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This weeks theme comes courtesy of Caryn, who was the lucky winner of the Baked Goodies theme a few weeks ago. We've had a bit f a break from the weekly themes over the last few weeks, a combination of the holidays and not being able to get hold of people, but we'll get back on track this week. Caryn... Read more
1) Lighthouse Waits for Summer by TaffyR 2) Now coloring pencils and water droplets by AnaZad 3) My Hunter Boots Ad by KWind 4) The secret Malham tree by Alison Tomlin 5) Submerged Railway Sleepers.... by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Winter Wood by Hope D Jennings 🐌 7) Swanwick Lake by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Pointed by Donna 9) Just hangin' out by Sheralee Stoll 10) Another Robin by Graham Thresher 11)... Read more
Over Christmas your task was to bake as many goodies as you could, take a photo of them, then scoff the lot! Well done to everyone that accepted the challenge, here are the results, please vote for your favourite! 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the... Read more
1) New England Wood by Paula W 2) Sharpening dust background... by AnaZad 3) A wheel of colors... by AnaZad 4) Frozen Web by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Flying Heron by Graham Thresher 6) Me and my shadow by Babs 7) Pea souper by Judith Greenwood 8) Color Jellyfish by Beau 9) Fairytale forest by GazBadger 10) Get Pushed 127: Hollywood Star by Richard Sayer 11) Reflections - New England... Read more
I hope everyone had a great Christmas break. Before the holidays we had the Season theme, check out the season photos and then vote for your favourite below. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit format) of the photo you wish to win,... Read more
1) Marbles overflowing... by AnaZad 2) It's Frozen Daisy Time - Again! by Paula W 3) To capture a moment in time... by GazBadger 4) Welcoming 2015 by AnaZad 5) Winter Morning Sun by tony gig 6) Quaint Lakeside Charm by Scott 7) Searching by Rachel 8) What do you see? by Claire 9) Sunset Shore by Scott 10) Existing alone by Ian Plimmer 11) Look what the flock... Read more
1) Sunrise at Tatio Geyser by TaffyR 2) Let's stand (on one leg) ---together! by jdM 3) Meet Millie by KWind 4) Silver Mine by Islandgirl 5) Basking in reflected glory... by Richard Sayer 6) On the last night of Hanukkah... by AnaZad 7) The Nuts Tower... by AnaZad 8) Huge Spider Web by Milanie 9) Calm Canal. by Lee 10) Reflections by Myrna O'Hara 11) After... Read more
Last weeks Mascots theme winner was Barb with the photo below. Barb has kindly chosen us a theme for this week, you can read about it below. This theme will be our last of the year and run for the next few weeks in to the new year. Have a great Christmas everyone! How exciting! Thank you everyone who voted for... Read more
1) Breaker by EtchASketch 2) Holiday to-do List by AnaZad 3) Profile by KWind 4) Seattle Sunset by Alexis Birkill 5) 15th December 2014 - Mine's a Cappuccino by Pam Knowler 6) Some of my Dreidels by AnaZad 7) Festive by *lynn 8) A beach by any other name by Maggiemae 9) red jacket by Andrew 10) Snow globe by Pam 11) Christmas Tree Glow by *lynn 12) cubic by... Read more
Thanks to everyone that took the time to enter the Mascots theme over the last few weeks. I know everyone is busy this time of year, so well done to those of you that entered. Here are my final 5, but check out all the entries here. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite... Read more
We had a bit of a break from the theme last week, but we're back and raring to go this week. The winner from the last theme was Mark with his "Beautiful Moment" picture below. I spoke to Mark over the weekend and his theme choice is below. Good luck everyone! Thank you all so very much, I am thrilled to have... Read more
1) Ready To Fly..... by Gena Pegg 2) Breaker by EtchASketch 3) Karate Classes For Squirrels Every Wednesday 1 pm by Joce 4) Everglades Smallest Crabbing Boat Returns Home by TaffyR 5) Wonders of Old Tools... by AnaZad 6) Blue Tit by Graham Thresher 7) Bath Time by Graham Thresher 8) Taking Off by tony gig 9) 8th December 2014 - King of the meal worms!! by... Read more