joined up Spoonbill by Graham Thresher 7) 'twixt lake and sky by ☠northy 8) End of a Beautiful Day by Shepherdman's Wife 9) My crystal ball by Lindy 10) Sparkles by... Read more
1) October Ambience by *lynn 2) Sculpture in the Park by TaffyR 3) Creeping along the Valley by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Quack. Quack ! by Graham Thresher 5) Protecting her eggs by Rachel 6) Watching the Fountain by Rosie Kerr 7) Deserted by Lindy 8) The Golden Age of Steam by Paula W 9) Before Sunrise by Islandgirl 10) Night Stripes by Michael Elliott 11) Nottingham by tony gig 12) 2015-10-12... Read more
1) Photographers Dream Sunrise by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Wetlands morning by PhotoCrazy 3) The Cumulus Effect... by Osia Strasner 4) Union Station, Indianapolis by TaffyR 5) Pelican Row by *lynn 6) Triple B: Busy Bumble Bee by Yeshanghai 7) canoes at sunset by jackie edwards 8) kingfisher by smiffy 9) Rising Sun by Graham Thresher 10) Daybreak by Michael Elliott 11) O' What A Beautiful Morning by Leslie 12) Asters?... Read more