One for both fiveplustwo and the do-over challenge
I'm not sure if I prefer this one or the original, they're similar but different. The original was much more dramatic, but the new version is subtler and my editing skills have improved. Also, in the first one my hair was very different to now, so it was a difficult challenge to try and recreate that
you have a more direct look here, the other has a slightly sinister demeanor with the harder shadows ! nicely done
posted September 22nd, 2018  
oh, take the s off your tag, should be fiveplustwo-shadow
posted September 22nd, 2018  
love the hint of rim klighting on your face on the left side of the picture,
posted September 22nd, 2018  
the light is moody and artistic, well done Annie
posted September 22nd, 2018  
I prefer this version.
posted September 23rd, 2018  
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