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Day in, day out, most of us will be accustom to the traditions of breakfast, lunch and dinner - which means we should have three opportunities a day to capture something for this week's theme - mealtime. For some, mealtime might be about grabbing something quick (and tasty) when we're on the go but for others it might be a ritual... Read more
1) Over the Tracks at Sunset by TaffyR 2) The Tree by Maggiemae 3) warm spring light by Jerome 4) The Supervisor by Jennifer 5) Off We go... by Stef Neyhart 6) Rob Robin by tony gig 7) Eryngium by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Temple of Transportation by Rosie Kerr 9) PLAY February - Fuji 18mm f/2: The Opposite Bank by Richard Sayer 10) Rooftop Robin 1 by carol white 11)... Read more
As well as being a hot topic in the media and an international subject of small talk - climate and weather also make for a brilliant photography theme! 'Weather' has been used as a tag in previous years so we're going with 'theme-climate' this week - but we think this could be even more fun as weather is just one component... Read more
1) winter shadows by Jerome 2) 3D Orb by Babs 3) always be chasing the sun by *lynn 4) Ice Castle by bkb in the city 5) snowdrop by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Prince by Jennifer 7) Heart #13 by KWind 8) In Memory by Skip Tribby 📷 9) Metro by Rosie Kerr 10) 2017-02-08 depresso by Mona 11) Snowy Robin by gloria jones 12) Barely there... by ~*~ Jo ... Read more
Pretty much every week we have loads of wonderful weekly theme entries that are black and white! Although we love vivid and colourful photographs, stripping something back to monochrome can change the focus, perspective and meaning of what we see. With options to adjust our pictures becoming easier with smartphones or pre-installed picture editing software on our computers, we're hoping... Read more
1) Coming Through! by TaffyR 2) ❤ by *lynn 3) About that time of year... by PhotoCrazy 4) tracks by Jerome 5) Lilies bejewelled... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Free as a Bird - Beetles by Stef Neyhart 7) Reeds and Water by gloria jones 8) Peacock Descending by Jennifer 9) It's cold out here..... by Shepherdman's Wife 10) space oddity by ☠northy 11) Riverfront Park in... Read more
It's that time of year again, whether you go head over heels for Valentines Day traditions or show your love in different ways, we can't escape the month of romance! This week's theme focuses on all things romantic - from stereotypical trinkets and symbols of love to the sentimental things, gestures or experiences we individually class as romantic. We think... Read more
1) a break from the clouds by *lynn 2) Nearly Spotless by Jennifer 3) the darkest rose v2.0 by Graeme Stevens 4) Pee Po.... by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Coming Down by tony gig 6) Afternoon Ambulation by Dyan Stevens 7) winter walk by Jerome 8) Full on Attention. by Lee 9) Lilies in black and white... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Fish for lunch again?... Read more
Something we all have and follow - traditions! As they can be different from person to person we thought it would be fun for our 365 community to share their traditions, whether they are new or have been in the family for generations. From food and festivities to weekly rituals and routines, have your camera ready to capture anything traditional! How... Read more
1) Sheep-ish by Jennifer 2) pause by Jerome 3) It's Raining! by Babs 4) occasionally, a chair...final by Graeme Stevens 5) Piedmont Park is Proud of Itself by TaffyR 6) Watching.... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Mount Bromo (2) by Leana Niemand 8) Dark Path by Vera 9) Catching rays by Judith Greenwood 10) Have you seen the soap? by Rosie Kind 11) Make A Wish by Lorraine (Lori)🐘 12) Busy... Read more
Whether it's the depths of winter or the heights of summer, wherever you are in the world a rainbow can always brighten your day. So, after a tricky week photographing packaging, we thought a colourful and energetic theme would balance things out and help us shake those January blues. Have your cameras at the ready for the real thing or... Read more
1) clear winter air... by Jerome 2) 3D Orb by Babs 3) Beauty in Snowflakes by Milanie 4) fallen by *lynn 5) Wildflowers at Kata Tjuta by Sheralee S 6) Old Hunstanton by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Walking Up From the River by TaffyR 8) Bathing robin by Rosie Kind 9) Incoming!! by PhotoCrazy 10) ...a wonderful end by Denise Wood 11) Morning Glow by Islandgirl 12) Peek a boo!... Read more