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*BIG NUMBER ALERT* *BIG NUMBER ALERT* *BIG NUMBER ALERT* Woah, we've made it to 300 weekly charts. That's quite an achievement - over 5 years of charts. Well done to everybody who has been featured so far, thanks for taking part! 1) Get in the Queue..... by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Early Morning Exercises by Leslie 3) Fog Comes in, Fog Goes Out,... Read more
Happy Monday all! Lets get straight in to the announcements... Winner of the 'Leap' theme Leap was a fun theme to work on, lots of smiling faces and great split second captures. You voted for the best photo last week and it's my pleasure to announce @vera365 as the winner.. well done Vera. The winning photo is featured below. This weeks theme -... Read more
1) Another lovely sunrise by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Rainbow Rocks by KWind 3) Crow by Graham Thresher 4) Spring by Paula W 5) The boys by PhotoCrazy 6) Water Water Everywhere! And Ice Too by TaffyR 7) wilbur by PTP: Past their Prime 8) Raindrops (Get Pushed) by Vera 9) Rainbow in the bay by Rachel 10) Montmartre by Issi Bannerman 11) Happiness is available by jdM 12) All yellow... Read more
We have a brand new theme for you this week, we're just starting to move towards Spring here in the UK and hopefully Nighttime is going to start getting shorter, but before it does, we need you to take some nighttime photos. Winner of the 'Food' theme Last week I asked you to vote on the winner of our food theme, @Newbank... Read more
1) Sky Dance by PhotoCrazy 2) Swan by Graham Thresher 3) shortie by smiffy 4) Dreamy daisy by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 5) Goldfinch by Shepherdman's Wife 6) Spring Lamb by Shepherdman 7) Just a Sliver by Kate Goring 8) Inside the St Louis Cathedral by TaffyR 9) Blossom, Bokeh and Blue Skies! by Paula W 10) golden hour by ☠northy 11) Photographers Beware! ... Read more
I've been looking forward to this theme since December, when we were planning out the themes for the year Rachael suggested leap - for the leap year, and it has stuck in my mind ever since. Before we get to that, it's time to announce the.... Winner of the 'Vintage 2016' theme I always like it when a "newbie" wins a theme... Read more
1) Stoic Snowflake by Kate Goring 2) Here comes the sun..... by Shepherdman's Wife 3) Little one by PhotoCrazy 4) Well if it's not blossom, or a tulip, it's a robin! by Paula W 5) A River Runs Through It by TaffyR 6) Thank goodness,it's Friyay!:) by jdM 7) 2016-02-19 monochrome sunset by Mona 8) Messy drinker by Rachel 9) Month of Hearts #19 by KWind 10) A... Read more
Well done to everyone who took the effort and entered the Vintage theme this week, the finalists are below ready for your vote, but first we have the matter of last weeks winner... Winner of the 'Sunshine or Sunset' theme This weeks theme crown goes to the wonderful @ah14sunlover who couldn't have picked a more apt username for this theme. Well done! This... Read more
1) Frozen Bubble by Kate Goring 2) Mandarin Duck by PhotoCrazy 3) There Once was a Girl Named Red by Amanda L. 4) Scouting for Spring by Stephanie Swift 5) 2016 02 14 - Splash of Red by Pam Knowler 6) Feeder in sight, coming in for lunch..... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Biker at the mall by jdM 8) Morning mist by Maggiemae 9) Spectrum by ~*~... Read more
Hello, so I'm a little late posting the theme this week, so if you have been looking for it, sorry about that! Winner of the 'Close-Up' theme Last week I asked you to vote foe your favourite Close up photo, @velina was the unanimous winner, so well done Velina! That photo is featured in its full glory below. This weeks theme -... Read more
1) Flutterby by Shepherdman's Wife 2) Red! by Paula W 3) Solitude by PTP: Past their Prime 4) 'scape by ☠northy 5) Cormorant by Graham Thresher 6) Month of Hearts #9 by KWind 7) Slowing Down for the Sunset by Amanda L. 8) Enjoying buds by Rosie Kind 9) My, what big eyes you have by Rachel 10) bridge by Hiro 11) Hair Dresser by Scott 12) Guiding Light ... Read more
Hey guys, I hope you've all had a great weekend. We've got a great new theme this week, lots of people love taking Sunrise & Sunset photos so I look forward to seeing your entries. Winner of the 'Isolated Objects' theme 2 weeks ago we had the isolated objects theme and last week you voted for the winner. I've counted the votes... Read more