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It's the first new theme of 2016 and we'd like to welcome all of the new members by asking everyone to upload a Portrait of themselves and sharing it for the weekly theme, we can get to know each other and enter the theme all in one go, what do you think? If you have never entered a theme before, each... Read more
1) Christmas Lion by PhotoCrazy 2) Merry FAKEmas:) by jdM 3) On The Hunt by Rosie Kerr 4) In the Sagrada Familia by TaffyR 5) Hello Goa. by Leana Niemand 6) Sunset from Castle Hohenneuffen by Vera 7) short eared owl by smiffy 8) Christmas Day Sunset by Babs 9) aeronautical by Lyn Todd 10) Mohican Hair Do..... by Shepherdman's Wife 11) Flower by tony gig 12) Happy... Read more
2015 has been a great year at 365 Project, I'd like to thank all of the members of the site for making this the best place on the internet, there are so many dedicated people that make this such a friendly and unique environment online, it's a pleasure to run the site and help do my little bit for the... Read more
I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas break and spent lots of time with friends, family & your camera! I've had an indulgent few days and now have a stinking cold and sore throat - typical! but that's enough of my groaning, lets get on with the important stuff! Winner of the Decor theme Our congratulations this week go to @amandal.... Read more
1) Colorful Cathedral by TaffyR 2) Back roads and small villages. by Leana Niemand 3) Flamingos by Paula W 4) A summer afternoon by Sheralee Stoll 5) Watch the Birdie! by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Dreaming of a White Christmas by Jane Anderson 7) Sunrise. by sally agnew 8) Oh Holy Night by Denise Wood 9) 2015-12-20 cream coloured spider gerbera by Mona 10) Elephant encounter... by Osia Strasner 11)... Read more
It's the start of a new week which means we have our penultimate theme of the year. I've heard there's a pretty big event coming up in the calendar so we've picked a festive theme to take part in this week, but first... Winner of the Red theme Last week you voted for your favourite "Red" photo, I've counted up all the... Read more
1) Strange morning light by PhotoCrazy 2) Male Sparrow by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Baubles of a different colour....droplets by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 4) in living breathing colour by ☠northy 5) Film Noir by Richard Sayer 6) Me And My Reflection by Graham Thresher 7) Glass Globe by Kate Goring 8) Family Xmas Photo for 2015 by KWind 9) Bubble and Smoke by Jane... Read more
Hello all, another week is starting which means we pick the next entry from our list of predefined themes. Thanks to everyone that took part in last weeks Red theme, I've just looked through the entries and there were some stunning shots! But first.... Winner of the Leaves theme You all took the time to vote last week (thanks for that!) and... Read more
1) Then the Birds Flew By by TaffyR 2) Funny Little Seed Head Thing! by Paula W 3) Lazy Sunday morning:) by jdM 4) It's still raining, let me in! by Shepherdman's Wife 5) A beautiful winter day by bkb in the city 6) Gulbai Tekra, India by Leana Niemand 7) Paddy & Friends. by tony gig 8) Robin by Graham Thresher 9) Our migration South begins,... Read more
Hello 365ers, it's time for another weekly theme! We're continuing our new schedule. As you will see below, the new theme format combines, the winner, new theme, and voting all in to one post to make it a little easier to follow. Now on to the announcements! Winner of the Friends theme Congratulations to HEW for winning the getting the most votes... Read more
1) Hey! Let me in it's raining out here..... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Ahmedabad, the old town. by Leana Niemand 3) Beach Race by Maggiemae 4) Little Egret by Graham Thresher 5) Love My Frosties by Milanie 6) Frozen by KWind 7) Oh What a Beautiful Winter Day! by Islandgirl 8) Foggy Sunrise. by sally agnew 9) Fruit by tony gig 10) A Little Robin by Paula... Read more
So we're continuing our new weekly theme schedule and this is the first time we have a vote. Thanks so much for all of your entries to the Friends theme. This weeks theme As we move into December we are at an interesting time of year for those magical little things called "Leaves". Our Northern hemisphere 365ers will be glimpsing the last... Read more