A pocket full of Jedi

Another example of the definition of boy- noise with dirt on it... grubby blue jeans and a light saber

After seening Jani and Anna's pocket photos, I couldn't resist a pocket photo of my own. My boys always have pocketful's of sticks and pebbles (that usually end up going through the washing machine) so that was what I set out to take, however my photographic model had other ideas :)

Here are Jani and Anna's pics-
posted May 6th, 2012  
very cool :)
posted May 6th, 2012  
Great take on it.
posted May 6th, 2012  
I love the dirty jeans and fingers. Great capture!
posted May 6th, 2012  
Love it! "boy" in a nutshell
posted May 6th, 2012  
Great boy shot.
posted May 7th, 2012  
posted May 7th, 2012  
very fun shot... totally boy!
posted May 7th, 2012  
Fun idea - definitely a boy shot!
posted May 7th, 2012  
:) Ah boys. Very cool shot.
posted May 7th, 2012  
brilliant :)
posted May 8th, 2012  
i love this, it's so very very boyish, more pleeeease!!))))))))))
posted May 9th, 2012  
This reminded me instantly Jani's and Anna's photo, and from what I see there should be a theme "pocket" because you just proved how many different versions you can take of "pockets" :) Love it! The dirt and everything!
posted May 12th, 2012  
Haha, love this take on the pocket photo :)
posted May 14th, 2012  
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