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1) Mountain Layers.... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) The itsy bitsy spider... by AnaZad 3) Peyto Lake..... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Twisty by Abhijit 5) Look at all my Gourds by KWind 6) Phased by the moon by Sheralee 7) You dream,you dare,you fly. by jdM 8) 12th October 2014 - Is that a ladder I see? by Pam Knowler 9) Clematis by Paula W 10) Little Gull by Graham... Read more
Well done to everyone that made the effort to enter last weeks Party time theme, it wasn't a theme you could just enter any old photo in, so there was a small but high quality field of entrants. Thanks to everyone that took the time! Below are my favourite 5 photos from the entries - i'd love to get your votes... Read more
Last week I asked you to vote on the All creatures great and small theme and you unanimously chose Paula as your winner. It's a great photo so well done Paula! I spoke to Paula over the weekend and the theme she has chosen for the week to come is...... It was such a lovely surprise to receive your email and learn... Read more
1) My Rainbow Finale by KWind 2) Reflection of radishes... by AnaZad 3) Weaving a Moonlit Web? by Paula W 4) All creatures great and small... by jdM 5) Garden of the Gods by TaffyR 6) Bejewelled by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Flip side by jdM 8) 027 Reflection by gloria jones 9) Babushkas or Matryoshkas by AnaZad 10) Kissed By The Morning Sun by *lynn 11) Wildflowers Are... Read more
Hey guys, if you haven't checked out the entries for the theme, go and do so now, there were loads of great photos taken and picking the 5 finalists wasn't an easy choice this week. Well done to those that made it, and to those that didn't... keep trying! The level of competition is high, but anyone can make it! All... Read more
Congratulations to Lisa for winning the Suspension theme last week, a great photo with a slightly different take on the theme. I spoke to Lisa over the weekend and she has chosen us the theme of "Party time"... which sounds like a great excuse to eat cake and drink! Have fun with this weeks theme guys! Lisa had a few words... Read more
1) Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight by TaffyR 2) Kingfisher by Graham Thresher 3) Gotcha! by Jo 4) Drying peppers line... by AnaZad 5) Te Rewa Rewa Bridge by Graeme Stevens 6) Ahoy there me hearties!! by Jo 7) After The Storm by Peter_1966 8) Bearded Tit by Graham Thresher 9) Walking the Walkway by TaffyR 10) Wild Willow Grass by *lynn 11) Snap the magic dragon ... Read more
It's been a few weeks since we last had a theme to vote on and I really missed it last week! I enjoyed looking through the Suspension photos this week. I've picked my favourite five below... 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to this with the number (in digit... Read more
A big well done to Lorraine for winning the Dreams theme last week with her shot below. After a few email problems on my behalf we finally came up with a theme for this week. Lorraine has kindly chosen "All Creatures Great & Small" for your photography prowess to make the most of. I'm sure people will have lots of ideas... Read more
1) Sprightly Robin by Graham Thresher 2) Twins by KWind 3) Blue Hour...... by Shepherdman's Wife 4) I don't need a fishing rod by KWind 5) The Fountain in B&W by TaffyR 6) Dawn over Lake Louise by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Snow White Swan by Graham Thresher 8) Fishing On The Lake.. by Gena Pegg 9) A leaf which is saying that autumn is here... by AnaZad 10) Firecracker... Read more
A few weeks ago our members took part in the Celebration theme, we had a great selection of photos, but it was Carole with her firework shot that won the theme in the end. Congratulations Carole! My choice for the next theme is “Suspension”. I am so thrilled to have won the weekly theme. I have never won before... Read more
Hi guys, Unfortunately Apple released a broken version of their Safari web browser in the recent iOS8 upgrade. If you are using your iPhone, iPad or other iDevice - uploads from the Safari web browser to any website will not work. :-( On the 365 upload screen I have published 2 workaroundw, you can either upload via another web browser, such as... Read more