Delicate Balance

He held on in spite of the not-so-gentle breeze.
Amazing! a fav!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Wow! Great capture!
posted July 17th, 2011  
this is an omg moment...look at all the fine details you can see. WOW
posted July 17th, 2011  
Love the detail and focus! Awesome!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Look at that pattern on his wings. Neat.
posted July 17th, 2011  
Wonderful shot, Paula! Fav!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Great capture!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Beautiful!! Amazing details!!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Awesome macro - fab details!
posted July 17th, 2011  
Wow, this is a fabulous shot...look at all those crisp details.
posted July 18th, 2011  
I like both versions
posted July 18th, 2011  
Great capture! Love the macro and all the details!
posted July 18th, 2011  
WOW...amazing macro!! Love it! I found out this week, just how hard it is to shoot these guys too which makes this all more impressive!
posted July 18th, 2011  
great color & lighting! Nice shot!
posted July 18th, 2011  
Wow, awesome detail! How can he hold on with those tiny paws?!? So cool!
posted July 18th, 2011  
Fabulous close-up!!
posted July 18th, 2011  
Great capture, the wind must have made this so challenging to take!
posted July 18th, 2011  
posted July 18th, 2011  
Wow ! Incredible shot.
posted July 20th, 2011  
wow this is splendid!
posted July 21st, 2011  
beautiful capture
posted July 21st, 2011  
I love this. He's so busy. The focus is amazing, Paula.
posted July 21st, 2011  
What amazes me more is that you were able to get this shot....Excellent!
posted July 22nd, 2011  
Beautifully done.
posted July 23rd, 2011  
fantastic macro paula. i miss you on here missy, and hope life is good!
posted July 24th, 2011  
this is out-freakin-rageous!!! fav for me. but where are you?????
miss you. hope you're having a wonderfully, busy summer.
posted July 24th, 2011  
Gorgeous shot...must fav. it. clicked on fav. and it said I already where is my comment. had a feeling I wrote one but maybe went up to fav. and not back down again to hit the comment box. what ever its gorgeous.
posted July 24th, 2011  
posted July 26th, 2011  
gorgeous shot - great detail
posted July 26th, 2011  
Fab! Fav!
posted August 2nd, 2011  
Amazing capture!
posted August 5th, 2011  
You have not posted in a while, I hope is everything all right with you!
posted August 6th, 2011  
Great shot
posted August 8th, 2011  
Nice capture!
posted August 17th, 2011  
Incredible, incredible. I'm in Iowa landscape withdrawal - where the heck are you? Hope to see you back soon.
posted August 20th, 2011  
Amazing shot!
posted August 21st, 2011  
Well done Paula! Tack sharp supershot!
posted August 23rd, 2011  
Excellent detail and contrast in the wings. Great composition and a FAV.
posted August 30th, 2011  
just stoppingn to by to let you know i miss you around here! hope life is good paula!
posted September 25th, 2011  
posted October 9th, 2011  
So, Paula, I just saw your comment on Heather Craig's final photo so it is good to know you are alive! Miss you on the site.
posted October 17th, 2011  
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