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1) Contrasting Structures by TaffyR 2) Osprey Holding His Talons Together by Jane Pittenger 3) Musical Abandon by Jennifer 4) Soaking up the Sunshine by Shepherdman's Wife 5) lovers tiff by smiffy 6) pricked up ears by Jerome 7) 2017-04-29 like shelling peas by Mona 8) Round Rookery Stairwell by Junko Y 9) Dandelion Sunrise..... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Marshall Fields - Macy's by... Read more
Last week we had lots of entries that were taken close up to capture the details of emotion. Here in Vancouver spring is in full swing and longer days are treating us to lots of daylight which is giving everyone the motivation to get outdoors. So this week we'd like you to focus on landscapes! Whether you are enjoying a hike... Read more
1) 2's company, 3's exhilarating :) by Denise Wood 2) 2017-04-23 Hitch-in a ride by Mona 3) The Sun Came out and so did the Blossoms by KWind 4) Abbey Arches by Jennifer 5) fruitbats by Jerome 6) On The Merry-Go-Round by Bill Fenske 7) Coming in to Land by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Talk About a Cushy Bed by Milanie 9) Sunset Swing - Carnival by M. Brutus 10)... Read more
This week we want you to focus on feelings - taking care to record emotion. Perhaps you'll focus on emotions of your own or the people (maybe the animals) around you. This is a great theme to experiment with portrait photography or getting those awesome candid shots that are perfect for capturing memories. You might even look beyond expressions and... Read more
1) Ennis by PTP: Past their Prime 2) Stocking Up by Jennifer 3) April showers by *lynn 4) Floating By by TaffyR 5) Curls by Rachel 6) Hummer On A Branch by Jane Pittenger 7) outback in the evening light by Jerome 8) Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge, Fort Washington, MD by PhotoCrazy 9) Salmon pink petals and droplets... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 10) Foggy sunrise...... Read more
This weeks theme is a messy one, we want to see your 'Wet' photos. Wet could be anything really - it could be you getting caught in the rain, it could be the family pet getting up to no good, it could be, it could be... I can't think of anything else, hopefully you will have more creative ideas than me! How... Read more
1) This Morning's Mist by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Osprey Bringing Nesting Materials by Jane Pittenger 3) Pollen for winter by Rachel 4) rooted, but in contact with the drifting clouds... by Jerome 5) Food by tony gig 6) Joyful morning greeting!! by PhotoCrazy 7) coming down by *lynn 8) In the pink.... by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 9) Doodle Do by Jennifer 10) pelican close up... Read more
This week we want a double dose of 365project goodness - with a weekly theme of 'pairs'. Whether you look out for things that come in twos or get creative with mirrors and reflections, we think this could be really fun! How to enter this week's theme When uploading your photos use the tag section (on the edit/organise screen) and insert this... Read more
1) Rainbow 3D Orb by Babs 2) Northern Lights Muted by the Clouds by TaffyR 3) 2017-03-30 fussy green by Mona 4) grape hyacinth by *lynn 5) Suspended by Lynne 6) do not fully trust the peace by Jerome 7) Seeking Shelter by Jennifer 8) The stare, a Burrowing Owl by PhotoCrazy 9) waiting... by ☠northy 10) Muffin by Shepherdman's Wife 11) Wide angle sunrise by Islandgirl 12) silhouette... Read more
This week we're taking a close look at the power of text. Whether it's what is said or the way it is written, words can express all sorts of emotions, meanings and messages. Take a minute or two to really read what's in front of you and have fun capturing pictures for this week's theme 'typography'. From fun fonts and bold messages... Read more
1) powder bath by Jerome 2) Glacier Ice Glowing: Sunrise at Jokulsarlon Beach by Junko Y 3) Sunrise at Glacier Lagoon by TaffyR 4) Taking Fluff Back To the Nest by Jane Pittenger 5) 20 Minutes Later by Babs 6) Lone Tree by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Early morning action in the bay by Denise Wood 8) White Camellia by gloria jones 9) Blue-Tit... by ~*~ Jo... Read more
This week we want you guys to embrace the hours after dark for the theme 'Goodnight'. From buzzing city lights to the glow of the moon and stars in the countryside, night time captures can be a challenging but rewarding project! If you want to take your focus indoors, try having fun capturing moments of your evening rituals - whether it's... Read more