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Critique always welcome!!
January 2017 update:
Starting on Year 2 now, so a quick rundown of what I've learned in my first year.
1 - There's photographic potential in anything. I've taken photos of safety pins, pens and the kinda gross back alley behind my house. You just have to look for it.
2 - Carrying a camera everywhere isn't actually that much of a nuisance. It's more annoying to miss photo opportunities by not having it. And on the days when I don't have my main camera, there's always my phone.
3 - Following on from that, mobile phone camera are surprisingly good. Sure, they have their limitations, but by using the semi-manual settings you can get some pretty damn good photos out of them.
4 - Taking a photo a day becomes a habit, and so it's not a chore. Sure, there are days when I'm less inspired than others, but it's just another thing I do each day now. Plus, creativity breeds creativity so finding inspiration gets easier.
5 - Street photography isn't quite as terrifying as I once thought!! Still a bit intimidated by it, but I've tried and had some success with it.
6 - I've tried loads of new types of photography and ideas. Not all of them have worked, but I've tried them at least.
7 - I've learned a lot more about editing. There are all sorts of new tools (even in the same program) I now know about that are far better than what I used before.
8 - I've explored my neighbourhood so much more. It can get boring taking photos of the same thing all the time, so I wandered and found all sorts of new places.

Still most interested in landscape photography, but also really like urban landscapes, macros and I'm getting into street photography. I know I don't do enough 'people' shots, especially posed shots.
I will try and reply to all comments I get, if I don't, please know that they are all appreciated! I try to comment on the photos of those who comment on mine.
I may not follow back everyone who follows me - no offence meant, it's just that I don't have time to look through that many photos (and I do look at everything that comes up on my feed :) )

My get pushed challenge photos can be found here : http://365project.org/tags/get-pushed-blueace
If anyone's interested in seeing some of my other work, I have a Facebook page for my photography: https://www.facebook.com/anniemetcalfephotography