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1) Spill Way by Rogue 2) They met in Match.com by AnaZad 3) The Little People went skiing... by AnaZad 4) Where's that eclipse then? by Paula W 5) Camellia by Paula W 6) Onion: The Original by TaffyR 7) Pool of Tranquility by Nick 8) Anemone basking in the Sun by Shepherdman's Wife 9) Drosera by Shepherdman's Wife 10) Heavens Above by Ashley Ross 11) Tulip leaves and... Read more
Thanks to everyone who entered the RGB theme. This theme brought about some very different entries to those we normally get. It was good fun looking through all of the entries. Here are my final 5 photos that you can now vote on... 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo, please reply to... Read more
Voting for the Double Exposure theme was nail-bitingly close, so close in fact we had to leave voting open for another few days. In the end Marta came out on top with her shot below. Marta has kindly come up with a new theme for us this week, here's what she had to say about her theme win... Omg, wow! What incredible... Read more
For many the solar eclipse was a bit of a disappointment, here in the UK all we had to stare at were some clouds, but the 365 community has some much better shots that look fantastic. I've shared the ones I have found on the site below, feel free to share your own in the comments below and we can... Read more
Well double exposure was a difficult theme to get stuck in to, but lots of you gave it a try and we had some creative shots, check out the best of the rest here. Here are my final 5 photos that you can now vote on... 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite photo,... Read more
1) Sunrise in a Bottle by Lee-Ann Stevenson 2) Butterfly, my butterfly. by AnaZad 3) Macro loooking down the Sundew arm by Shepherdman's Wife 4) Aaargghh... by Richard Sayer 5) Tickled Pink by ~*~ Jo ~*~ 6) Cleaning the mess... by AnaZad 7) Look at ME... by Shepherdman's Wife 8) Out in Bloom by KWind 9) 031315 by Dan 10) Greylake Chaffinch by Graham... Read more
Congratulations to Northy for winning last weeks "Journey" theme with her wonderful photo below. I spoke to Northy over the weekend and she had a few words to say... Such a lovely way to end the week - it really is such an honour to win the weekly theme. Thank you so much! For the next theme let's pretend... Read more
1) The Toy City by TaffyR 2) Dreamy Daisy by KWind 3) dam! by ☠northy 4) Day 122 by Nicole 5) Frozen Drops.. by Shepherdman's Wife 6) In your Hand by Sally Ings 7) Waiting for the parade to pass by... by AnaZad 8) African red-headed agama - Version 2 by AnaZad 9) Grazing Peacefully. by Lee 10) Tulip droplets by KWind 11) Mirror image by Dianne 12) Past it's Best........... Read more
Thanks to everyone who entered the Journey theme a few weeks ago, there were some fabulous photos entered, you can view all the entries here Below is my selection of the five finalists, the photos that I felt best respresented the theme and showed great photographic skill. 1) Top Left 2) Top Right 3) Bottom Left 4) Bottom Middle 5) Bottom Right To vote for your favourite... Read more
Hi Guys! I was away last week so this weeks winner is from 2 weeks ago and the Tones theme. Congratulations April with her pseudonym Mad Hatters photo... April got in touch to say a few words... Thank you so much!! Im just glad I got the chance to share this photo. I got a wave of vertigo and almost fell in... Read more
1) Food from "A" to "Z"... by AZ... by AnaZad 2) My Heart Collection by KWind 3) A walk in the park. by Jo 4) Bucolic Cheshire by Nick 5) Sleepy Saturday by Karin 6) Red-eyed Tree Frog by Sara R 7) Strike a Pose at the Bean by TaffyR 8) "Z" is for Zucchini and Ziti... by AnaZad 9) Spring Dawn by Nick 10) Bring on Spring......... by... Read more
1) And the heavens opened by Sheralee Stoll 2) Swan Love by Nick 3) Fog in the Park by Julie Chapa 4) Bring on Spring......... by Shepherdman's Wife 5) Common Sandpiper by Graham Thresher 6) Radiance in our Garden.... by Shepherdman's Wife 7) Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing by Paula W 8) More Bean by Ukandie! 9) the wall - revisited by ☠northy 10) Aurora on a Monday... Read more